Xweb 10th Anniversary N54 DF "Open Day" house rules :)

Xweb 10th Anniversary N54 DF "Open Day" house rules :)

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April 20th, 2009, 7:40 am #1

Short and sweet, HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY XWEB!

I promised I'd kick open the N54 DF for 24 hours on Xweb's 10th birthday so here it is!

Same rules as before, DF and WF type X stuff (FSW, NFC/BS/NBS, Chat etc please use the open 'Son Of' sections for these). Xheads "people talk" and Xweb "site talk" are also considered yes DF approved just so everyone remembers, as well as the tech and non-tech X stuff

The room is open posting with no logins (Son Of logins do not work over here, and probably a lot of you may have forgot your N54 logins anyway so open as before). Edit functions are disabled for archival preservation but post/reply all is a go

Also please do not post to any older threads in the N54 archive (by older I mean older than this one). For archival preservation once again, any posts made to old threads will be deleted at the end of the day.

Else than these "simple rules for dating my N54 Xweb", you guys are all clear to take the ol' girl out for a spin - so - knock yourselves out!


Peace, -Mac