Mossflower Character Creation Guide

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Mossflower Character Creation Guide

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Welcome to Mossflower Woods my Villainous friends, if you are a good beast I suggest you head back to Redwall Abbey. If something is underlined, It means that the specific occupation on the Occupation list is already occupied or is unavailable at this time.

Once you complete a character sheet post it in this thread

World of Redwall Character Creation Sheet
Name: Full name of your character. Try and create a name that fits the Redwall genre. For example, don’t call your character Luke Skywalker.
Species: Any Redwall species. However, be sure to choose a vermin species when you are making a vermin character and a Redwall species when you’re making a Redwaller (i.e. Badger, squirrel, hare etc for Redwaller and weasel, fox, etc for Vermin).
Occupation: You start out simply as a member of the vermin horde. Certain jobs such as the Head Cook or Blacksmith are first come first serve (I shall explain and give a list of jobs below).
Gender: Self explanatory.
Description: Physical description. Just tell us what your Character looks like, a picture would be very nice but please don’t simply take someone else’s work.
Skills: What your character is good at. This can include archery, cooking, etc. Don’t overdo it.
Weakness or Bad Traits: (optional) What your character isn’t good at or areas they can improve upon, example would be they’re clumsy or they’re scared of sharp weapons.
Biography: (optional, but highly recommended) Basically your character’s history. Make it as long and as detailed as you like.

1. List of First Come First Serve Occupations

- Head Cook, limit of 1
- Apprentice Cooks, limit of 3
- Blacksmith, limit of 1
- Trackers, limit of 6
- Hunters, limit of 8
- Soldiers, unlimited
- Warlord’s Personal Guards, limit of 2
- Spy, limit of 1
- Seer, limit of 1
- Personal Assistant to Warlord, limit of 1
- Carpenters, limit of 6
- Scout, limit of 4

2. List of Chosen Occupation/Rank

- Warlord, limit of 1
- Captain’s, limit of 3
- Second in Command, limit of 1
- Elite Soldiers, unlimited

Important Job Descriptions

Hunters: Gatherers of food upon which the army lives
Warlord’s Personal Guards: Selected by the Warlord to protect him at all times
Spy: The ‘only’ member of the Vermin Horde who is allowed to enter the Redwall Abbey forum under the disguise of a woodlander to gather information.
Seer: The Warlord’s advisor and healer
Personal Assistant: Takes care of all business in the Vermin Horde on behalf of the Warlord
Carpenters: Builds temporary bases and siege weapons
Warlord: Leader of the Horde, to become a leader you must fight for it (see mutiny thread)
Captain’s: chosen by Seer and in command of the Hordes forces
Second in Command: chosen by Warlord and in command of Captain’s
Elite Soldiers: Best of the Best of the vermin soldiery, chosen by Warlord’s assistant.

- Ferrets
- Foxes
- Weasels
- Wildcats
- Stoats
- Monitor Lizards
- Pine Martins
- Rats

This information may be altered or added on to depending on the success of the forum.


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This is my Vermin Character Sheet, use it as an example if you want

Name: Karsey FourClaw
Species: Fox
Occupation: Warlord (untill the finish of the First War)
Gender: Male
Description: Your typical orange furred fox, his left hand is missing its ring finger and his normal claws on that paw have been replaced with metal claws. His is abnormally strong and agile for even a fox.
Skills: Master with any weapon, and at survival. He uses all means necessary to keep control of the Vermin Horde including his metal claws.
Weakness or Bad Traits: He is ill-tempered, subject to swift mood changes, cruel, sadistic and intelligent (basically everything you would expect from a vermin leader). Without the metal claws he is in great pain and his left paw becomes rather useless because it was crushed and his claws were removed when he was younger.
Biography: He was the son of Nar Tarin master of the Archammer one of the most feared Captains of the coast before the ship was destroyed in a bloody sea battle. Karsey survived but with great injuries (his left paw) he spent the rest of his early years bringing together a Vermin Horde to seek out the mystical Redwall Abbey his father always spoke of.

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Name: Raishel Strongshaft (Rowan is my username, but I can't change it.)

Species: Pine Martin

Occupation: Soldier (can I be promoted to captain from soldier in due time?)
Blaze-Yes of course

Gender: Male

Description: A tall, sinewy dark brown Pine Martin with a creamy underbelly. He has one cream colored paw, and his eyes are black. He wears a cream colored shirt, black pants, and a black velvet cloak with wood pigeon feathers. He is agile, and not scrawny like most seers.

Skills: Good with his weapons (long sword, yew bow), smart, agile, and sharp witted.

Weakness or Bad Traits: Short tempered like most vermin, slightly insane, always takes risks no matter what is on the line. Pretty much like all vermin.

Biography: Raishel was born in a small clan of ferrets in the northlands. He didn't inherit the accent, but he is still smart. His parents, Sly Swiftpaw (mother), and Drowen Swiftpaw. After a long, cruel battle with neighboring tribes', his parents took him down south. Abandoning him in Mossflower Wood, he was left to fend for himself. When he was an adult, Raishel discovered a growing horde of vermin in Mossflower, so he joined.

