*NOW* is the time to TELL FIAT !!

*NOW* is the time to TELL FIAT !!

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March 4th, 2005, 12:10 am #1

OK everyone!!

NOW is the time to start FLOODING Fiat with email!!

Compose your message in a text file or Word document on your desktop, and SAVE IT in case it may need to be referenced or re-sent to specific people later (plus communications methods are not foolproof)

Remember these KEY points to make when you write to them:


1: POLITELY REQUEST that your email be FORWARDED to the OFFICE of (your choice) the CHAIRMAN, VICE-CHAIRMAN, CEO or anyone on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS (it has been confirmed that they will forward it if you ask nicely )


3: EXPLAIN, in your own words, WHY A NEW X1/9 would represent THE BEST qualities of the "FIAT" BRAND / MARQUE / "LIFESTYLE" and therefore is a GOOD CAR for the COMPANY to produce.


5: Close with a POLITE yet FIRM statement that IT MUST BE MID-ENGINED or else it can NOT be TRUE to the "X1/9 SPIRIT"!

Thank them for their time and attention!

Then paste and send it ON THE FORM FOUND HERE UNDER "CONTACT US" (You only need fill out the boxes marked with a * )

That's the "general inbound" for Fiat HQ, and I've been told, is the best method to send these through at the present time.

...AND remember the prophetic words that we as a global group of enthusiasts received from our friend...

"Your comments are important to a giant corporation like Fiat, but only if they can be put into perspective"

"an important body of enthusiasts, if consolidated into a single voice, could actually move mountains (or corporations)"

"survey why the X1/9 represents the epitome of Fiat lifestyle... define those values in today's terms."

"If we did decide to produce such a car (thanks to positive reactions received), what characteristics would be musts?"

"X1/9 is all that, at an affordable price. Fiat puts excitement in your hands at an affordable price, or at least should"

"Do you believe the X Spirit could possibly be translated into anything other than a tiny, two-seater, mid-engined, sports car?"

"We could use the X name on an econo-sports car without even coming close to Gandini's intuition. But what a waste."

"pull hundreds of Fiat enthusiasts together into a single voice"

"that voice will be heard... by Fiat top brass"

(PS, if you speak Italian, fine, but English is widely spoken there and they have translators for most other languages too, so just SPEAK!)



March 4th, 2005, 2:56 am #2

If you wish to post any of the letters that you may be writing to Fiat here, for the "outside world" and this forum to read and know your thoughts as well, feel free to post them as responses to this thread.

Peace, -Mac

Frank P. (USA)
Frank P. (USA)

March 6th, 2005, 3:53 pm #3

I owned a 1972 Fiat X1/9 with a widened body and not much else. That was about 24 years ago. I have owned a lot of cars since then but that low slung, darty, sweet handling car was one of the best handling and braking cars I have ever driven. Light weight, mid-engine, targa top was just great! I lacked some much needed development. I had wider tires on my car and that was it. The wider tires transformed the car into a super sticky slot car. You felt one with the car. It was truly a small Ferrari.

The new X1/99 should be Mid-engine like before, a little longer say 174" long, much wider say 70" wide, 2 liter turbo or supercharged engine, 215/50/15 tires, targa top. The new X1/99 is great! Build It and We will buy it!

P.S. : I also owned an Alfa 164! Please have Alfa come back soon!

Best regards,

Frank P. (USA)


March 6th, 2005, 5:01 pm #4

Hi there,

was your car really a 1972 production date? If so, it would have been the most rare of probably any X1/9 in North America. They didn't start importing them into the US until 1974 with the N.A. bumpers and smog equipment. The 1972 car was sold as a '73 in Italy, they were all built in December 1972.



March 10th, 2005, 12:20 am #5

If you wish to post any of the letters that you may be writing to Fiat here, for the "outside world" and this forum to read and know your thoughts as well, feel free to post them as responses to this thread.

Peace, -Mac
Dear FIAT!

I am a greatly enthusiastic fan of your cars. I own a 1978 Fiat X1/9 which I have rebuilt myself. I have also modified the car to match today's performance requirements, fitting it with a tuned 140 HP turbo engine from an Uno Turbo IE.

The Fiat X1/9 is a great car in my opinion. Even though the years have passed by, its essential technical basics are still not outdated. I love the four disc brakes, I love the undercarriage, I love the targa top and I love the mid engine design that allows sportscarlike driving experience.

I have read about the upcoming heir of the X1/9, the X1/99. As a great fan of FIAT cars and the X1/9 model, please allow me to contribute to your efforts on making the new model a success.

Let me remind you the greatest factor that has made the X1/9 a success: THE MID ENGINE CONSTRUCTION. This elevated the car above any other choice of a sporty car: this car had a real sportscar genome. So for the sake of all that is holy, PLEASE don't let it be front wheel drive or front engined. It will completely demolish the myth the X1/9 has achieved over the years, to which I have personally contributed by winning many slalom races with my modified X1/9. Please don't make its remake a front engine pseudo-sportscar!

I believe you must produce a newer evolution of the X1/9 because it is a great concept as it is. I would encourage you to build a car more like the current Toyota MR2 or the Opel Speedster. A modernised X1/9 design and a technical concept resembling the named cars would result in a car with a fun factor highly above its opponents and would absolutely re/establish the FIAT brand's sports image.

I hope my opinion as an X1/9 fan will be beneficial to the development of the new model.

Sincerely yours:

Adam Domjan