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June 8th, 2012, 7:33 pm #1

Thanks again to all who responded to my request for help in a post below!

Our website technical support people have been very impressed by the input supplied - particularly from Anglander. Here is their latest comment on the situation, that they believe could apply to other on-line stores as well as :

"Thanks for the additional information. The Chinese Forum is a great troubleshooting tool, thanks!

I have successfully reached the test links in a freshly downloaded Firefox 13 browser with no add ons. I've consulted with several colleagues and they also agree with Anglander, that 3rd party browser add ons could be blocking your website as they were not coded with the newest version in mind. Griff can check his browser version by clicking Help>About Mozilla Firefox (in V13). I'd recommend these customers remove add ons, then retest. If unsuccessful uninstall then reinstall the browser. This is isolated to the local computers."


Hopefully this information will help those of you who have had problems with our site and we can get back to talking about airguns

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updated my FireFox, turned off AdBlocker, and can now see the Benjamins on your site. Thanks for all the help.

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I give up !

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