Xiao Zhu in Serious Motorcycle Accident

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Xiao Zhu in Serious Motorcycle Accident

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25 Jul 2009, 06:53 #1

I've been holding off on reporting this, because there hadn't been any official announcement. We found out on the 20th, and we've been very worried about Xiao Zhu since then. There was finally a news story today (but it's in Chinese) Xiao Zhu's Accident so I figured it was time to write about it.

Basically, Xiao Zhu was riding on the back of Jack's motorcyle (or scooter, not sure which), on the way to go surfing around 9:00 a.m. They were hit from behind by some bastard in a small delivery truck, who then fled the scene. Both guys went flying, and since Xiao Zhu was wearing one of the half-helmets rather than full-face coverage, he got the worst of it (Jack got some pretty bad road rash, but nothing too severe). He landed on his face, slid along the ground who knows how far, and ended up with bones in his face broken pretty severely. He's had an operation, but his face is swollen up to about two times normal, or at least it was when Wu Bai went to see him. Wu Bai was shocked speechless by poor Xiao Zhu's injuries, said he didn't realize it was that bad.

Since Wu Bai & China Blue were already scheduled to perform on Sunday at the World Games in Gaoxiong, they had to enlist the bass player from Zhang Zhen Yue's band, Free 9, to fill in for Xiao Zhu. Everyone is hoping that by October 10 Xiao Zhu will be fully recovered and able to play in the concert scheduled for that day.

I hope the police find that son-of-a-bitch who hit them, and I hope he has to pay, pay, pay for what he's done. :angry:
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oh my! please keep us updated and send my prayers his way

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