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Please take the time to read the following, we understand it seems like a bit of reading, but its important reading to get a better grasp of what the World Task Force is about. This is also to be sure we are something you want to be apart of, as well as how we differ from most of the other alliances you may have heard or read about. Understand, the World Task Force is not for everyone, if you want to be part of something greater than yourself? Then read on.

About The World Task Force
The World Task Force was an idea started by four Cyber Nations friends. With the increasing amounts of wars started by rouge nations and tech raiders, what was originally started as a means of protection and advancement finally started to come to fruition and quickly became a way to building friendships across the world both in-game and out.

The World Task Force would become a reality on June 06, 2006. From its creation until September 4 2006, the World Task Force was an invitation-only alliance. That day, it opened it's applications to the general player base of Cyber Nations.

There are no requirements for membership regarding team color, in-game government or religion, or geographic location in the world. We are a peaceful alliance and our number one goal is to protect our members while helping newer players grow quickly. We do not allow unprovoked attacks upon other players, only when military force is necessary will it be used.


The World Task Force is an alliance run by its members, for its members. No one players needs or goals are given higher priority than the rest. This way decisions are based on what the majority of the alliance members feel is best for their alliance.

Many alliance members do hold government-related titles, but this is for purposes of alliance management and to voluntarily serve the rest of the alliances membership.

The Charter of The World Task Force
There is no official charter, though the standard ideas apply that we are a Peaceful Alliance, we are here to protect one another and form a means of stability and added enjoyment to Cyber Nations. Membership is open to all and a switch in team color is not necessary.

Aggression in war by our members is not allowed unless in the defense of another World Task Force member. If you declare a war on another nation, aligned or unaligned, you are subject to removal from the alliance or more extreme disciplinary action.

During your time as a member of the World Task Force, if your nation comes under unprovoked attack, then your nation can expect to receive aid in any and every form possible from your fellow members.

Just as you can expect protection from your fellow members, the same is expected of you. Anyone refusing aid to their fellow alliance members without good reason should expect to answer to the rest of the alliance.

About Me (the forum Admin)
I am no one, I am just a username that will perform day to day operations of this forum and the communications between this alliances members. I have no say in alliance matters, I am merely an account to keep this forum up to date and organized. Please do not address this account on any other matters than those regarding the forum itself.

Application to The world Task Force
Application is easy, so if you are willing to adhere to the World Task Force's policy of being a peaceful alliance and desire to be a part of a like-minded community, just click the link below to register. An email validation is required so please use a REAL email address and check your spam folder once you've completed the registration process. Once you've become a registered member, the section of the forum to apply for membership or for a foreign diplomat position become visible.

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Thank you for your time, and check out the smilies!