Airgunning Atlanta Match report

Airgunning Atlanta Match report

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Airgunning Atlanta Match Report September 17,2011

It was a glorious day to shoot field target in Atlanta. The weather could not have been any more perfect. Lazy clouds floated overhead while enjoyed the mild temperatures and slight breezes blew through the trees.
Six people showed up to enjoy camaraderie and fun course. It is about a 32-33 TDF. It has a good selection of short, medium, and long shots.
Ken and Doug showed up early to clean up the course. Walt Roller, Robert Crocker, and Mark showed up shortly after everything was set up. We chatted and shot. Tommy Garland came in last and informed us that he had totally broken down his reg and replaced all the seals Friday night. We waited for him to get a good zero, and then made our way to the course.
We all had a wonderful time shooting, and in the end, Tommy and Doug tied for first overall. Tommy shooting PCP and Doug shooting WFTF. Walt took the Hunter division.

Tommy Garland 59/62
Robert Crocker 46/62

Doug Vinson 59/62
Ken Hughes 57/62

Walt Roller 52/62
Mark Wulfekotte(Modified Hunter) 54/62

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<p>Looks like you guys did some pretty good shooting!</p><p>RicG</p>