Freedom Tower Will Be 1,100/1,500/1,776/2,000 Feet High

Freedom Tower Will Be 1,100/1,500/1,776/2,000 Feet High

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December 17th, 2003, 3:30 pm #1

Deal Leads Architect to Lower His Sights, and the Trade Center Tower

Published: December 17, 2003

That was how much the architect David M. Childs reduced the height of the tower he is designing for the developer Larry A. Silverstein, one of several gestures that allowed Mr. Childs's counterpart, Daniel Libeskind, to certify that the Freedom Tower would fit in with his overall master plan for the site.
As described by those who have seen the compromise version, the tower structure would be 1,500 feet tall — 1,100 feet enclosed and 400 feet open — with a 276-foot spire to claim the symbolic height, and an antenna reaching beyond that, perhaps to 2,000 feet.
Exactly where this hybrid will rank among the world's tallest structures remains to be seen.