The Plot

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As promised the plot, please tell me what you think in the suggestions board or by PM and without further ado The Plot.

It all started the day that cursed ship appeared on Mossflower’s shores. No one’s quite sure where it came from but in the days that followed all would learn to fear its name, ‘Bloodhelm’. They struck the southern shores first, a bunch of ragged half-starved vermin; they slaughtered almost an entire tribe; taking food, valuables and galley slaves. They slowly worked their way up the coast until they reached the great mountain of Salamandastron. By now their numbers had grown and they were no longer the small wretched crew that came here. The Bloodhelm’s captain, Fennar Darsk a powerful, insatiable weasel became entranced by the mountain, and was convinced that if he captured it he alone could lord over Mossflower.
Forgetting all else he waged a war against Badger Lord Mastic Clubpaw, but brute strength proved not enough to capture the sacred badger homeland. Fennar lost everything in the final battle but was saved by a crew member called Nar Tarnin, who he promptly promoted to first mate. They returned to the southern coasts of Mossflower but the pickings were not as easy as the used to be. 4 seasons passed before Fennar even dared to return to the fire mountain and this time they were waiting for him.
Mastic Clubpaw stood at the prow of a mighty ship and rammed into the Bloodhelm crushing the mast, a bloody battle ensued. Fate is a fickle friend and the tides soon turned to the Bloodhelm’s side. Mastic called a retreat only to find that her ship had been stolen by the devious Nar Tarnin who had in the midst of the battle betrayed his captain and commandeered himself a ship. The badger lord and the remains of the Long Patrol swam to shore, few survived.
So followed the Coastal Wars, a three way war between the stolen badger ship re-named ‘Archammer’, the Bloodhelm and Salamandastron, and all of Mossflower would suffer for it.
Many seasons passed and the ever weakening Long Patrol could no longer defend the coast, not that there was much left to defend anyways. Nar Tarnin was becoming more daring as the war seemed to be tipping in his favor and made frequent inland raids to bolster his crew and slave count. Fearing for Redwall’s safety Badger Lord Mastic Clubpaw called all of their remaining friends in Mossflower in a desperate attempt to end the savage war; every good creature answered the call.
The Archammer next docked just north of Salamandastron sending out the usual small raiding party. Waiting patiently the pitiful band of Good beasts struck, climbing the ship’s side’s hoping to catch the vermin unawares but a drunken stoat spotted them and the final battle began. The ever clever Nar Tarnin sent the ship out to sea cutting off any chance of retreat or reinforcements for the good warriors. Superior tactics and even a blood wrathed badger lord seemed ill matched for the close quarters and overwhelming numbers of the vermin. It seemed that they were doomed but a third party came into the battle: Fennar Darsk and the Bloodhelm. None but the slaves and a few brave warriors survived the battle…..or so we thought.

14 Seasons have passed since that fateful war, and life has returned as it should be in Redwall Abbey. But far to the west Karsey Fourclaw son of Nar Tarnin, the only surviving member of The Archammer marches towards the peaceful Abbey gathering vermin wherever he goes promising them fortune and power. Yet his true motives lie hidden. Within the Abbey an old hare calls together his Redwall friends to scout and discover the frequent spotting of vermin nearby their beloved home. With Karsey out scouting for a suitable base for his troops, the two parties draw ever closer to colliding and starting a new war. A war that will bring to light Fourclaw’s true goal and plunge Mossflower into darkness.