3-5-11 Adepticon Fantasy 2200 Tournament practice

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3-5-11 Adepticon Fantasy 2200 Tournament practice

Chris M
Chris M
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07 Mar 2011, 01:12 #1

Yesterday I participated in an A-con prep Tournament. It was held at a friend of Dennis G's who's name is Greg and lives in Burbonias IL.

We started around 10 AM with 8 guys playing. My first game was against Dwarfs and the Battle Line mission

His List:
30 Hammerers with a Lord on Shield bearers. A BSB thane in the unit
30 Warriors full command
20 Ranger quarrelers
1 cannon
1 flame cannon
1 Grudge thrower runed up to S10 S5

my list
Herald BSB Khorne
Herald of Tzeentch on a Disc
30 bloodletters
30 bloodletters
6 Dogs
2 units of 3 Flamers

Turn one,
He pounded my first unit of bloodletters with cannon fire, Quarreler fire and Grudge thrower fire. I had placed them between my line and his to form a screen. I ended up with 15 after the bombardment. My other units all moved forward. My flamers shot his Gyro and did 2 wounds.

Turn two
He proceeded to shoot the bajeezus out of the same unit of bloodletters but only did 5 wounds this time as the grudge thrower misfired. The Gyrocopter got charged by my dogs, My bloodthirster charged with my bloodletters into his unit of hammerers but only the Bloodthirster made the charge. Great... My general is alone in the front of one of the dwarfs hardest units... no worries though I have characters to challenge. I killed his Lord in one round of combat and with the overkill I won the combat. They are of course stubborn so stuck around. I killed the Gyro with the dogs and the flamers sat around as they were too far away from his warriors.

Turn three
He shoots the crap out of the bloodletters that were drawing fire from my main battle line and they get wiped out. No problem, thats what they were there for from the outset of the game. My turn. My Bloodletters make it into base with his warriors as I figure that the bloodthirster can handle the Hammerers. My Khorne Dogs made a flank charge on the hammerers giving me +2 combat rez and some more kills to add to the thirster. I challenge with big daddy and he kills the BSB the dogs kill 4. They kill 2 dogs and are wittled down to 3 ranks of 5. They make their stubborn check. The other unit of warriors gets wiped out by my bloodletters as they chased em down in combat and it brought me into base w ith the Grudge thrower and in line with his other cannons. At this point its obvious that the game is over but being a good sport he plays on... I give him credit for seeing the game through.

Turn 4. He has no shooting targets as my other units are either out of LOS or too far away to shoot at. Point denial for me with the flamers and my flying wizard who by the way was useless.
My bloodthirster and the dogs eat the rest of the hammerers wiping them off the board and my bloodletters eat the Grudge thrower and overrun into the cannon.

By this time its really obvious what the result is and we both agree that I wont kill the quarrelers by the end of the game so he keeps those points but I got everything else.

I got max points -1 for objectives that game. he got +2 points for objectives.

Game 2 Dawn Assault

His List
2 Trebs
Lord with heroic Killing Blow and ASF sword
Damsel level 4
Damsel level 2
Lance of 15 KotR
Lance of 15 Knights Errant
Lance of 9 KotR
2x 16 archers
3 Peg Knights

I played against a Brettonian player. He was at core comp so some of you (Mcclure) May know him. His name is Jake. This game was the closest game of the night for me and as suck there was WAY too much to remember. By the end of the game Both Generals were dead... My Bloodthirster ate his Lord and his Treb landed a perfect hit on my Bloodthirster and killed it one shot! At that point I was worried but squeaked out a win! The game lasted all 6 turns the final combat in my turn 6 was the game. If he had won that combat it was a win for him. If we drew the combat it was a draw and if I won I win!! Here is how it went down:

Top Turn 5 his peg nights charge my second and last unit of flamers. I stand and shoot as hes over half and do three unsaved wounds. Good only half the unit left. On his charge I take a bunch of wounds and make a ton of saves leaving me with 3 wounds.... ohh boy... half and half...
Bottom Turn 5
I do 2 wounds to him leaving him with 1 wound on a single peg night. He does 2 to me and I dont make any saves! Crap I make my leadership. No wounds.

