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Al Spiro hired me in 1964 to co-host Teen Age Hot Line, an early call-in show (Saturday mornings) on WRKL when only WNBC in New York was doing such a format. Al was the 'host' and I was joined by Marcos Swados and then Elaine Pastor. He also let me read news breaks, and I remember reading the bulletin that Winston Churchill had died. I also remember a 45 rpm record next to Al's chair, She Loves You by the Beatles, which was marked "emergency use only." I later did some sports remotes with Gordon Lazeroff including a Hudson River Regatta from a lighthouse in Nyack. I even did news "man on the street" reports like "what do you think of the new sales tax instituted in New York State?" (no one liked it). Also covered an anti-war march in Spring Valley. News director George Dacre wasn't a big fan of a whippersnapper like me doing news . It was great of Al to give a teenager a chance, and it helped me get on track towards a long career in sports.