Dark Talon And Extended Storm Raven

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Having [I Swear Too Much] the construction of my second fellbIade and having bought up lots of bits over the past number of months (enough to build 3 Storm Raven, 1 Storm Talon, 1 Dark Talon (and am in the process of getting enough parts for a second Dark Talon)), I've decided to build some SM Aircraft:

Dark Talon:

This kit was a real pleasure to put together and it only took a few hours to get to this undercoat stage. I added some magnets to the under slung weapons pod. This will allow me to swop between Hurricane Bolters and missiles as the mission dictates. I am not sticking the main weapon to again allow me to swop between Twin Las Cannons, Rift cannon and Mega Bolter variants.

I've seen fire4effekt's Dark Talon painted in red and liked his paint scheme. I want to do something similar, paint the main body Vallejo Model Air Fire Red but I want to then paint the Imperial Eagle black with grey highlights. I think this will be visually striking. My sticking point is the colour of the cockpit. I'm thinking of painting the interior with a cream colour that I've seen lots of others do on their Land Raiders etc. What do you others think?

Through scalpels and files, I removed all trace of Dark Angels iconography from the under slung weapon pods .........

.... and from the front of the bottom tail fin. This will look fab if the picture in my head can be transferred on to actual model!

Storm Raven

I've never liked the original Storm Raven - far to [I Swear Too Much] and stubby. I've seen others "stretch" out the body and have seen the Chapterhouse conversion kit and thought I would give it a go....

I traced the outline of the rear section and added an extra 2 inches (5cm) of plasticard. I felt this was large enough to accommodate the supposed amount of SM's that a Storm Raven is supposed to carry.

To hide the joins between the plasticard and the original model, I added another layer of plasticard (the white parts). Only after taking this [I Swear Too Much] did I realise I had glued the top tail fin the wrong way around.. DOH!!!!!

It looks plain at the moment, but I plan on adding Hurricane Bolter sponsons not on the door as per normal, but just to the right of this doorway. This will allow me to use chapter specific doors and will also allow exit by front, rear and from the side.

This [I Swear Too Much] shows the rear section. Milliput has been added to hide small gaps and after curing, will be sanded smooth. I need to add some small rivets and the gap between the air intake/cowl and tail will be [I Swear Too Much] by a large Adeptus Mechanicus Logo from Cities of Death. This will reinforce the close bond between my Chapter and the men from Mars!

This plan [I Swear Too Much] shows the extra length that has been added. I have made some templates for the plasticard to decrease the build time of the next 2 Storm Ravens.

A [I Swear Too Much] of the underside. I don't have any plans to add extra detail on anything on this view.

This shows the plan view of my Extended Storm Raven after I undercoated it. After much cutting, sawing and filing, I added the Cities of Death Adeptus Mechanicus Logo to the top. I had great [Warning No Swearing] building this and plan on building another 2 Storm Ravens to this extended pattern.

This shows a WIP of my Dark Talon. I used Vallejo's Fire Red Model Air to basecoat the model after using some Tamiya masking tape to cover the cockpit.

I then used watered down Vallejo Gloss Varnish Acrylic to cover all of the model to assist in the wash process.

I used some black smoke oil paint from AK Interactive mixed with some thinner to create a wash and as carefully as I could, added the wash into all the cracks. After a few minutes, using thinner and a clean brush, I then proceeded to clean up any spillages.

This shows a top view of the WIP black lining process. As oil paint takes ages to dry, I put this aside for 2 days to give the paint time to dry. To ensure no impact on other weathering processes, I used another layer of watered down Gloss Varnish.

As I wanted the Aquila on the wings to stand out, I used some Tamiya Masking tape to mask the areas around the Aquila ready for some airbrushing! This process took ages!!

I started off spraying the Aquila Vallejo Model Air Black as an undercoat. I would have liked to have kept the Aquila darker, but due to issues with my airbrush clogging up and lack of fine control, the Aquila came out a lot greyer than I would have liked.

Never mind, Rome wasn't built in a day and an airbrush is a difficult tool to learn.

I think overall, it turned out well.

There is a small amount of leakage and a small amount of edges missed by the airbrush, but I sprayed the whole area with watered down Gloss Varnish again to protect my work.

I have been purchasing a lot of AK Interactive weathering products recently and want to try out a few of them on the Dark Talon, namely streaking grime from all of the rivets and rain marks for Nato to be applied from the rivets on the Aquila.

