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Welcome to WU!
Hello & welcome to Wrestling Unleashed, more commonly known as WU; home of Two Worlds Wrestling Federation and International Primetime Wrestling. As you may have already noticed, we are completely different to anything else out there at the moment. After running for almost 5 years we can boast some of the most dedicated members, roleplayers & staff on any forum and we want YOU to either join in the chat, join our promo based e-federation IPW, or join our match based e-federation 2WWF.

That's right, we offer more than just two e-federation's for someone to get their weekly kicks - we give you the chance to talk about everything and make some new friends. Beit wrestling, other sports, general news or even things personal about you that you feel you need to get off your chest.

Speaking of the e-federation's, 2WWF - it is THE best match writing federation on the interweb today. That's not just us trying to convince you to join, but we have all tried out other e-federations and nothing compares to 2WWF. We not only have our weekly show, 2WWF Breakdown, but monthly pay-per-views that really seperates us from the rest. All this gives you the best possible gaming experience, there will always be something to be excited about. If you're tired of what you're seeing in WWE or TNA, what better than booking your own storylines, writing your own action ASWELL as doing your own promos all based around the character you've created?

Recently, Wrestling Unleashed has also added another e-federation to it's ranks. International Primetime Wrestling (IPW) is a roleplay based e-fed. That's right, WU offers you TWO e-federation's to give you what ever it is you're looking for. It's fortnightly show, Stardom is where innovation is born. And yes, that's correct, it's a fortnightly show to give everyone the amount of time they may need to write their roleplay and get it posted in on time. Because we share the same space with some of the best match writers in the world, our results are some of the best around! IPW is still brand new; so why not join the e-federation that is going to revolutionise promo writing forever!

We want to, and have as previously stated for the past 5 years, provided a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone, including our active shoutbox to get to know each other and plenty of fun forums for everything you need.

Sound like the right place for you? You know what to do... join Wrestling Unleashed today!

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