1st 2018 PUERTO RICO World Field Target Boricua Competition..

1st 2018 PUERTO RICO World Field Target Boricua Competition..

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--------1st 2018 World Field TARGET Boricua-------


Invites you to the "1st 2018 World Field Target Boricua Championship",to be celebrated SATURDAY February 17 in the "Poli Range" in the beautiful town of AGUADA. Then on February 18, the competition will resume in the beautiful town of AGUADILLA at the "Cabrilandia Range", were The competition will consist of 50 Lanes with 2 targets per lane between 10 and 50 yards, with 1 shot per target for a total of 100 points, each lane and Target will be numerically identified in order.

STARTING TIME: Scope adjustments 7:00a.m. to 8:00a.m., Saturday's competition will begin at 9:30a.m. and Sundays competition will commence at 8:30a.m., both starting times will be on time on both shooting ranges.

CATEGORIES: World PCP and Piston,Open PCP and Piston,Hunter PCP and Piston.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: World Field TARGET Boricua(WFTFB), will have a designated Director at the tournament to supervise, the Directors desitions will be firm and final. Shooters with physical limitations that will not permit them to shoot forced positions, must send a medical certification to AFTAAC no less than 24 hours before the competition. Medical certifications "WILL NOT BE EXCEPTED" ON competition day, there will be zero tolerance for undisciplined shooters or spectators with bad language or gestures.

AWARDS: ONLY the first 3 positions will be awarded in each Category with the exception of any category that exceeds 1

2 Competitors, then the first 5 positions will be Awarded.

INSCRIPTIONS: $60(Includes lunch), Payment can be made thru Ath mobile or PayPal friends and family.

Questions or doubts: if you have any questions or doubts please call Pedro A. Abreu (787-473-2226), boricuahunter73@yahoo.com , waldemar Gordils (787-385-2370 or Antonio Nieves (787-356-6252).

NOTE: PLEASE CONFIRM YOURE ASSISTANCE,  and the Category you're competing in so we can arrange any pertinent measures for you.

Chris Corey
Keith knoublach
Bill corder
And others that are to be confirmed..


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Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend !! N/T

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Yes sir...Hope to see you and everyone else there...