Before I do this though, I wish to try out some "sponge" chipping effects on some parts of the [Warning No Swearing]. I want the Dark Talon to be the start of my "Weathering" journey. I have tonnes of non painted vehicles that will look cool with all of the things Mig Jiminez does on a regular basis with his vehicles. If I can get my models to be just half as good as his, I'll be a happy man!

Over the next couple of days, I want to paint all the metal parts and the cockpit then weather these as well.

More updates to follow.

Regards, Phil.

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Looking real good so far mate, I will be watching for updates eagerly.

I had looked at the storm talon for de-dark angeling (sp?). Its a nice model.

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the only reason why i would get me one is to make a new Lightning out of it. Should be do-able, although the costs aren't really cheap. But i hate FW's 'quality'.
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Update time:

I started weathering the Dark Talon with some black paint using the sponge technique. I [I Swear Too Much] this incredibly messy and I just didn't like the effect. I ended up using a brush and using a GW Silver base colour and have probably gone over board with the exposed metal but it's a learning curve!! I'll explain the extreme weathering with some fluff e.g. The Legion of the Dead Chapter are in the middle of a sweeping crusade and have reached planet X - A planet under constant acidic rain etc...

The White Lines running vertically down the wings are AK Interactives Nato Rain Marks before they are merged into the wing. You'll see the results later. I added more exposed metal across the engine covers either side of the cockpit - This is pathway the Techmarine would take to get in and out of the cockpit.

This shows the bottom view. This has taken hours to get to this position!! I'm really happy with how this has turned out.

Here's a closer look at the bottom. Next time, I'll try AK Interactives Chipping Effects and see how it goes.

Here's the WIP [I Swear Too Much] of an engine. After giving it a base coat of GW iron base colour, I then shaded it with Vallejo Black Shade. I wanted to give a used, hot metal look, so I gave it a purple game colour wash and once dry, added Burnt Steel Blue pigment from Vallejo. I plan on finishing the engines off by giving a light drybrush of silver and then lastly, some Black Smoke pigment.

Here's a [I Swear Too Much] of the front. I've used some cremeweiss as the cockpit colour. After using some Gloss Varnish, I then used the enamel interior wash from AK which turned out quite well. After another Gloss Varnish coat, the next job is to add some Interior Grime Streaks. That will finish the interior walls before I then finish off the instruments. I want to use an emerald colour for the seat, with lots of gloss coats to give a new leather like impression. I think it will look really "Deathwing" like. I've ordered 3 Techmarine pilots from a Bits site in the USA (to finish the 3 Dark Talons I'm in the process of making), so I won't be able to button up the cockpit for a few more weeks yet.

This shows how bright the Nato Rain Marks are when straight out of the bottle.

After 5 mins of drying time, white spirit is used to soften and merge/draw out the colour. I think it turned out rather well!!

To do:

Finish off the exterior - Exterior Streaking Grime to be added to all the rivets
- Add antennae, front armour and weapon systems
Finish off the Interior - Interior Streaking Grime, instruments and Techmarine

Critiques welcome as always.

Regards, Phil.

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Finally [I Swear Too Much] my Dark Talon:

Here's what she looks like!

Armed with Assault Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Bolters.

Armed with Twin Lascannons, Twin Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers

Armed with Assault Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Plasma Guns

Here's a close up of the Hurricane Plasma Guns.

This shows the side view.

I've tried some black smoke pigment for the first time on the exhausts and engines. I don't know if I am 100% happy or not, but I did use this model as a test for lots of different paint techniques and I can only get better!!

This shows the HUD. I was toying with adding characters and symbols to the HUD, but in the end, I chickened out.

I used a very old GW Green Ink mixed with some Vallejo Gloss Varnish and ended up with this. I'm happy with how this turned out.

I've tried for the first time to paint a "glowing" effect for the eye. I added my Chapter's flames on his right shoulder pad.....

.... and the Adeptus Mechanicus logo on his left shoulder pad.

More Black Smoke pigment added to the thrusters.

And finally, a plan [I Swear Too Much].

I really enjoyed this little project, trying out my airbrush, weathering effects and pigments and I hope with each project to improve.

I plan on painting my Fellblade next. Here's a [I Swear Too Much] of one of the Heavy Plasma Executioner sponson weapons:

More to come in the near [Warning No Swearing] ........