Top of 6
This is the game...... I do 2 wounds to him and he fails his save.... we are the same initiative... he strikes me.... hits me once with his Knight and once with his Peg. Neither wound.... game over!!!!!!!!! By far the greatest and closest game of warhammer I have ever played! Tactically we both played brilliantly, with an agressive stance. What a way to finish a game before lunch.

Round 3 Meeting Engagment I won deployment
I have a commanding lead on the overall scoreboard followed by Dennis G with his WOC army.

He had
2 units of warriors 20 strong... or 25 strong... cant remember
a Lord level 4 on a steed of slannesh with the third eye
a hero level 2 on a disc
a unit of 5 knights
6 Ogres
hero with BSB

Turn one is all positioning Magic was useless for me again

Turn two
I charged his unit of ogres with my dogs and broke them in combat.
My bloodletters failed that charge and sat there looking stupid. My bloodthirster and a unit of bloodletters charged his BSB unit. Again my bloodletters tripped and my Thirster was all alone. I challenged like an idiot and he declined sending his BSB to the rear. I screwed up... regardless I did 7 wounds. He did one to me and then my stomp did three more. My combat res was 11 his was 5. He made his leadership.

Bottom of two
he charged my bloodletters that were standing there in the middle of the board like idiots with his chaos knights in the flank. I made way with my bsb and proceeded to smack the crap out of his knights with my S7 attacks. I killed 2 of the 4 that were there with him (flamers killed one with shooting in the top of the round) and then he killed 3 bloodletters. My bloodletters then killed the other two knights and I combat reformed to face his other unit of chaos warriors who are being held up with the dogs.

Top of three.
My dogs are into one unit of warriors my bloodletters on the side charge into the flank of the warriors that the dogs are holding up, and my other unit of letters charge the corner of the warrior unit and have 2 guys in contact. Seems like a waste but hey its more attacks.

He kills another dog and I do a ton of wounds to his warriors who fail their leadership and I chase but dont catch. I end up with my two units of warriors into the front of the ogres.
My bloodthirster finishes the warriors and angles to look at the ogres.

Bottom of three
he rallies the warriors and moves his wizards around. Magic is usless again... My bloodletters eat his ogres and overrun into his warriors.

Top 4.

I eat his warriors and he concedes the game. All that took 45 minutes.

I ended the tournament with 64 points out of 70. The next closest was at between 39 and 45... we stopped counting as the gaps were pretty far apart between first second and third. Dennis took 3rd.

I was made aware that my list is filthy. No one had an answer for my bloodthirster except Jake. Even though I know this... I dont care... knock me points for having him on sportsman ship.... guess I'll just have to play as hard and dirty as I know how to win.... I'm still going to have fun either way!

As a side note Dennis played against Greg's Skaven round 2. Greg's Hellpit was killed three times during the game. The laughter from everyone as the Hellpit stood up the first time with 6 wounds was loud and boisterous! Dennis was not happy LOL! Then he kills it again.... and BOOM Stands up with 2 wounds! Talk about bad luck.

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Greater Daemon
Noisy Assassin
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07 Mar 2011, 07:58 #2

Wow, sounds like that list worked out really well for you. Surprising that the Bloodthirster is borderline broken in this environment though. Makes me think I might have to add one to my list of big gribblies to make sometime.
Demons need love too...hugs for everyone!

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Chris M
Chris M
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07 Mar 2011, 16:43 #3

Its the fly move combined with the obsidian armor for challenges. Enemy characters dont stand a chance. I had several units fail Fear and terror tests through out the day. It was an average of 9 kills per phase for the Bloodthirster and never less than 7. Max I had one turn was 12 kills 7 from attacks and 5 from stomp. Good times....

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12 Mar 2011, 01:10 #4

Say how did the 30 block letters perform for you? Was that big enough? Would you try different numbers or formations (horde?)?