BAGA Field Target Match Report for Sep 9, 2017 in South/Eastern Wisconsin.

BAGA Field Target Match Report for Sep 9, 2017 in South/Eastern Wisconsin.

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Hello Everyone!

We had 17 competitors show up and throw down at BAGA on Saturday, September 9th. Mother Nature blessed us with a great day back in the woods with awesome people making for a wonderful day of fun on the Field Target course! The weather was 66 and sunny making the temps perfect and lighting VERY difficult back in the woods. At times targets were bright sun lit and other times it was dark and shaded making the course even more difficult. The canopy over head is dense so the winds were pushing the tree tops around causing patches of bright sun and patches of dark shadows at will and it changed every second so just imagine looking at a target to range it with a flashlight shining on it and then covering it with black and switching back and forth. It was fun to say the least. The winds were variable from 5-8mph with a gust from time to time. That made our 3 lanes open to wind much more difficult as they are all 3 long lanes designed to bring the wind into play. Nearest target on those 3 lanes is 35 yards, with 3 of the 6 beyond 50 yards(1 lane has both beyond 50) and the other 2 between 40-48 so all 6 targets are difficult in wind like we had. I heard a lot of comments on lanes 15 and 16 up top in the wide open as shooters missed shots and saw their pellets move much more than anticipated. There were a couple of face plate misses from good shooters as a result of the switching, variable winds on those lanes. The wind was simultaneously from 3 directions at times and it was fun watching the wind flags out in the range move 3 different directions at the same time. I heard one good shooter comment just after missing the face plate on a 1 ½” kz at 55 yards….”I was holding at 3 o’clock for the wind and I watched my pellet move left to right and miss the faceplate”…

Jessica Wenzel (Brando’s daughter), has come back to hang out with her dad on match days after taking more than a few years off to begin her family. Now after 2 kids she is coming back and not playing around. Jessica DOES NOT OWN A PELLET RIFLE, DOES NOT PRACTICE, and just comes to have fun with her dad. Now do not take that last part as her not being competitive. SHEEEEEESH!!!!! She is more than a competitor and has bested some of the best shooters in the area 2 matches in a row now. Jessica is shooting her dad’s Steyr, but each time they change hands, they need to swap their knee risers back and forth…ALL DAY LONG. And Jessica is left handed and Brando is right handed and his Steyr is set up for him! So, she does not own a pellet rifle, she does not practice, she is using a Steyr set up for a right handed person and has to swap knee risers every dang lane….AND she does not miss targets!!!! For the first time since she has been back shooting with us, I was squadded next to her all day and was able to watch her performance all day long. It was great to see her knocking all those targets down and see her proud papa smiling standing behind her. What an awesome thing for father and daughter to share!!!

Fred Joachim is back shooting again after his back surgery a month or so ago. Fred came out and took 2nd place in the PCP hunter class shooting a TX200 springer! He is still in his back brace from back surgery and was able to complete the 64 shots without any problems. He told me after around 50 shots, he was not sure if he had the stamina to finish up, but he was doing well and was able to get his second wind and finish with a huge smile on his face.

Bill Zinaveah was able to post the top score in BAGA Freestyle class shooting his trusty TM1000. Bill is 80 years old and this is his first year competing in field target matches after many, many years of attending and spending all his time on the sight in range. Big huge Congrats to Bill for his first match win at BAGA!

Ken Pike from Maribel Sportsman Club up in Manitowac, Wi is getting the hang of his WFTF EV2 as well. Ken’s scores are starting to climb each match and he is starting to knock some hard targets down with ease. I see his scores moving up closer to the top scores in the near future as he just keeps improving every match.

List of the shooters and gear in order of placement (64 total shots)


Jessica Wenzel…Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.3…58/64
Ron Weber…Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…57/64
Brandon Carroll…Steyr LG 100AZ…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.3…56/64
Bill Howarth…Thomas…March X 8-80…JSB 13.4…53/64
Alex Modic…Steyr LG100ZM…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.3…51/64
Vlad Berchanskiy…Anschutz ZM2002ALU…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…44/64
Bill Kushner…Steyr LG100AZ…Nikko Sterling 10-50…CPH 10.5…43/64
Jeff Reinert…AA S500…Sightron 10-50…JSB 10.3…20/64


Brian Vandenboom…Steyr LG110BV…Sightron 10-50…AA 8.4…57/64
Ken Pike…EV2…Sightron 10-50…JSB 8.4…41/64


Phil Eakley…RAW Poly TM1000…Hawke 10-50…JSB 13.43…55/64
Fred Joachim…AA TX200…Leapers 3-12…AA 8.4…30/64
Bill Dickerson…Brocock…Hawke…JSB 10.34…24/64
Tony Roman…B50…Hawke…JSB 10.34…15/64

BAGA Freestyle

Bill Zinaveah…RAW Poly TM1000…BSA 10-50…JSB 13.43…44/64
Don Walker…Steyr LG110 hunter…Hawke 10-50…JSB 10.34…38/64
Brett Gruchow…Marauder…Center Point 4-16…JSB 10.34…16/64

Another huge thanks goes out to the 6 guys that showed up to help me with pre-match prep on Friday as well! Without their help we have no matches, so thank you VERY much!


See you all soon.