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Freakin' awesome man. Looking [I Swear Too Much] to see the Raven.
The Black on the Exhaust is the only püoint that doesn't really comfort me too but as you saidf you're learning and gettin better. Keep up Mate its really impressive.
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For some unknown reason, rather than paint my first extended Storm Raven, I started another:

As you can see, the first Storm Raven on the right has been undercoated and then airbrushed black. I've bought a flame airbrush stencil and after trying it on my second Dark Talon first, I want to add a number of flames over the wings and body. The Storm Raven on the left is around 80% completed. I have a 45 minute lunch break and use this time to paint little projects - The pilot is one of them. I'll show some close up's later on. The yellow you can see is Tamiya masking tape to prevent exterior paint from getting into the interior.

I've added some milliput this afternoon to some gaps and cracks, so I won't be able to sand/file the edges until tomorrow.

Add some rivets and the exterior construction will be completed. I want this Storm Raven to be in flight, so the landing gear will be stowed. The extension means the existing flight stand holder is in the incorrect place from the existing kit. Once I finish the construction, I can work out the correct place to put a replacement flight stand holder.

My Techmarine pilot almost [I Swear Too Much]. Just his right shoulder pad to paint and he's done. I've learnt from my first Dark Talon not to spend too much time on the pilot as most of him can't be seen when you button up the canopy. The "glow" effect around the eyes isn't perfect, but I don't have time to correct it.

Here's the almost completed interior of the second Storm Raven. AK Interactive products were used (cremeweiss and Interior enamel wash) to weather the interior. You can see the plain parts of the plasticard that I used for the extension. In this [I Swear Too Much], I still had the rear floor and top rear to construct out of plasticard.

A rough and ready paint job was given to the interior as for 99% of the time, you won't see any of this and even if the doors/hatches are open on the completed Storm Raven, at least 70% of the paint job won't be seen.

This is the interior of the front hatch. I've tried to give some realistic weathering to the edges of the hatch, sponged on black paint and then some silver paint to represent flaking paint from Space Marines' boots. I attempted to dry fit this part to the body, only for the left hand peg to snap off!!!!! I've used a magnet instead as it would be impossible to stick a replacement peg onto the hatch.

Here's a [I Swear Too Much] of the rear hatch and also what I did for the rear floor - I bought a spare front floor, chopping off the raised part (using the flight stand receiver elsewhere) and sticking it to a piece of plasticard.

This shows the completed interior before I glue on the top pieces. I added some Tamiya Tape on all of the interior doorways to prevent any paint intrusion when I airbrush the exterior. I hope the tape will come off easily when I finish the paint job!!!!

Here's another [I Swear Too Much] of the Hatches for one of the Storm Raven.

Once the milliput is dry tomorrow, I'll file and sand the edges and add some rivets. This will allow me to undercoat the Storm Raven and hopefully start the paint job asap.

Why have 1 project on the go, when you can have two!!!! Here's a [I Swear Too Much] of my second Dark Talon. I want this one to be plasma heavy - I've constructed a Plasma reactor to replace the 4 thrusters underneath and I have already made and painted some "Hurricane" plasma guns for the weapon pods underneath the wings. I want to add a Plasma Executioner as it's primary weapon (I just need to [I Swear Too Much] one on ebay/bits sites).

To show how close my Legion of the Dead are with the Adeptus Mechanicus who created this "Plasma Talon", I added an Adeptus Mechanicus Skull and Cog logo on the very top of the aircraft. The yellow tape is Tamiya Masking tape to ensure there will be no overspray when I start using the airbrush on the wings.

Here's what I've done with the wings. I used a flame airbrush template I got from ebay and after a lot of trial and error, I've got to this stage. I'm not exactly happy with how it turned out, but to protect what I have done already, I gave it a coat of gloss varnish. I plan on using the template again and to use some orange paint to define some of the round "hollow" bits. I'll need to use some black paint as well to cover up some overspray.

Lots to do as usual. Comments welcome as always.

Regards, Phil.

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Slowly making progress on my SM Flyers:

This shows my first attempt of painting flames with an airbrush. I used a template I got from ebay and with lots of patience, got to this point. I'm 80% happy with how the flames turned out and will use the template in [Warning No Swearing] vehicle paint jobs.
This [I Swear Too Much] shows the Adeptus Mechanicus logo I'm using on the top. Unfortunately, the white part of the skull is the part that has bionics on. I don't think leaving the right hand side of the skull black will provide much of a contrast with the rest of the Talon, so I plan to paint the right hand side white and the left black. Is this blasphemy or not?????

