AA June Match report

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June 20th, 2017, 2:38 am #1

June 2017 match report

We arrived at the range around 8 am to check out our gear and acclimate to the humid steamy day that promised to be a sauna bath. The winds were nearly non existent so sight in was a breeze.
We got out on our newly revamped course around 9:45 to see how we matched up to the challenge it gives us. The course is set up for a 31 tf with SD of 9.8 which gives us a fair amount of variety in difficulty between shots. 12 of the 31 targets are past 40 yards so a large amount of longer shots. We added several steep up angle shots in trees, thanks to Rob Seiden for going high up on the ladder to hang those targets.
We have a new shooter who is doing amazingly well with his piston gun in WFTF, Steve English. Remember that name as you're likely to see it in the future at the top of the leader board.
The heat was tough to deal with, lots of water was drunk just to keep going but it is summer in Georgia so it's to be expected, it wears you out though.
Doug Vinson shot the course with Steve English while Rob Seiden, Mark Wulfkotte and Ken Hughes made up the other group. Doug came off the course saying "I had to work hard to keep up with Steve! " That's some high praise from Doug who's a great shooter himself. Rob started off super steady which has been an issue so he's figuring that out which helps his scores climb. Mark is always shooting well and has his equipment dialed in.

Final standings are as follows:
WFTF Piston:
Steve English HW97 Sightron 10-50 JSB 8.4 55/62

Ken Hughes LG110. Leupold 35x. AA 8.4. 61/62
Doug Vinson. Ripley AR5s. March 8-80x. AA 8.4. 58/62
Rob Seiden. LG110. Vortex 10-50x. AA 8.4. 55/62

Unlimited class:
Mark Wulfkotte. Bobcat Sightron 10-50x. JSB 10.3. 57/62

We look forward to seeing you next month, third Saturday in July.

Submitted By: Ken Hughes

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Atast year's Southern Open, I really respect you shooting in the heat and humidity of June and July...

Having met and shot with Steve at this year's Southern Open, I knew he would be someone to watch! Nice guy too!

Hope Rob gets his issue figured out.

Nice to see Mark come down and compete. Looking forward to his Deep Woods match in the fall.... (I can send the fried chicken already)

Ken, what can I say... Only missing 1 target? .Again!.....lol

Praise from Doug is something, as he IS a great shooter. I love his beautiful Ripley rifle..... Well done guys!


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June 21st, 2017, 12:48 am #3

It does get a bit hot and sticky here but we're tough guys who love FT so much we just soldier on. Really we don't have good sense sometimes.
Steve seems to have a natural ability for shooting, it's amazing to see really. I hope his head doesn't swell too much if he reads this...

I'll see you at Marks Shoot in the fall, it might be his last one which is very unfortunate for us all.
Take care,
Ken Hughes

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June 21st, 2017, 7:11 pm #4

It was a great time and I Finally got to meet Mark W., real nice guy-like everyone I've met in FT so far. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to his match this fall!

I enjoyed shooting with Doug, he shot really well, also a real nice guy. I think it helps me shooting with all these excellent marksman. I know I have to bring my A game because the bar will be set high with the guys in this club. I mean Ken only missed 1 shot!! 😳 Really, great shooting by everyone!

I know I don't have any sense.... I was wearing an insulated Carhartt jacket in the middle of June in Atlanta so I could shoot my pellet gun a little more accurately!! You should have seen my wife's face when she saw me unloading the coat from my truck and I told her what it was for. LOL 😂

I wanted to thank Ken, Rob, and whoever else was involved with setting up the redesigned Atlanta course. You guys did an excellent job. 👍🏻 I'm pretty sure I'm spoiled by having both the Atlanta and Heflin FT courses so close.