Necrons, Or Garry Is Doing What Now?

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So, I spent some time in my local GW a couple of weekends ago while waiting for a painting competition to start. I saw a number of people playing Necron and thought to myself: "Those look like they'd be [Warning No Swearing] to put together, maybe I should get some..." immediately [I Swear Too Much] by "Oh, yeah, I've got two boxes of them waiting at home! Maybe I should put them together and actually learn to play the game..."
So, I put them together. Now, as I spend the next week or two painting them (slightly higher than tabletop standard I'm thinking), I should also learn to play.

A "The Tomb Awakened" box, plus a Battleforce IIRC; I have a box of Warriors somewhere in this room, which, once [I Swear Too Much], will provide bitz to assemble another 5-body Praetorian squad, and however many more Warriors I can build after that.

I'm throwing bases under my larger pieces as well, I just like how it looks and it helps with stability.

They'll basically have bone-color armor over a gray frame, with red and gold details, with the vehicles being mostly red and gray with bone and gold details. All the translucent rods will be red as well.
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Undead Spacemen FTW!

Necrons have always intrigued me, but I've never been in a good position to start a force of them. They seem like an army that would be fairly easy to paint in an easy scheme (like Space Marines), but with a far more sinister overall look. Plus, you can always follow any loss with a quick quip of "I'll be back!" :)

Looks like a fairly interesting army, visually speaking, so I look [I Swear Too Much] to seeing how it shapes up as you get it painted.