Wu Bai & China Blue 2005 concert - BUY IT!

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Wu Bai & China Blue 2005 concert - BUY IT!

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08 Jan 2006, 02:39 #1

Hey folks, it's out and available at YesAsia.com :) This was a fantastic concert, and you can even see me in the audience, yeah!

Here's the link, don't wait, go buy it and watch it. I noticed that YesAsia is a little slow today, took me awhile to actually get the darn page to open. Just keep trying, you'll get there eventually.

Wu Bai & China Blue 2005 Li Hai Concert

I'm cross-posting this one to make sure ya'll see it.
No distance too far to travel for Wu Bai & China Blue!

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20 Dec 2006, 08:56 #2

I managed to get the 2-disc DVD of the concert. It was region free so I'm not sure if the content is the same as what is being sold. I need to compare what I have with the description off yesasi. I did went to HMV SPore to check and they were also selling the region free version. I was angst to find that the CD was not included in the set. :(

Overall I thought the concert was awesome as usual. In particular, the acoustic set for Norweigen Forest was quite something. But I have only watched it once so far. I like the re-mix version of Li Hai a lot. I never thought I would like a dance version of Wu Bai song but somehow in this case, it just works.