I didn't move the template as much on this side of the wings when painting the flames nearest the front, so I don't think It turned out as well as the other wing, but as with my previous Red Talon, I am happy to learn and improve with every vehicle I attempt.

I want to add a few weathering bits to the flames. I want to mask some of the dust that seems to have dried in between the layers of varnish and coats of paint.

You can just about make out the pilot in this [I Swear Too Much]. I'm painting his helmet less head separately and only have the bionic bits on the skull and the flames on 1 shoulder pad to finish off the Techmarine. I've painted the buttons and screens in the cockpit white and will paint them with red/blues/greens etc before buttoning the cockpit down. I've bought the Dark Talons from bits suppliers over the past few months but can't seem to get the clear Perspex canopy. I now need 2 more of these so that I can finish off this model and start on the next variant.

Apologies for the darkness in this [I Swear Too Much], but I just want to show what I have done with this conversion. I've added a Plasma Reactor dangling from where the thrusters are normally located - hardly safe in real life but this is 40K:)

The reactor was made from some plasticard (to cover the thruster parts) and a part from the Pegasus Chemical Plant that I had left over after completing my plasma engines for my first fellblade. I added the central hub of the Attack Bikes third wheel to finish it off. I plan on using the airbrush to spray dark blue to light blue to white in the very centre, to hopefully give a little "plasma" like paint job. I've just ordered a Plasma cannon off a Leman Russ to replace another I painted for my first fellblade's sponson:

This is what the front weapon will be rather than the usual Mega Bolter or Twin Las Cannon. I plan on sticking it horizontally rather than vertically. Added to the Hurricane Plasma Guns, this Talon pumps out lots of hot stuff!!!!

This shows what I decided to do with the tail fin. As this would be my most venerable Talon, I decided to use as many of the bling bits from the original Nephilum model. As I hadn't used the winged DA holding the sword on the Red Talon, I thought it would be cool to actually use 2 on this variant. The engines will have washes of blue and purple ink and a small amount of black smoke pigment added to the very end.

I normally have 2 or 3 things on the go at the same time, so when I get bored with one vehicle, I move onto another. Here's the progress I've made on the second extended Storm Raven (the one with the [Warning No Swearing] painted interior:

Just need to paint a few buttons and screens and the cockpit will be complete. With both flyers, I plan on using a medium grey along all of the edges to give an edge highlight (breaking up the black monochrome landscape) and then add a few areas of weathering and rust to certain edges and rivets.

I've left all the masking tape in place to (hopefully!!) ensure the painted interior gets overspray whilst finishing off the rest of the model. I've painted one of the engines GW Leadbelcher silver base layer and added some Vallejo Black wash to the rear part. Tomorrow, I'll add some more black wash to the front and once dry, a light drybrush of Leadbelcher alone the edges and flat parts.

To keep in with my Legion of the Dead Chapter, I'm leaning towards adding airbrush flames on the front and top of the wings (similar to the Plasma Talon) and a few more flames along the bottom part of the sides of the Storm Raven (where the side doors are located).

Comment and critiques welcome as always.

Regards, Phil.

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Today's progress:

Apologies for the slightly out of focus [I Swear Too Much]. This shows the front view of the Plasma Dark Talon. I've [I Swear Too Much] all of the cockpit and have almost [I Swear Too Much] the metal parts. To finish this view, I need to paint the scope lenses underneath the turbine fans and to add some magnets to the already painted Plasma Executioner (to be added where the Twin Lascannon/Assault Cannon normally goes).

This shows the plan view. I decided to paint the Adeptus Mechanicus logo correctly (leaving the right hand side black). To finish this view, I need to paint all of the pipes around the mechanics on the skull.

I opted to go with a "Marble" effect on the Hooded Winged DA emblems on the tail. I attempted to copy the paint effect I saw in WD a few months back when they painted a Fortress of Redemption and painted the large DA Hooded Man with this paint effect. I think it turned out well. I did originally paint it dark grey and had [I Swear Too Much] the first layer of lighter grey (leaving a small amount of dark grey in the recesses). Unfortunately, I didn't have a steady hand and there were too many places that I would need to touch up. I then went for the marble look. To finish this view, I need to paint the scope lenses at the top edge of each vertical tail piece.

