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Painting your Imperial Guard Or Inquisition army or just wanting to show your [I Swear Too Much] work? From Witch Hunters, Deamon Hunters or GreyKnights Please post in here.

Macragge Pdf

Chris Parsons
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11 Nov 2009, 12:17 #1

Hi guys,

I thought I should post these here as these are PIP pics, but more info can be [I Swear Too Much] about this army in the WIP part of these boards.

As a bit of background though these are the first test models of my new Macragge PDF army, attached to 2nd Company Ultramarines.

Obviously by no means [I Swear Too Much] (only fatigues and armour are really done, but this was just to show how the army is progressing)

Hopefully I will have this squad and its Chimera Transport [I Swear Too Much] soon so I will post pics of the whole squad shortly (depending on my currently complicated love life which seems to be interfering with my hobby - LOL)
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11 Nov 2009, 15:01 #2

They look great. I think the only part I would change is the red of the sergeant's helmet, as it looks a little too orange, but that could just be from the pictures.

Anyway, can't wait to see more.

Sgt. Killemall
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16 Nov 2009, 12:20 #3

Nice job on the painting and highlighting. Very smooth, I like em.
If I was the Sgt. I wouldn't wear that big red helmet either; it just screams "[I Swear Too Much] me! I'm the guy giving orders!" :lol:

lord of the guns
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21 Nov 2009, 19:06 #4

They looks very like UN peacekeepers


Chris Parsons
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26 Nov 2009, 10:24 #5

Hi Guys, cheers for all the great comments, I am really enjoying painting this army so hopefully won't get too tempted to start something else in the mean time!

And on that note I have to confess that progress has been slooooow....

The sad thing is for once I have the urge to paint and get [I Swear Too Much] when I can't (normally I have no urge so capitalise on it when I can!), but recently I have been very busy with "real life" which has meant I haven't made a huge amount of progress.

But just to show that I have done something here are some shots of my Guilliman Pattern Hellhound.

Obviously still nowhere near [I Swear Too Much], but it is looking promising.

The decals do look awful but they are only temporary and are there to give me an idea of how much white there will be on the model. This is because my Ultramarines Rhinos all have large white Tactical/Assault etc symbols on them which breaks up the blue and I want something similar (but more subtle) on my PDF vehicles.

I should also really be painting up my Infantry Platoon as they are my first troops choice but for some reason I keep getting drawn back to this model....

I may change a couple of things. Some of the highlighting on the side panels is incorrectly placed and a bit messy, but I will wait and see what it looks like with all the edge highlighting in place first (this takes me ages and is quite boring which is why I haven't [I Swear Too Much] it yet!).

And yes, I hadn't noticed it before but they do indeed look like UN Peace Keepers!

Cheers for looking.
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Tech Adept
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26 Nov 2009, 21:24 #6

really nice and smooth paint job. Looks great!

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29 Nov 2009, 06:23 #7

About the GW decals looking awful and too glossy. I use them on my guards and arbitrators and what i do is put the base colors on the model, place the decals and then i spray some purity seal spray varnish to seal off the decals and remove the glossy effect. It works like a charm. I then proceed to make weathering and highlights.

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30 Nov 2009, 20:11 #8

If you cn [I Swear Too Much] it, Micro-Sol does wonders for turning decals into one molecule thick logos. After everything is painted, I use a clear flat spray to seal everything. Weathering over the decals helps too.
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Dominus Ex Machina
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11 Dec 2009, 17:24 #9

I really like the idea, [Warning No Swearing] and original!

The painting looks great too! I am especially impressed by the blue on the chimera.

I'll be keeping an eye on this project for sure so keep it up :thumbup:

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11 Dec 2009, 21:54 #10

Very clean paintjob, well executed. And i like the idea of the background.
So im looking [I Swear Too Much] whats coming!

Excuse my bad english and every mistake I made, its still WIP.

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15 Jan 2010, 18:14 #11

what are the staps ( of paint ) you used for there clothing... i would love to use those colours on my new space marine scouts... real clean job

i think its does not look realy realistic ( and that's a good thing) i mean it still is fantasy.. love the bright clean colours.. i in love with your colour's



Chris Parsons
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18 Jan 2010, 11:10 #12

Hi Boomstam,

I'm glad you like 'em, and I'm glad they have inspired you to paint SM Scouts in the same colours as it was SM Scouts that inspired me to paint these! :)

Ok for the fatigues I painted them like this:

Black Undercoat

Base coat Dheneb Stone (Citadel Foundation Paint) - 2 thin coats

Wash with Gryphonne Sepia all over (Citadel Wash) - 1 thin coat

Repaint with Kommando Khaki (Citadel Colour) leaving darker colour in deepest recesses - keeping this paint thin will help you blend in the shading more easily

Highlight with Bleached Bone (Citadel Colour) - again keeping this thin

Mix up a 70:30 glaze of Kommando Khaki and Gryphonne Sepia (a glaze is essentially a very thin wash) and apply all over to blend in previous layers.

Rehighlight with Bleached Bone.

