400+ Shots off a Veteran .25 shorty and plenty more to go (kinda)

400+ Shots off a Veteran .25 shorty and plenty more to go (kinda)

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June 17th, 2017, 7:11 pm #1

Ms's is really sick, I may be feeling the beginnings of the same. Dad's has severe chronic pneumonia (there's a name for this that I cant recall). So not going near him, or anyone else that will be near him this (fathers day) weekend. So....

Guilty pleasure, I charged my .25 Shorty this morning and noticed I maxed out at just about 240bar, hmmm time to run the compressor, but no... So just left the fill probe plugged in and shot many 50 and 75 yd targets with diff weight pellets for a while (really windy so didn't learn much). Then refilled my pellcan of 25.4 gr JSB's (350ct) and replaced my 55 and 75 targets and shot for a while (with several 'multi target' target replacements. Then couldn't find a pellet.

Hours had gone by

I shot the whole tin plus whatever I shot earlier (earlier stuff was mostly JSB MKII's which are not fairing well).

I'm beginning to rethink my 'at home/from the shooting table' shooting strategy. Why fill my tank to 4500psi to fill my guns to 200-250 bar.... Fill my tank to 225 bar, attach the fill whip and go as tethered... (Still gonna want to be able to do full fills when leaving the bench but that really doesn't happen much)

Really no different than using a tank to gun regulator like Joe B sells, just cant start from a full fill (on the scba tank).

Seriously, If i'm going to sit on my butt and shoot that much, why deal with the fill process so often.

No discernable change in pressure in my scba tank...

No real point, no target to brag on, just (seemingly) endless air, and a little less stress......

You all have a great weekend, and happy fathers day.

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