BAGA Field Target Match report for the July 18, 2015 match in Bristol, Wisconsin.

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BAGA Field Target Match report for the July 18, 2015 match in Bristol, Wisconsin.

Well the weather man told us it was going to be 95 degrees with 95% humidity on Saturday. That caused some of the regulars to stay home in the A/C. I don’t blame them!!!!

Turned out to be around 82 with a slight breeze so it was not all that bad at all. We ended up getting severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings during the match so everyone was really keeping their eyes and ears open. Once the match ended and awards were handed out and all were fed an awesome spread we all had to take shelter as the skies opened up and more tornado warnings caused everyone to head home.

We had 10 shooters show up for this match. We added 1 lane to give us 52 shots for this match. 13 lanes, 2 targets per lane, 2 shots per target for a total of 52 shots with about a 38troyer.

The winds kept it interesting for me today, being the lone WFTF competitor. The very high humidity and swirling winds had some of the guys wondering “where the heck did that shot go?” more than 1 time today based on what I heard while walking around taking pics.

Brando came out of nowhere to only drop 3 shots for the whole match! In these conditions and on this course! That is awesome shooting Sir! A well-earned overall 1st place with a performance like that.

Phil Eakley continues his terror through the Hunter division, once again prevailing over the Hunter class. Phil has won every match in Hunter class since he started shooting at BAGA in 2014. He has met his competition through the matches though, so he has not breezed by but winning by 1 or 2 shots is winning none the less! Great job Phil! Your TM1000 is an amazing tool in your hands Sir!

Adam and Ken tied for 2nd in Hunter but decided to flip a coin instead of shoot off since both had already put all their gear back in their vehicles and the skies were ominous. Coin flip it was then! And we headed over to eat.

Once again Ron prepared an awesome meal for the competitors today. We ate fresh BBQ chicken breasts and burgers with side salads and chips. We always enjoy a great meal when Ron is cooking for us. Thanks Ron!!!

Here is the name and gear of competitors. Results are in the following photo.

Brian Vandenboom......Hammerli AR20FT......Sightron SIII 10-50......JSB 8.4
Brandon Carrol......Steyr LG100ZM......BSA 10-50......JSB 10.3
Ron Weber......Steyr LG100AZ......BSA 10-50......JSB 10.3
Jeff Reinert......S500......Taipan 6-24......H&N 10.65
Phil Eakley......TM1000......Optisan Viper......JSB 10.3
Jim Guidici......Steyr Hunting 5......Aeon 6-24......AA10.3
Ken Hohenstein......BSA R-10......Optisan Viper......JSB 10.3
Adam Markham......AA MPR-FT......Optisan Viper......AA 8.4
Tony Roman......B50......Hawke Sidewinder......JSB switched to .177 not sure which one
Terry Markham......Daystate Huntsman......Optisan Viper......JSB 10.3

Ron and Brando chillin around the grill

Overall match winner, Brando

This is Phil and his TM1000. Can you tell the skies were dark? I needed to pop a flash on the last photos of the day it was so dark outside.

Link to the photobucket folder with all photos of the day(70 total) ... t=9&page=1

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Nice report(as usual) Boomer. Great shooting, Brandon!! You raise the bar soooo high, only 3 shots missed. I did that on one lane! Thanks for the great meal after the match Ron, can't wait to see what you guys cook up next time! Hey Boomer, 2 matches next month!!! Can't wait:-) Hey Alex, is it to much to ask for 1 more lane?? See ya all next month.