ATTENTION SHOOTERS! Just a friendly reminder,

ATTENTION SHOOTERS! Just a friendly reminder,

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July 17th, 2012, 3:58 am #1

the Nationals are coming up swiftly. We have a ton of verbal confirmations, but, that
doesn't really give us a good head count. We need to know pretty soon! (If you can)

Shooters get a break registering by Aug. 1, 2012. The forms can be found here;
Haven't heard from our friends across the border in Canada yet, but we have just recieved
a registration from a gent in the UK.

We urge you to get in line now so we can get everything sorted out early.

Really looking forward to shooting with lots more shooters. Promise to dole out some of
work so I can shoot better! (Cant't let the Brinkley kids spank me again!)

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