Agents Of The Imperium (was Inquisition Kill Team)

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Agents Of The Imperium (was Inquisition Kill Team)

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28 Feb 2015, 22:43 #1

I am likely going to be participating in a Kill Team tournament at my local game store at the end of March. I decided this would be a great chance to build a small force of Inqusition models using mostly bits and kits that I already had on hand. I settled on using one of the Inquisitor characters from a long-running Inquisitor campaign my wife and I are part of, but make him earlier in his career, during his time as an Interrogator under another Inquisitor.

The Kill Team list I am using is as follows:
  • Interrogator Rahm Belsavis (Ministorum Priest with Power Maul & Bolt Pistol)</li>
  • Dorian Shick - Former Hive Ganger (Acolyte w/ Bolter)</li>
  • Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Squad &#920;&#931;-327 (2 Acolytes w/ Bolters, 1 w/ Hot-[I Swear Too Much] Lasgun, 1 w/ Plasma Gun, all w/ Carapace Armour)</li>
  • Chrono-Gladiator Marius D'Altann (Arco-Flagellant)</li>
  • Death Cult Assassin Kristianna Carmisson</li>
  • Alexi and Andur Provost, Crusaders of the House of Valiant Champions</li>
  • The Son of Thunder (Inquisitorial Razorback w/ Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters and Psybolt Ammo)</li>
Ganger & Interrogator

Stormtroopers w/ Bolters

Stormtroopers w/ Plasma Gun & Hot [I Swear Too Much] Lasgun

Chrono-Gladiator & Death Cultist


Below are a pair of Servo-Skulls, hovering over some Tau debris that Belsavis and his team are investigating. These are intended as objective markers. Still need to [I Swear Too Much] some bits to make at least one more, but I'm fresh out of Tau bits that would work well at the moment, and I don't really want to branch out to other Xenos since part of the Tournament judging will be a display base that I am going to start working on soon, and I want all three objective markers to fit in well together on it.

I haven't started painting yet, so there is still room to make changes if anyone makes any good suggestions or notices anything odd I may have missed. Specifically, I am trying to decide whether I want to put Scion backpacks on the other three Stormtroopers to keep them more uniform. Obviously they would have the power cables cut off if I did. Thoughts?

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15 Mar 2015, 18:23 #2

I haven't gotten any more work done on the infantry models yet, but I've gotten a good start on the Razorback, the "Son of Thunder"

A few small icons of devotion grace the hatch on the right side.

The left side hatch had a bit more room for embellishment, so I bashed together an Inquisition symbol and added a few more icons of devotion.

For the interior I am going for a "lived in" look, with various items that might aid the Interrogator and his crew in their investigations. Some items are stowed, while others are placed as if they are recently used or ready to be. A spare sword sits tucked away just inside the rear ramp, ready at a moment's notice if something goes sour.

The plan is to have all three of the top hatches remain unglued so as to be able to swap them out for replacements allowing for flexible vehicle class and wargear options. Currently I have the ability to swap the Razorback turret for a Rhino top hatch, as well as the choice to have a Storm Bolter or not. Eventually the third hatch will be swappable for a Hunter Killer Missile and possibly a Searchlight as well.

I still need to paint the interior before I finish gluing the whole thing together, then I can start on painting the exterior as well.

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20 Mar 2015, 01:21 #3

Two posts and no comments? Le sigh.... Oh well, maybe the third time is the charm! :D

Getting down to the wire here, so updates will probably start coming a little more frequently until the project is complete. My deadline is March 28th - the day of the Kill Team tournament. It is in the afternoon, so if absolutely necessary I can still work on things the morning of, but I'd prefer to be [I Swear Too Much] the night before at the latest.

Anyway, on with the show! (Thanks to Turaxa for the helpful suggestions - they made for some nice improvements!)

I have added an Inquisition symbol (using a styrene I beam from my local hobby shop, sliced nice and thin...) to Belsavis' shoulder pad, and added an ornate shield to his waist as well. I wanted to keep it somewhat plain, but mark him out as an Interrogator and a higher rank than any of the others, so I thought these touches would do the trick.

I [I Swear Too Much] a smaller pistol holster for Shick which I like a lot better than the huge one he had before. I also added a small strap from the bottom of the holster to his belt to make it look less "stuck on".

I clipped and [I Swear Too Much] the shell ejectors on both sides of the hotshot lasgun Stormtrooper, [Warning No Swearing] hiding the look of the bolter it was converted from.

I added several bits and bobs to D'Altann's backpack, as well as an additional strap and another wire connecting the backpack to his chainsaw arm. Hopefully this makes the backpack look a little more like part of the whole rather than an afterthought. I also built up his neck area a bit, and hope the paintjob will make the large head blend in a bit more.

