AA100 series rifles

AA100 series rifles

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July 23rd, 2012, 6:53 pm #1

Anybody who has owned one of these..... have you had an air stripper and/or LDC/adapter fitted? The stock rifle has a little piece that slips over the end of the barrel, the end of which is flush with the muzzle but it's just a sleeve of some sort. Curious if anybody has pictures of their rigs with them. I know they won 10 straight Nat'l FT titles in the 90's.... would love to see some pictures of the setups.

Going back to PCP and I'm contemplating an SM100 purchase and trying to see what can be/what has been done to them. There is little clearance for a shroud so that's probably not an option. One thing I really enjoyed about my Marauder was the quiet. Or should I just call Allan Z?



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