This is the complete Relic part of the kit painted with a complimenting marble effect to the tail decoration. To finish this view, I need to add purple ink to the engine exhaust, [I Swear Too Much] by a dusting of blue steel pigment to give a suitably weathered look. The canopy handle needs to be painted metal and weathered.

In all shots, I still plan to edge highlight all of the armour with Dark Grey to help break up the vast areas of black. Once done and varnished, I plan on adding a small amount of weathering to the edges (but not as much as my Red Dark Talon!). I still need to buy the clear canopy - no one seems to have any in stock at the moment ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

As with every project I start, I move onto the next project......

a Tank busting Multimelta/Lascannon killing machine!!! I added Twin Lascannons to where Heavy Bolters are normally located. I thought this gave it a very Thunderbolt like appearance. There will a large skull going on the front covering the usual location of the Assault Cannon.

Here's a close up of the Quad Multi Meltas under each wing.

Plan [I Swear Too Much].

and finally, a [I Swear Too Much] from below.

Comments and critiques welcome.

Regards, Phil.

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Finally [I Swear Too Much] my Plasma Dark Talon (minus the clear plastic windshield that I still haven't managed to buy yet):

I added some magnets to the Plasma Executioner this afternoon to assist weapon swops and to aid in storage. The Heavy Bolters are also attached by magnets as well.

If in real life you saw this view, you would be moments from being [I Swear Too Much]!!!!! You can just about make out the Plasma Generator I airbrushed underneath the Dark Talon. I have "sponged" some light weathering onto the lead edges of the wings and tail fins.

Here's a close up of the Plasma Generator. I airbrushed the different shades of blue going to white to avoid any tell tale lines. The whole part is magnetised, so I can [I Swear Too Much] this Dark Talon with a normal payload if required.

I have continued to paint one of my Storm Raven. The cockpit is [I Swear Too Much] and I'll show some progress shots later.

Regards, Phil.

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Almost [I Swear Too Much] the Extended Storm Raven:

I made some flame templates out of thin plasticard and through lots of masking tape and blu-tack, used my airbrush to paint the flames. Overall, I'm happy with how this has turned out (apart from the length of time for the painting process).

I have some small things to complete before I can say this model is [I Swear Too Much]. These will be listed/shown later.

I've gone for some "light" weathering around the leading edges of the armour. The large skulls cover the side hatches and I've moved the hurricane bolters back to lay down covering fire for when the troops disembark.

This shows the whole right hand side of the extended Storm Raven. To finish this view, I need to add a "Razorback" weapon turret into the hole at the front and to add some black exhaust smoke around each thruster.

A close up of the left wing.....

...and a close up of the right wing. I'm not 100% happy with how this turned out. If you look closely, you can see the remains of the blu-tack that I used to mask the black areas in the black sections between the flames. I couldn't face stripping and starting again, so it will have to do!!

This shows a close up of the tail. I'm really happy with how this turned out.

This shows the Adeptus Mechanicus logo. As said before, my Chapter has close ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus and it is displayed prominently.

To finish the front, I need to add the clear Perspex after I have given the whole model an airbrush of Matt Varnish to dull the previous Gloss Varnish used to protect the progress of the painting.

The Heavy Bolters at the front are not glued and can be swopped for the Multi Melta or Missile Launcher variants.

You can see that I've added another mount [Warning No Swearing] back. After the extension at the rear, the balance was all wrong. Now, depending on what angle I want the Storm Raven at, I can use either of the mounts.

I added blue and purple ink washes to the engines to (hopefully) give a real life finish. I also painted the Adeptus Mechanicus logo in the correct paint scheme as well.

And finally, the rear hatch.

So, a quick spray of Matt Varnish, add the clear Perspex window in the cockpit and the clear lenses on the wing edges, some soot around the thruster exhausts and finally, to add the Razorback weapon mount and this beast will at last be [I Swear Too Much]!!

I now need to decide which model is next in the painting line, a fellblade or another Dark Talon. What do you think I should do?

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Sep 15 2013, 12:40 PM #12

Just wonderful!
I like both the conversions and paint work.
The Enlarged Stormraven is very well designed and gives a new idea on heavy transport to support SM operations. I would built something like that anytime!

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Oct 16 2013, 08:20 PM #13

Those are some good-looking flyers, mate. Nice work!

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Oct 30 2013, 07:01 PM #14

Another month has come and gone.

