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1992 - Happy to Love Someone - Not a lot of classic hits and he still sound very raw. But for me the stand up track is 'Not Satisfied' and 'Missing Like a River'. Not Satisfied for having such great arrangment. Missing Like a River for being so touchig lyrically.

1994 - Wanderer's Love Song -His first collaboration with China Blue and its shows! Excellent musical arrangement overall. My favourite track is Iron Man. Very inspiring. I still listened to it when I'm down and needing a little motivation.

1995 - Wu Bai Live! - Undoubtably Love you Ten Thousand Year. Although I also Autumn Wind Midnight Rain for the awesome rock licks! But the arrangement on Love You Ten Thousand Year is just awesome. Listening to it now sounds just as refreshing as the day I hear it for the 1st time. I honestly still dun know how he managed to play his guitar to make it sound the way it sounds. Just incredible.

1996 - End of Love - Noreweigen Forest for me too. Probably one of my favourtie karaoke songs. And one that I can do better than most other songs. :lol:

1997 - Summer Night Wind - Crying Man for me. Just a beautiful acoustic piece. I first heard this on a limited edition EP that was only available in the South-East Asia countries. Another karaoke favourite. :D

1998 - Lonely Tree Lonely Bird - A toss up between Back to Hometown and Farewell my Love. Hometown wins lyrically for sure but the guitar riff on Farewell is just amazing.

1999 - White Dove - I would choose Love of My Life for being another Wu Bai classic ballads. But Real World kick ass too for being another absolute no-hold-barred rock song.

2000 - Movie Song Books - Dust of Angel for me for its unabashed sincerity and a rawness that you dun hear in future more 'polished' works.

2001 - Dream River - A toss between Broken and Heavy Rain. Hard hitting rock stuffs from Wu Bai. The way we like it.

2002 - 9 Heaven Live - From the Winter disc, definitely King's Road. What an awe-inspring song. Uplifting, very motiviating and encouraging. From the Fire disc, I will choose the Medley of Love songs for the overall arrangment. Nicely done!

2003 - Tear Bridge - Wah. Another difficult album to pick a 'best'. A toss between Stone Flying and Rose.

2004 - Life Power Live - I would choose You're Drunk My Love because its not a song he sing live often and the interaction with the audience for this one is amazing.

2005 - Two Face Man. My pick will be Typhoon Heart.

2006 - Innocent Year - No pick yet. Need a few more listens. <_<

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