H: :arger Grey Knights Army W: $£$£ (uk)

Do you want a certain piece or item? Need a conversion done for you? Willing to trade for it? Want to sell something? Or just Selling on Ebay?

H: :arger Grey Knights Army W: $£$£ (uk)

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Nov 17 2017, 02:50 PM #1

would like to sell the below as one lot. I will not split so please don’t ask.

Price includes all fees and uk postage, overseas postage can be arranged at additional cost. Looking for £180gbp given the size of the force and original retail costs.

Librarian dread

2 dreadknights

15 terminators (5 with twin swords, 9 nemesis weapons, 1 incinerator)

20 gks (16 normal models, 2 incinerators, 2 psilencer)




All items are painted to the standard in the pics Here: http://imgur.com/cxYnYSv http://imgur.com/Ma52CJK http://imgur.com/met4eoh http://imgur.com/OxjeiRG

Everything is pictured there and is sold as seen. Thanks