BAGA Field Target Match Report August 15, 2015 (match 1 of 2 in August)

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BAGA Field Target Match Report August 15, 2015

It was a great day in the woods at BAGA Saturday August 15, 2015. We had 10 shooters come out and brave the sweltering 90 degree and 90% humidity (ZERO WIND 1-2 mph if that)to participate in the first of 2 field target matches at BAGA this month. The heat and high humidity played tricks with gear and humans! We had a couple of scopes go wonky mid-way through the match and one rifle took a tumble and landed barrel down embedding 1-2 inches of mud firmly into the barrel… I was wearing my hardback shooting jacket all day long and it took its toll on me physically. I was taking the jacket off after each lane and sat it on a lawn chair I brought with me and that helped to keep me a little cooler but the day was very hot and very humid so once you were sweating and wet, you stayed that way. I should have opted to shoot sans jacket or remember to bring my soft back jacket with me next time it is going to be this hot out.

The heat and humidity did not mess with Phil or Bill today! Man they shot an awesome match!!!!

We set up a 56 shot course today, 14 lanes, 2 targets per lane, 2 shots per target. Troyer was 39.3 overall. Apparently nobody told Phil and Bill what the Troyer was and they scorched this course! This marks the VERY FIRST time in BAGA history that a hunter class shooter took top honors with the highest overall score at a BAGA field target match…EVER!!! Congrats Phil Eakley!!!

Phil only dropped 6 shots for the entire match! Phil shoots in the hunter division with a TM1000 and trigger sticks. Bill is using an AZ tuned Steyr LG100ZM. Both gents are very good shooters but this is just amazing to put up numbers like this on a course set to 39.3t!

We had a first time BAGA competitor show up to see what BAGA is all about. John Fitzgerald ventured all the way to Bristol, Wi from the south side of Chicago to compete in his first BAGA match. John was shooting VERY well when around his 9th lane out of 14 his scope took a crap on him. He was shooting a Kaliber Cricket in .22 and only dropped something like less than 10 shots for his first 8 lanes. Alex was paired with him today and was amazed at how well he was doing shooting hunter with a .22 on this course. John is a good shot! I met him last year at the Pyramyd Air Cup so he is new but not brand brand new to the FT game. It was great to see John again and have him come out to our club to see how different clubs do things. Looking forward to hanging with John again soon!

We all sat under the covered sight in range to eat after the match. We had a great spread of sloppy joes and salsa with chips and Bill’s great wife baked us a fresh cake and all dug in! The sloppy joes hit the spot and the cake was awesome!!!!! Thanks to Bill and Bill’s wife the food was awesome!!!!!

Don’t forget BAGA is hosting our AAFTA rules match on August 29, 2015. We will be turning in the results of this match to AAFTA so we are in good standing and I can vote this year at the Nat’s.

If you have not come out to experience a BAGA match, this might be the best time to do so. The AAFTA rules match is going to be reconfigured to come in around 30-34 Troyer so this is going to be set up a little easier than a typical BAGA match. Great time to come out and give this game a shot. We allow any rifle .177 or .22 that are less than 20 fpe. Bring whatcha got and have a great time in the woods at BAGA in Bristol, Wisconsin.

Vlad and Mark


John Fitzgerald

Bill getting the grill ready for action.

Photo of the score board

Link to the rest of the photos ... t=9&page=1

Cya all on the lanes!

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LOL...Boomer, sorry I forgot to put in scope and pellet details, not that it matters since I DNF'd...scope was Burris R/A 32x Fineplex set at 12X and pellets were the new JSB 7.9.....but not having my leg working and driving on an electric scooter and then dropping my gun more than 5 times...well it was a comedy of errors for sure....

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Man, those CZ's are AMAZING!!! I thought that was a rubber toy gun. LOL How it was still shooting, I can't imagine!! Shooting next to you and John was a REAL experience. Reminds me of the song, Must be 50 ways to drop your gun I hope your legs better in 2 weeks , or we get you a much better way to hold hour gun on your Rascal!! Can't wait till the next FT match,less than 2 weeks. Guess I better get back to practicing