Backpacker Lists 5 Best Hiking Dogs

Backpacker Lists 5 Best Hiking Dogs

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This was also in backpacker and featured in the huge traildog group at yahoo:

Unfortunately no golden retrievers are mentioned.

Let others argue whether dogs belong in the wilds. We submit that their
relentless esprit de corps and flawless camaraderie make them superlative
trail buddies-as long as the hound is suited to the hike. We asked Linda B
Mullally author of "HIking with Dogs" to pick the best companions for every
hiking style and climate.

Newfoundland- Headed for the rivers??........( more on that)
Australian Sheepdog- These tireless mates match big-mile hikers stride for
stride....( more on that)
Siberian Husky- For snow and high country outings, your choice is a
straight forward as a Jack London novel....( more)
Jack Russell terrier- It's an unexpected selection, but if you're looking
to burn through big miles....(more)
Pharoah hound- Desert rats can rily on this exotic Egyptian breed to keep
cool anywhere..( more)