I've lost my drive to finish painting my Dark Talon's and my second extended Storm Raven. My 7 year old and 5 year old sons have started to get interested into 40k now and we have played a couple of games of Space Hulk together. As a result, I started to paint a number of Genestealers and having [I Swear Too Much] those, I have started to paint the Terminators.

I've only undercoated the Space Hulk Terminators so far. The metallic bits are for my next Dark Talon (the multi melta version).

Here's what I've been up to on the next extended Storm Raven:

I masked out some flames using Tamiya masking tape, plasticard templates and blu-tac and then used the airbrush to get to this stage.

Here's a close up of the flames. I have to admit that I was a bit careless and didn't mask the other side and as a result, there is quite a bit of over spray. So I'll need to give the other side a quick coat of black before I mask off that side and spray some more flames.

PS to myself - remember to cover the flames I've already done to stop over spray from wrecking them!!!

And finally..

Here's what I've decided to use on the front of my Multi Melta Dark Talon.

Too many projects, not enough time!

I hope you like! Any comments would be appreciated.

Regards, Phil.

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Dec 21 2013, 08:23 PM #15

Apologies for the delay in posting any updates. I haven't been slacking - honest!!!

Storm Talon/Dark Talon:

Finally [I Swear Too Much] my Dark Talon Squad. Each of them are armed for specific roles on the battlefield/in the air. I had [Warning No Swearing] painting these in different colour schemes and testing out different paint effects.

Here's the business end of my tank destroyer!!! 8 Multi Meltas and Twin Las Cannons. As my Legion likes flames and skulls, I thought I'd add one to the front.

After adding a purple and then a blue wash (to imitate metal surfaces exposed to heat), I used an airbrush and sprayed some black on the end of the multi melta barrels to give a burnt look.

I also used the airbrush again and sprayed some black on the end of the exhaust to give a burnt look.

I have enough parts to make a complete Storm Talon and 80% of another Dark Talon. I'll put these on the back burner whilst I try and start/finish the plethora of other projects I wish to do.

Extended Storm Raven No.2

I didn't go for heavily weathered look on this one - just a light sponging of gun metal on leading edges. I spent a bit of time filing the inner edge of a Razorback/Land Raider Turret to ensure it would fit in the top Storm Raven turret hole. I think this looks far better than the servitor one that comes with the kit.

The Heavy Bolters are not glued, so can be swopped for Multi Meltas or missiles depending on the enemy/mission. I airbrushed some black to the end of the barrels to show some carbon scorching.

This shows the completed left hand side. I deliberately chose to paint the flames differently on each of the Storm Ravens.

This is a close up of the Side hatch and the Hurricane Bolter sponson. As previously discussed, I think placing the Hurricane Bolters in the side doorways seems a bit silly from a practical leaving the aircraft asap, so I did some cutting and filing and then moved them back an inch. A skull was then added to the door to tie in with the paint scheme of my Legion.

The tail has some compulsory flames. The exhausts also have some carbon scorching added.

The Adeptus Mechanicus logo has been added to show my Legion's close ties with the men from Mars.

As I magnetised the turret, I can swop the Lascannon to a Twin Heavy Bolter or ....................

..... a Twin Plasma Cannon. I airbrushed the "plasma" glow. The Twin Assault Cannon can be seen on my first Storm Raven.

Here's my Storm Raven Squadron so far ...... (I've got another one to build in the [Warning No Swearing]).

This shows their left sides.......

.... and their right.

I thought I'd try another form of Space Marine delivery.....

... My first drop pod. I tried a different way of masking on these doors (I cut the flames out of the masking tape and then attached it to the door). I'm not 100% happy with final version BUT it was so quicker than cutting a template out of plastic and using lots of blu-tac to ensure no bleed from the template. This and my second fellblade are currently on the painting table to be completed. More to follow.......

Comments/critiques welcome as always.

Regards, Phil.

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Dec 23 2013, 06:23 AM #16

For the paint masking, have you thought about some products that they have at hardware stores. I thought about it myself but never tried it. There is also 2 other products that you can use from an arts store. One is a mask that you can cut your shapes out of then tape it onto the miniature then take it off. The other one is a rubber based produt that you paint what you want masked in the shape that you want. Do a few layers so it is thick enough to take off easily by rubbing it off with your fingers afterwards.

