So Herzel... how many shekels?

So Herzel... how many shekels?

Mike Richmond
Mike Richmond

May 6th, 2008, 2:54 pm #1


The level of attention and craftsmanship on your cars repair is amazing. I can't help but thinking that in the USA this would be impossible to justify financially. An owner here would start over with another X. Even if the X were insured in this country, the insurance company would declare the car a total loss, write a check for the presumed value of the car ($4000?) and walk away. No way would they pay for weeks of this kind of work.

How does it work in Israel? How much is the repair going to cost?

Mike Richmond

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May 6th, 2008, 5:09 pm #2

Cars like these are NOT insured in Israel, not in comprehensive insurance. It is a mere an old fiat who's book value is something like 300 Shekels($80) or so, so any little scratch will render it "total loss".
My car is being fixed by the other guy's insurance - his third party liability. As such I am not obliged to total loss it and it is up to the adjuster to decide if the cost is reasonable, or rather - honest.
This adjuster will.
We are just about to sum up the body and paint shop cost, Yuri's labor.
I know that by now parts cost, including shipping and custom and taxes sum up to 11,000 Shekels ($3050). I assume labor may be about the same.
I hope this explains all.

Herzel, in Israel

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