BAGA Field Target Match Report from May 13, 2017.

BAGA Field Target Match Report from May 13, 2017.

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Hello Everyone,
Not sure how to start this but we had a GREAT AAFTA rules match today at BAGA in South/East Wisconsin!!!!!!
We had 17 people shoot with us today, representing 4 divisions including Freestyle, Open, Hunter, and WFTF. We had great weather for the match today as well! It started out at 60 and went up to 78 with a little wind with nice mixed cloudy, sunny skies. Wind was mostly 3-5mph with occasional gusts but manageable if you were on your game today. I am proud to say we had ZERO cold lines and ZERO target malfunctions during the whole match. That makes for a nice easy day on the MD!!! Shows that pre-prep on the targets goes a long way.

Speaking of on their game...Greg Sauve showed up ready to put in some work this morning with his new Thomas with polygon barrel. Greg was grouped with Dave Blakeslee from the Maribel Sportsman Club up in Manitowoc, WI.(where he is starting a new Field Target Club). Because there was an odd number of shooters today(17), Boomer jumped into the squad with Greg and Dave and was along for the ride! Some ride it was! Starting on lane 3(as shown on Boomer’s score card)shooting order was Dave(hunter), Boomer, Greg… Greg and Boomer started off with the first 6 lanes clean and that was adding tons of pressure to both of them as they went further and further into the match clean. Every time Boomer knocked down another target to extend the clean streak, he could tell Greg’s heart beat got a little faster but Greg, like the MASTER that he is, was able to fend Boomer off to prevail with top score overall and in WFTF with 48/52. Boomer ended the day with 47/52 just knipping on Greg’s heals like a rabid Shih tzu with an attitude problem.(both score cards are in the match pics, it was dang close all day long!). Somewhere between lanes 5-7, Greg decided to give Boomer a new email address. Greg wrote that on Boomer’s score card and then asked “did you see your score card yet?” “” Upon looking at the score card(image posted below), Boomer was blessed with a new nickname from Greg. “CrazyMean Match Director”. I guess like a call sign, you do not get to pick your nick names. I am not sure I earned it, with a 34 Troyer overall, but heck fun with friends is something you cannot ever replace so that nick name is all good! I mean a 34 Troyer is supposed to be EASY…Right? LOL

In Open, Bill Howarth came back after not shooting a Field Target match in 10 year to post the top score in Open today with 45/52. Bill is also shooting a Thomas with March X 8-80 like Greg. Is this going to be a 2017 theme? 2017, the year of the Thomas? Thomas Rifles won both Open and WFTF classes today…We will see!!!

In Hunter, Phil Eakley edged out Ken Hohenstein to take top honors in that class with 43/52. Ken knocked down 42/52 so Hunter division was a heated battle all day long! It was fun to see both Phil and Ken have pressure on them while shooting. They both came to win but only one of them could take home that top spot. This will be a year long battle from both of these 2 awesome guys! I look forward to watching it all year long!!!!

In our first official match supporting Freestyle at BAGA, Jim Guidici was able to post a 40/52 with Don Walker chasing closely behind with 29/52. I am quite proud that BAGA is supporting Freestyle. I understand AAFTA may not at this time, but it gives BAGA shooters that cannot stand shooting at 12x a place to enjoy a great day at BAGA in the woods with everyone else. How the frick can I say I will not support that? Not a dang chance in the world!

List of the shooters and gear used:

Greg Sauve…Thomas…March-X 8-80…JSB 8.4…48/52
Brian Vandenboom…Steyr LG110BV…Sightron 10-50…JSB 7.87…47/52
Don Carkhuff…Steyr LG110…Schmidt & Bender 12-50…AA 8.44…34/52
Harold Schmidt…AA FTP900...Sightron 10-50…AA 8.4423/52
Bill Howarth…Thomas…March-X 8-80…JSB 13.43…45/48
Vlad Berchanskiy…Anschutz ZM2002 Alu…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…43/52
Brandon Carroll…Steyr LG 100ZM…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…41/52
Bill Kushner…Steyr LG100AZ…Nikko 10-50…CPH 10.5…37/52
Ron Weber…Steyr LG 100AZ…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…36/52
Jeremy Zorns…Brocock Compatto…Hawke 12x…AA 10.34…30/52
Phil Eakley…TM1000… Optisan Viper 8-32 set at 12x …JSB 13.43…43/52
Ken Hohenstein…BSA R-10…Optisan Viper 8-32 set at 12x….JSB 10.34…42/52
Bill Zinaveah….TM1000 Polygon… Optisan Viper 8-32 set at 12x….JSB 13.43…29/52
Fred Joachim…TX200…UTG 3-12…H&N Sniper 8.5…22/52
Dave Blakeslee…AA HFT 500…Hawke 8-32 set at 12x…AA 8.44…20/52
Jim Guidici…TM1000…BSA 10-50…AA 10.34…40/52
Don Walker…Steyr LG110…Hawke 10-50 set at 28x…JSB 10.34…29/52

Pics from the day:

Thanks to everyone that came out to BAGA for our first match of the year. You all made this day a 10/10 for me so I thank you all for that indeed!!!!
See you all on the range,

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Wha a great time.
Thank you.