Mix Skull White (Citadel Colour) to the Bleached Bone and highlight the very raised surfaces.

I hope that helps.

I know it sounds very long winded, but to be honest it is quite quick thanks to the new washes and foundation paints, which make life a lot easier.

However don't be [I Swear Too Much] by the Foundation Paints, although you can apply them in one coat they can obscure detail a little bit so a couple of thin coats is still best, but the lighter colours are a godsend as they save a lot of layering.

And apologies to everyone about the severe lack of updates recently, I have been a bit sick over the last few weeks but I have manged to get some painting done (but I'm not that happy with it), I will post some pics tomorrow as I am back at work so have access to a camera finally.

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18 Jan 2010, 12:30 #13

thanks allot i will try it out as soon as i get myself some new paints... you almost named all the collours i dont have at the moment so i blame you for a nother trip to the hobby store:P

i will post some pictures of my result as soon as i'm [I Swear Too Much]

cant wait to see your pictures tomorrow:P

Chris Parsons
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19 Jan 2010, 10:43 #14

Hi guys, well here are some more pics as promised.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently.

Unfortunately a combination of bad chest infection and problems with my contact lenses has meant that my painting hasn't been as productive as I would have liked, but I do have something to show you all.

These are my "counts as" Penal Troops. These are based around the idea of IG [I Swear Too Much] observers / scouts as this fits my fluff better, and I think the rules for Penal Troops back this up perfectly.

I had some real problems with the heads and faces on these guys though so I may have to go back and redo a fair bit to them, but I am happy with the conversion work now that they have some paint on them.

Obviously still very PIP right now though.

Also the photos are a little bit dark too, I had some problems with the camera last night (it's been one of those weeks!)

Cheers for looking, I should hopefully have some more stuff to show soon as I have now base coated up another infantry squad, but as ever my painting is sloooow....
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19 Jan 2010, 21:55 #15

Looking good.. They have a very scout/rangerish look to them.. my only critisim would be that the sleeves look a little plain as they have no shoulder pads.. maybe add some for of blue emblem to them? or maybe a very small pouch at the top of the arm in a differnt color to break it up a little?
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Chris Parsons
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20 Jan 2010, 10:41 #16

@ Inq Guthan: Cheers, I am more happy with them now that they have some paint on them but you have pretty much read my mind regarding the sleeves.

I wasn't too sure how the conversion would work as my green stuff skills aren't that great, but I wasn't able to make a proper judgement until they had some paint on them.

However now they are painted I do like them but agree that that shoulder area needs something to break up the monotony a bit.

I was also thinking along the lines of a pouch or maybe a pocket to break it up a bit but thought that as the Catachan arms are already pretty big in the shoulder that this might make them too bulky.

I really wanted them to look like lightly armed scouts/rangers which is hence the lack of shoulder pads, so am thinking of something different now.

What about if I painted them as if they had a sew on patch with their unit markings on the shoulders?

I was thinking of a blue round patch on the left shoulder with the Utra logo (for Ultramar) and on the right shoulder pad a white patch with their squad number on just as if they were marine Scouts (Macragge PDF do follow the Codex Astartes after all).

What do people think?
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20 Jan 2010, 14:02 #17

Yeah that sounds like a plan. Not sure about the white circle though.. might not show up too well?
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Chris Parsons
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05 Mar 2010, 11:11 #18

Hi Guys,

Apologies as ever for the lack of updates recently, one day I will get motivated and get stuck into my painting! :)

I don't really have a huge amount to show at this time as my painting has been as slow as ever, but I do have some very, very work in progress shots of the 2 squads of my infantry platoon.

Both of these squads will be equipped with Autocannon and Plasma Gun, but I am painting the autocannons seperately which is why they aren't in the photos.

There is a still lot to do on both of these squads. I need to highlight the fatigues, paint the lasguns, the webbing and grenades and then a bit of detailing before basing and applying squad markings.

These photos are more just to show that I have at least been doing a little bit of painting.

Squad 1:

Squad 2:

I still have lots of work to do on my first 500pts.

Need to finish of both of these squads, do the final touch up on the Penal legionairres and some highlighting on my Hellhound.

And then I also need to start painting my Command Squad.....

So I am quite behind, but it's getting there.

As always cheers for looking.
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06 Apr 2010, 15:10 #19

What combo did you use for their fatigues? It looks great.

Chris Parsons
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07 Apr 2010, 11:21 #20

Hi Fire,

The fatigues were painted as follows:

Black Undercoat

Basecoat of Dheneb Stone (Citadel Foundation Paint)

Wash with Gryphonne Sepia (Citadel Wash)

repaint Kommando Khaki (Citadel Paint) leaving previous layer in recesses

Then repaint pure Bleached Bone (Citadel Paint) leaving some of previous layer in recesses

Glaze with a 70:30 mix of Kommado Khaki:Gryphonne Sepia

Highlight with Bleached Bone.

[Warning No Swearing] Highlight with Bleached Bone and Skull White.

