Moniz on television - Sat Oct 29 7pm

Moniz on television - Sat Oct 29 7pm

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Outside Television, Sat Oct 29, 2011, 7pm (ET?)

Highpointer Matt Moniz became the youngest Completer when he and dad Mike set the 50-state speed record.

This is discussed on an 8 minute segment of the program called "The Buzz" which airs on Outside TV. ... -episode-3

Here are the topics of this episode (Summer 2011 episode 3):
- David LaHuta meets Matt Moniz, a teenage speed climber
- Jessica York visits the annual San Sebasti√°n Festival in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
- a look at the thriving gardens at the old Alcatraz Prison
- rock-climbing tips from the famous Hans Florine
- Karla Cavalli interviews Neal Gorman, ultra runner and... insurance broker