Rank and Voting Reference

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Rank and Voting Reference

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Rank and Voting Reference


The Current ranks are (updated as ranks change):

Dibbun – 0 posts

Trouble maker – 5 posts

Wanderer – 6 posts

Seasoned Nomad – 12 posts

Traveller – 20 posts

Stranger – 30 posts

Redwaller – 45 posts

Recruit – 60 posts

Savage – 65 posts

Soldier – 70 posts

Warrior – 80 posts

Champion – 100 posts

Almost all Mighty and Powerful – 115 posts

Make your own title – 120


To make things fair you can only hold an important position so long (but you can be voted back in again and again), if you are an important position and get banned or warned you lose your position, if a position is not mentioned on here there is no time limit for it, finally if you leave for a long time without notice you will also lose your position.

Vermin re-chosen every

Warlord (see mutiny thread)

Second in Command (1 year)

Personal Assistant to Warlord (1 year)

Redwallers re-chosen every

Abbot/Abbess ( 6 months)

Skipper ( 1 year)

Redwall recorder (1 and a half years)

Redwall Champion (1 year)

King/Queen Sparra (6 months), unavailable

Foremole (1 year)

Log a Log (1 year), unavailable

If the Occupation is voted in you will vote in a thread in the RP Forum, the Next votes shall be held early October or late September.