Hope that helps.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently too, to be honest I haven't got a huge amount done, but will hopefully have some new pics to show soon.
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Someone throw me a spanner
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10 Apr 2010, 19:54 #21

Really nice figures, i have a Ultamarine Battle company painted and was thinking about adding some PDF troops. Do you mind if i use some of your ideas?

Chris Parsons
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19 Apr 2010, 15:33 #22

@ Throw me a spanner: No problem at all, it will be nice to see more PDF armies to be honest.

Hi guys,

Well I know this thread has been very quiet, but I wanted to just let everyone know that this project is still up and running, albeit rather slowly.

I have some more painting to show you, but as ever it is still very much work in progress.

I wanted to get my HQ painted up for a couple of reasons. One because I really enjoyed putting them together, and two because then with 1 HQ and 2 Troops I would have a playable army.

The plan is to get the HQ [I Swear Too Much] and then go back and finish off everything else before doing any more.

That's the plan of course, but we all know what they say about plans....

Anyway, here's some new pics, please excuse the quality of the photos, I have cahnged the settings somehow on the camera and can't seem to put them back! Doh!!

First off is my "counts as" Colonel Iron Hand Straken. I had to take his shotgun off during painting, so I have included a before painting [I Swear Too Much] too.

Colonel Iron Hand Straken:

Still a fair bit left to do, but he is getting there. Also used him for the first time in a game last week, and he rocked!!

Astartes Fleet Liaison Officer Lt. Varras:

So of course Space Marines don't have access to the Imperial Navy thanks to the Horus Heresy, which means that it's unlikely their own PDF forces would get Navy support either. However the Adeptus Astartes do maintain their own Strike Cruisers, so I felt if I wanted to [I Swear Too Much] an Officer of the Fleet then I shouldn't use the Imperial navy model, but something more Marine like.

Thankfully I still have my old Battle for Macragge set so I have used Lt. Varras, and I am quite pleased tbh. Still not [I Swear Too Much], but close.

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Chris Parsons
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19 Apr 2010, 15:39 #23

Chaplain Caustus Dan Glokta

The next fluff problem came with Priests. I obviously cannot expect support from the Ecclesiarchy, as Space Marines do not recognise the Emperor as a God, it would be unlikely that they would encourage their subjects to either. That isn't to say that they wouldn't allow it, just that their fighting forces probably follow something closer to their Astartes Brethren.

However Priests in an IG army are too tempting not to take, so I decided that I would assign Chaplains to my army instead.

These "counts as" Priests follow similar design themes to SM Chaplains, such as skulls, bones etc, as well as dressing in predominantly black.

A cookie for anyone that gets the name reference for this chap too, the scarred up toothless face is a clue!

Hardened Veteran Test
Ok so the Command Squad has hardened Vets rather than standard Guardsmen, which gave me an opportunity to try out my colour scheme idea.

According to the Codex Astartes Veterans are drawn from the 1st Company and have white helmets and a white stripe on their right shoulder guard so...

He's obviously not [I Swear Too Much] yet, but you get the idea. I can only say this - I NEVER WANT TO PAINT WHITE AGAIN!! Although it has turned out pretty much how I wanted it to painting the white helmet and chest eagle was a pain in the backside, and took far too long to do.

I only had to paint 4 vets for this squad, and only 3 of them are wearing helmets, but they took long enough! I am not looking [I Swear Too Much] to painting 20 Vets for the army later on. I may have to leave a fair few of them bare headed.

Command Squad so far

Well that's it so far. I am getting there, slower than most but to be honest pretty quickly for me. I have done 40 figs and a tank in 5 months, which isn't too bad. Admittedly none of them are 100% [I Swear Too Much], but they're not far off.

I will post [I Swear Too Much] pics of everything soon hopefully, and next month I only have 1 model to paint. Straken's Vendetta, which should be [Warning No Swearing].
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Dead Maniac
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19 Apr 2010, 16:25 #24

I feel you man - regarding the painting white, that is. I painted a medic for my guard a while ago and boy was it a pain, helmet and both shoulderpads. [Warning No Swearing] thing is that I'm now painting another medic so nearly the same pain is ahead of me once again :mellow: Anyway, your PDF is coming along nicely, the chaplain-priest in particular looks awesome. Keep it up!

*DMEdit* Oh, a question: How did you shade the white on the veteran's helmet, any relatively easy guide?
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20 Apr 2010, 17:40 #25

New batch is looking awesome mate, your Straken looks ace, really good going on the head and facial features.
The chaplain nod is a nice touch, and a really well done evisorator. Is there still a handle for his felt hand to grab on to though? couldn't tell from the pics and it's something i've noticed some player miss off if they have that left hand not holding on the the flamer.
The Vet i like, the white helm is a really good one, if annoying to paint. My only suggestion would be to drop the stripe from the shoulder pad. as although Marines have a pad trim guard tend not to, and a white stripe on a cadian model just instant make me think "conscript" rather than "hardcore vet"

Maybe do a test model without the stripe? or perhaps work in a small GS trim to paint white instead?
Armoured companies: for when guard players are finally sick of ap5 weaponry...