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Name: Hollowtail Whipfang Samstran
Species: Stoat
Occupation: Tracker
Gender: Female
Description: Brown fur with white and dark brown spots, dark eyes. Carries slim knife and coil of rope.
Skills: Tracking, sneaking around, being evil (thats a good thing in vermin)
Weakness or Bad Traits: loves to eat, can't stand killing babies
Biography: Was born a searat and was one till her ship crashed.
Sanddhu: A wild march hare, bravest of the brave, hungriest of the hungry, loyalest of the loyal, clumsiest of the clumsy....

Hollowtail: A evel stoat, evilest of the evil, strongest of the strong, sneakiest of the sneaky, fastest of the fast......

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Name: Rappa Silvertail
Species: Silver Fox
Occupation: Seer
Gender: Vixen (female)
Description: Rappa is sleek and proud of her silver fur, and as vain as any could be. She is on the shortish side, but not many notice, as she has such presence. She is the cool-headed one behind the Warlord. Her fields are healing and poisoning, and she is open about it. You don’t want to get on her bad side – it will end badly for you, be you vermin or Redwaller.
Weakness or Bad Traits: Rappa’s fears are her greatest weakness. Her rather irrational fear of fire is only fueled by the fact that it might damage her fur: she is never found anywhere near the camp fires, no matter how cold the night. She is also a tad claustrophobic, and will storm out of a tent for no apparent reason if too many other beasts are present.
Biography: Rappa and her family lived in a hut by the sea for many seasons, until it burned, killing both of her parents and her young brother. She swore never to set eyes on the sea again, instead moving inland to where she met up with Karsey’s horde. She had a mate for a while, a rough red fox, but he bored her, and she left him. Her ‘specialties,’ as she calls her seer’s powers, first began when the vixen first saw Redwall. The building is now the subject of many of her strange dreams.
Rosali Farren, sister at Redwall
Rappa Silvertail, vermin seer

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name: preantail
speices: gray fox
occupition: scout
gernder: male
skills: descption, can weald any wepon skillfly but is a master with his choser wepon the axe.
desc.: a grey fox is ofter misstaken for a a marlfox beacuse of his gray coat and quickness with his axe. he is also one a long desnetnt of the marlfox.
bio: not much is knowen about his past, olny that he salys all who got in his way. has a mystios contion that takes contol fo him when he fights somewaht like the bager bloodrath.

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Name: Flint Swiftstream
Species: Silver-furred Otter (thus Flint)
Occupation: Otter Crew Member
Gender: Male
Description: Tall, muscular silver furred otter. A young adult (equivalent to about 18-20 in human age). Has a scar from a cutlass over his left eye (hasn't effected vision).
Skills: Slinging (like all otters of course), Duel-wielding duelling sabres. Decent at scouting, good at foraging. Excellent swimmer (obviously). Learning how to cook, but not very good yet. Good at bringing peoples' spirits up and raising morale. Can keep a cool head in battle. Strong sense of morality
Weakness or Bad Traits:Sometimes overthinks things, can't shoot a bow to save his life.
Biography: Flint was born in a holt not far from Salamandastron. When he was young, his family was attacked by a roving crew of searats, his older sister (named Coral) carried him and ran to the Long Patrol for protection. There the two otters remained, raised by the Long Patrol hares and the reigning Badger Lord. It was here he met his messmate and lifelong friend Vane Fortindom. Both were trained in the art of war by the Long Patrol, where Flint became one of the most respected sabre fighters on the mountain. When he hit adolescence, Flint decided it was time to be among his own kind, and parted ways with Coral, who remained with the ambition of starting a family next to Salamandastron. Flint wandered for a couple of seasons, living off the land as the Long Patrol taught him to. One day he happened upon a young mousemaid set upon by three vermin bandits. After quickly dispatching them with his sabres, the mousemaid told him he should head in the direction of Redwall Abbey. Having arrived only one season ago, he is still trying to adjust to Abbey life, since all he has ever known were strict regimental rules, or no rules save what his morals dictated. Flint was accepted into the Otter Crew at the Abbey, but has been a quiet member, feeling nervous with his new surroundings despite the kindness of all of the Abbey beasts. This is just because of being shy, he hopes to find a couple messmates like Vane at Redwall though

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-Skills:Silent and stealthy. Great hunter and tracker. Amazing with bow and his sword.

-Description:Orange and tinted brown. Bright blue eyes and sharp claws and teeth.(all he needs is a hook hand and hes pretty much Foxy from FNAF)

-Weakness/Bad traits:Always eager and wants to rush into battle with no planing.

-Biography/Backround:Always deadly, Swiftclaw does, as his name says, have very swift maneuvering with blade and bow. All enemys are defeated or forced to flee. Bringer of doom, caller of death, cooker of marshmellows, it is Swiftclaw.
Gurbel Digun, Foremole