911 Performance Art Overshadows Unveiling of New Yankee Stadium

911 Performance Art Overshadows Unveiling of New Yankee Stadium

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July 14th, 2005, 1:25 pm #1

A 911 Performance Arts piece in Chicago overshadowed the Daily News coverage of the Yankees plans to tear down the House That Ruth built.

Kerry Skarbakka from Brooklyn got more front page coverage in his stated attempt to heal the wounds of 911 jumped off the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

I thought it was my responsibility to respond” to 9/11, he said. “This happened to be my response to that - my sheer inability to do anything about [watching people fall], my lack of control over the situation

Skabakka was quoted in the Sun Times:

I was so distraught, I needed some way to find an artistic response…I thought to myself, ‘There is something in this I need to understand.’ And so I started working with issues of control and loss of control…Falling is such a metaphor for life in general. Mentally, physically and emotionally, from day to day, we fall. Even walking is falling: You take a step, fall and catch yourself

The kneejerk reaction from New Yorkers was to disparage the event. Mayor Bloomberg called it “nauseatingly offensive.” The Daily News headline was

Go jump in a lake, pal!

However in the voice of reason: Mindy Kleinberg of East Brunswick, N.J., who lost her husband, Alan, said:

As crazy as it is, we all have the right to do that…I’m just not exactly sure what he’s trying to get from that

Skarbakka was born in Minnesota and grew up in Tennessee before attending school in Chicago and moving to Brooklyn is very prominent in the art community.
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