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About the X1/99 and this forum section:

X1/99 was never "officially" planned for production. It was a design study only. It was controversial in that Fiat has maintained all along that it had been an "X1/9 inspired" study from the very start, and yet the designers of the car themselves insist that the car was designed from a blank sheet and that Fiat only slapped the X-recalling name on it after it was done. Who knows which is true, I don't...

A couple of key and powerful people of influence at Fiat did say though - again and again - through backchannel communications that the car absolutely "could" be further developed into some production version IF there was enough vocal interest/support...

There were instead a lot of mixed reactions especially in enthusiast circles. While the idea of an X revival in any form seemed to be largely appreciated the /99 itself a: didn't really look the part and worse b: it eventually came to light that any production version would be front engine front wheel drive and well there you have it the overwhelming number of mixed reactions turned negative, in Fiatdom anyway, and support for that idea largely evaporated. Probably it will stay a design study, or inspire something unrelated later.

In any case, if ANY "X successor" car is ever produced in the future, /99 or otherwise, I would hope it more closely reflects and/or resembles its purported X heritage, both cosmetically and mechanically. Just my 2c

This forum section was created when word first came out of Italy about the existence of the X1/99 concept car and was active from that time until shortly after the Geneva show where the car was first shown. It's still here now but largely left as a reference archive. You would probably be better off at this point taking any new topics/comments into the main Xweb Discussion Forum (see DF link at the top of the X1/99 forum section index page)

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