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jymacdougall74 @ Dec 23 2013, 06:23 AM wrote: For the paint masking, have you thought about some products that they have at hardware stores. I thought about it myself but never tried it. There is also 2 other products that you can use from an arts store. One is a mask that you can cut your shapes out of then tape it onto the miniature then take it off. The other one is a rubber based produt that you paint what you want masked in the shape that you want. Do a few layers so it is thick enough to take off easily by rubbing it off with your fingers afterwards.
Thanks for your thoughts. I prefer to stick to a tried and trusted approach - Tamiya Masking Tape!

Fire Raptor

Here's one of my birthday pressies - a Fire Raptor:

I had great [Warning No Swearing] building this. There was lots of resin that needed to have mould lines removed, even more filing to ensure all the bits [I Swear Too Much] and then a lot of superglue and a small amount of milliput to make sure the gaps were [I Swear Too Much]. I undercoated this beast this morning (before taking my boys to play football for the local team) and once back in my house, I made out of Tamiya masking tape a flame template. As it was getting late (and dark) I thought I'd update my blog instead of breaking out the airbrush (that's tomorrow's bit of [Warning No Swearing]!).

I plan on airbrushing flames over the front third of the Fire Raptor. Once dry, I may run another line of flames at the front to give a more 3D realistic effect.

I have a Storm Eagle on order and can't wait to get the Fire Raptor [I Swear Too Much] before the Storm Eagle arrives. No pressure then....!!!!

I did manage to use the airbrush this morning as well. All the things that needed to be painted red have had their basecoat. Everything will have a black oil wash to darken and to black line the details.

Scimatar Jetbike

Another little pressie I had [Warning No Swearing] making. I thought that a small amount of flames on the front would look cool. I'll post some updates hopefully tomorrow

Regards, Phil.

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Mar 23 2014, 09:14 PM #18

Fire Raptor

Broke out my airbrush today...........

A very yellow looking Fire Raptor!! I've given it a coat of varnish and once dry, I'll black oil wash the recesses and rivets. Once dry, I'll clean up the excess and then varnish it again. A bit of metallic weathering and she'll be done.

This shows the right side after I removed the masking tape. As you can see, there was a small amount of paint bleed under the masking tape which can easily be remedied with a bit of black paint. I've decided not to do another layer of flames as the risk of paint bleed will ruin the effect I want.

This shows the left side. I painted the rear quickly with the airbrush. The rest of the bird (currently white) will need to be painted by hand.

This shows the top view. Once the varnish is dry tomorrow, I'll paint the black around the flames and this will make a huge difference to the look of the Fire Raptor. I'm getting excited about how she's going to turn out!!!

Scimater Jetbike

Bit of paint bleed, but again, a bit of black paint and this will look cool!

This hot rod is going to turn out brilliant!

Comments and Critiques are always welcome.

Regards, Phil.

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May 9 2014, 09:46 PM #19

Update time:

Scimater Jet Bike

Finally [I Swear Too Much] painting the SM Rider today.

This shows the completed left side.....

..... and right.

FW Fire Raptor

As planned, my Storm Eagle turned up today in the post, so it was imperative I [I Swear Too Much] the Fire Raptor. So without [Warning No Swearing] ado.....

This shows the completed front.

This shows the completed flames over the front of the Fire Raptor. The weapons in the sides are magnetised so I can swop the auto cannons out with twin heavy bolters should I wish to.

Top rear. The exhausts had a blast of black from the airbrush.

Right Side.

Left Side.....

..... and underneath.

This shows a group [I Swear Too Much] of all of my completed SM Aircrafts.

Do I carry on painting or do I make my new Storm Eagle? Decisions, decisions!!!!

Till next time, Phil

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Jun 4 2014, 08:04 PM #20

Storm Eagle

I managed to get a Storm Eagle recently and this is as far as I've gone. I've undercoated it and have started to mask off the flames. Once [Warning No Swearing] masked, I'll use the airbrush to spray white to allow a good bright flame, [I Swear Too Much] by VMA Fire Red at the top of the flames, moving to VMA Orange in the middle and then finally VMA Medium Yellow at the bottom of the flames. Once cleaned up (using VMA Black), I'll varnish it and then add a black oil wash. After a turps clean up (and another varnish), a bit of weathering and this baby will be [I Swear Too Much]!!!!!!

More to follow soon.

Regards, Phil.

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Nov 30 2014, 10:17 PM #21

Storm Eagle

[I Swear Too Much] my Storm Eagle!

