Assad says Syria must show its loyalty to Iran

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Assad says Syria must show its loyalty to Iran

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More from the crackpot mullah news.

Assad says Syria must show its loyalty to Iran

TEHRAN, June 29 (MNA) The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by Syria and the country should demonstrate its loyalty to the Islamic Republic, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says.
We appreciate the realistic stances of some important countries in the region and the world, including Iran, Russia, and China toward Damascus, Assad said in an interview with the Iranian TV broadcast on Thursday night.

He said that Irans role in the region is significant, because it is part of the region and knows the region better than extra-regional countries.

Asked about the claim that Iran intervenes in Syria, Assad said, It is a joke that we often hear.

He added, They claim that a rift has opened up within the army and that we receive help from other countries to defend ourselves the claims are not worth answering.

On the role of Tehran-Damascus ties in the region, he said that political relations between the two countries are strategic but should be expanded further.

He went on to say that Syria hopes that its trade and cultural ties with Iran will be promoted to the same level of political relationship.

He said the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 shaped the quality of Damascuss relationship with Tehran as Iran immediately announced that it sides with the Palestinian resistance movement and that the Palestinian issue is an Islamic world issue.

He said that Syria cannot establish good relations with countries that do not support Palestine.

Asked about the proposals offered by some regional rulers to break off relations with Iran, he said Iran has always been on the side of Syria and how can we betray our principles and break off relations with Iran.