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(Quick Note: I'm releasing this in four parts as I write them, so I don't feel like I have to write everything all at once, first I'm releasing the entrances, next will be stage one, then stage 2, then stage 3. Hope you all enjoy)

The second night of the finale of 2WWF is moving along with a lot of exciting action, the action returns to the ring side area as Dean starts the commentary up for the following contest, “Next up we have one of two brother vs. brother matches tonight, as we see T.K. and Black Dragon as they prepare to go through three stages of hell.”

Before Miles can even utter a word, the well known riff to the opening of perfect Insanity by Disturbed begins to blast out while Joey screams out profanities about being skipped over.


The arena is engulfed by the darkness while the riff continues for a few moments as the fans stand up to their feet cheering on the King of the Shadows as he enters the arena to take on his brother. Just as the lyrics begin the entire length of the stage erupts into the infamous black flames, which as the camera starts to zoom out spell out 3 Stages of Hell. The crowd erupts into cheers as they notice rather than being on the stage when the flames die out, Black Dragon appears out in the rafters above the titantron. The younger brother of the Evolution of Man leaps off to show that he’s on a harness hooked to a zipline which is heading to the ring. As the King of the Shadows flies over the entrance ramp fire shoots out the sides of the ramp as per usual when he runs down it. Once Dragon has gone the distance down the zipline he quickly unhooks himself and leaps over the top rope into the ring, causing the not so usual blast of black flames shooting out of the turnbuckles. The fans continue to cheer for their obvious favorite in this match as Dan Smith’s voice booms out around the arena, “Introducing first, hailing from Virginia Beach Virginia, standing at six feet and six inches tall, and weighing in this morning at about two hundred and fifteen pounds.. He is the King of the Shadows…. Black Draaaagggoooonn!!!!!!!” Dragon walks past Dan without a second thought, and climbing up onto the top rope and looking all around the arena at the people who had come to watch this event, knowing that these people will be the ones who may very well be the witnesses to him defeating his brother, as he drops back down and looks towards the entrance ramp, while Perfect Insanity fades away.

Miles shakes his head, “Who the hell does that masked fuck think he is interrupting me? This is what fucking happens when you let mentally unstable fucktard Americans into a wrestling federation!”

Dean simply replies in an obviously much calmer tone, “So if you think Americans shouldn’t wrestle Joey, what about all the Americans you yourself have cheered?”

Joey pauses for a moment, unprepared for that question, “Fuck does their nationality have to do with anything Dean-o, he interrupted me, that is all that fucking matters.”


As Dragon is examining the table in the center of the ring with the bowl of glass, as the official starts to tape up his hands and prepare him for the first stage of the match, a Tai Pei Deathmatch, the sound of Brothers, familiar with any fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, begins to play over the loudspeakers with its soft melody before the lyrics begin. “How can I repay you brother of mine? How can I expect you forgive? Clinging to the past I shed our blood, and shattered your chance to live.” Dragon looks at the stage and starts to walk away from the official, unsure of what to think as he hears this, assuming that it’s his brother’s doing.

Miles stares dumbly towards the stage unsure of what to think of all of this as he finally manages to say a few words, “What… the… shit… is… this?!”

Dean seems just as surprised, but as always has the more intelligent statement on his own reaction, “Could T.K. have decided to make amends here tonight, rather than going against his younger brother in this hellacious match?”

“Though I knew the laws I paid no heed. How can I return your wasted breath? What I did not know has cost you dear, for there is no cure for death…” As the second verse of the song plays through the arena suddenly the song cuts off and the Evolution of man remains nowhere to be seen. Suddenly clips of him appear on the screen as a much different song begins to play out of the PA system.


The darker sounds of Die Motherfucker Die by Dope begin to play through the speakers in the arena, some fans cheering at the use of the theme while it continues right up to the point where the lyrics start with “I don’t need your forgiveness!” as two columns of fire shoot out of the stage signaling the arrival of the Evolution of Man, as he steps out between them looking out at the crowd, before settling his gaze on his younger brother. Black Dragon shakes his head as he turns back to the glass and slams his fists, which were now fully prepared for the match into the glass and pulls them out, some blood on his hands as he’s forced to back into a corner by the official who is worried that this match may start before he has a chance to signal for the bell.

Dean shakes his head at the blatant taunt from T.K. during his entrance with the two conflicting themes, but before he can say a word Miles shouts out, “FUCK YEAH! That is what I’m talking about, bring death, or nothing at all!”

Dean, despite knowing that it wouldn’t help to say anything, says, “Well, we had what some of us thought to be an apology possibly coming from T.K., but obviously we’ve been proven wrong in the most disrespectful way he could manage it.”

Dan Smith quickly announces the arrival of the Virginian so that he can avoid being in the ring when the two brothers begin to go at it. “And his opponent, hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, standing at six feet and nine inches, weighing in this morning at two hundred and fifty five pounds…. He is the Evolution of Man… T.K.!!!” The fans show no love for the Evolution of Man who quickly descends down towards the ring, rolling in rather than his usual display of his height by stepping over the top rope. His hands are visibly prepared for the match, everything but the glass wrapped around his fists. He doesn’t bother to wait for the referee to let him, as he lowers his hand into the container of glass, before removing his fists which are now covered in glass, some cutting into his skin and opening up some wounds, much like with Dragon as Die motherfucker Die begins to the fade, and the referee signals for the bell.




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