I had great [Warning No Swearing] making and painting this aircraft. It was a pain to go together and there are a couple of places that are not 100% perfect BUT I'll be the only one that knows where the problems are. Anyway, this bird will look great with my [I Swear Too Much] Fire Raptor and my second (as yet) unpainted Fire Raptor.

The top view shows the mandatory flames wrapping around the front and over the wings. This has taken weeks to finish, but I'm so happy it turned out the way it has!

This front 3/4 [I Swear Too Much] shows the right side. I added a skull to the side hatch to show everyone which Chapter this aircraft was from.

Storm Fang

I know that rules say that only Space pups can have them, but when I saw the new kit, I wanted to have one ( I ended up getting another one as well!).

The front hatch has had the obligatory gun metal sponging to the edges to give a realistic worn effect.

You can see the flames wrapping around the front as normal. I need to paint the edges around the Perspex canopy and this view will be [I Swear Too Much].

I think this model looks like a Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica. I need to magnetise the sponsons and I can then swop between Hurricane Bolters, Twin Heavy Bolters and Twin Multi Melta's.

I've also made some progress on my Javelin, Land Speeder Tempest and Storm and Whirlwind variants but I'll show you those in my next post.

Till next time, Phil.

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Dec 21 2014, 08:37 AM #22

Update time:

Here's a [I Swear Too Much] of all of the models I've [I Swear Too Much] recently.....

A Storm Fang painted in my Legions paint scheme. I've [I Swear Too Much] the Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Bolters sponson. The Twin Multi Melta needs a Blue Steel pigment brush and then a blast of black from the airbrush to finish the burnt look. The missiles need to have a few coats of yellow airbrushed and this will be completely [I Swear Too Much].

Here's my Deathstorm Drop Pod. I bought the Assault Cannon parts years ago on ebay and painted them up. I tried fitting them on to both a GW and FW version of a drop pod but they didn't fit. I'll put them on to the back burner for now as I have lots of projects I've started and also want to start.

My Legion Javelin with Lascannons. I think this version of the Land Speeder looks much better than the normal GW version. I added some Mk III helmets rather than the usual Mk IV variants.

Here's a close up of the crew and their shoulder pads...

.. and the power cables for the Lascannon's.

Lots of things done, but still load to do!!

Till next time, Phil.

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Sep 12 2016, 08:20 PM #23

Sept 16 Update

Sky Talon

I really [I Swear Too Much] a FW Sky Talon but didn't like the idea of it being crewed by Imperial Guard so I did a small conversion. After sawing off the original cockpit, I added a Storm Talon cockpit instead. A bit of plasti card and milliput and a small drill in each armour plate was used to match the rest of the resin kit.

Here's the front view. There is a [Warning No Swearing] painted Tech Marine in the cockpit - honest!!

This shows the plan view. I added a plasti card imperial eagle over the Valkyrie wings.

This [I Swear Too Much] shows the clamps that can be used to carry vehicles. I've ordered an Elysian Tauros Assault Vehicle and I will attempt to convert it to be crewed by SM Scouts. More to come in the [Warning No Swearing].

This shows the underside of the Sky Talon. I thought some hazard stripes would look cool here. I think they came out really well.

Assault Cannon Dark Talon

I wanted a Dark Talon armed with weapons that would kill loads of xenos, so I got a few Baal Predator Assault Cannons from bitz suppliers and added them.

This shots (in focus!) shows the flames I airbrushed over the whole of the front and wings of the Dark Talon.

The barrels had some black smoke pigment added to recreate gunpowder residue. You can see on this [I Swear Too Much] that I managed to remove the usual embossed wings on the wings - there was a lot of sanding involved and then a thin layer of plasti card to create the ultra smooth look. I added some rivets and this wing was [I Swear Too Much].

I really enjoyed this paint job. I want to add a Heavy Bolter version of the Dark Talon and a Lascannon one too!!

Xiphon Interceptor

This was such a cool looking model. I had to have it as soon as I could afford it!

I went with the usual flames over the front, cockpit and wings.

This shows a front view. The Xiphon is really sleek and was a cool model to put together.

I wanted to add a realistic scorch effect around where the hot las cannon blasts, so I added some black smoke pigments. I'm really happy with how this turned out.

I used some Tamiya Burnt blue steel pigment and then some black smoke pigment to give the engines some heat damage....

.... and the underside.

I really want to get a Corvus Darkstar, but I have to many projects started/half completed that I will have to wait

Hope you enjoy!!!!!