I added some green stuff blocks to the top and bottom of the shield connection points for the Crusaders. The intention here is to make it look like the magnetically attach to the armguards strapped to their forearms.

And here are all three of my objective markers, thanks to a few bits provided by one of my local gaming buddies and my last servo skull. (Eventually I plan to make a total of 6 of these, but only need 3 for the tournament. I hope to get some of the servo skulls from the Space Marine Devastator kit to have even more variety of bits here. Obviously I'll need to acquire some more Tau bits as well, but that can all wait.)


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24 Mar 2015, 00:29 #4

I was hoping to get started on painting over the weekend, but it turned out to be too busy. However, I was able to get the interior of the Razorback painted this evening, and should be able to work more on it (and get started on the rest of the team) tomorrow.

I am going for a rather muted scheme, not a lot of bright colors to keep it looking mainly utilitarian. This sane palette will likely carry over to the rest of the kill team as well.

The genestealer skull looks really washed out and very white in these pictures, but it has a bit more depth in person. All the other colors seem to have carried through more or less without change.

Quite pleased with how the strap on the satchel turned out. It would have been a lot easier to have attached it before putting the satchel on the bench, but I didn't think of it until after gluing it down. It was quite fiddly and gave me a few fits, but in the end it was worth it. (Or at least I think so! :))

I still haven't glued it together yet, as I still need to paint the boarding ramp and a bit of the underside of the roof first, but this is how it looks dry-fit together and from a model's eye view.


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25 Mar 2015, 02:55 #5

Got the Razorback all assembled (as much permanent attachment as it is going to get anyway), [Warning No Swearing] basecoated and started painting the details. Lots of work yet to do, but it is really starting to come together now. Still have yet to put a brush to any of the other models, but that should start tomorrow.


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26 Mar 2015, 16:13 #6

The Razorback is [I Swear Too Much]! The rest of the models are primed black, but no other paint on them yet, so no point in showing them now. I am going to be painting them tonight and tomorrow.

Anyway, on to the Razorback. Really pleased with how it looks. The dark scheme is quite imposing, and I hope that carries over to the rest of the Kill Team this well.

Left Side:


Closeup of the nameplate, "SON OF THUNDER" - it is a bit washed out in this image, shows up better in person.

Right Side:


Inside rear hatch:

These pieces are all removable, and allow me to use the model as either a Razorback w/ Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters (with or without an added Storm Bolter) or a Rhino with just the Storm Bolter. Eventually, I plan to add more options for the small hatch to allow me to put a Hunter Killer Missile or a Searchlight on as well.

Rhino version, right side:

Rhino version, left side:


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27 Mar 2015, 04:33 #7

The first 5 members of the Kill Team are now done. Sorry about the major washout on the photos - I had really crappy lighting options tonight. I really hope the sun comes out soon so I can get some really good pics. Anyway, on to the pics!

Here's the Chrono-Gladiator and the Death Cultist. Her hair turned out a really nice natural red, but the washed out photos make her look like a pale blonde. Also, you can't really see the definition in her skull mask, but it looks great in person.

The Crusaders [I Swear Too Much] a bit better in their photo [I Swear Too Much], but their shields are a bit shinier than I would like due to needing to use the flash. I think the dark colors help diminish the "bobble-head" look that a lot of folks have been complaining about. What do you guys think?

Lastly we have the former hive ganger. He's going to be the most independently colored - having some denim jeans and less of the red, gold and silver [I Swear Too Much] on the rest of the crew.

Anyway, I will take some better pictures of these guys when I get better lighting, but I wanted to get them posted as this helps keep me motivated, and I really want to finish tomorrow!

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30 Mar 2015, 20:06 #8

So the crew finally came together (just in time - painting even Saturday morning sadly!), and I still don't have great photos of anything but the Razorback as the lighting has been and time crunched. I included some crumby shots of the Stormtroopers so they could at least be seen, but I plan on posting better pics of everything when I can.

First off, here is the whole Kill Team on a rather hastily made display base (I spent about an hour all told on it - definitely not up to my usual terrain making standards, but it worked.)

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers w/ Boltguns

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers w/ Plasma Gun & Hotshot Lasgun

Razorback "Son of Thunder"


Left Side

Right Side


Rear - Hatch Open

Interior Detail - Left Wall

Interior Detail - Right Wall

Interior Detail - Front Wall

Rhino Conversion

Razorback/Rhino Conversion Bits


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10 Apr 2015, 17:10 #9

So I've been dragging my feet on getting better pictures of the [I Swear Too Much] models. I will - I promise! :)

But in the meantime, I've decided to start building this starting force up into an "Agents of the Imperium" army, basically loading it with anything I [I Swear Too Much] cool that belongs to the various lesser organizations of the Imperium (i.e. not Space Marines or the Imperial Guard), as this will allow me to continue making [Warning No Swearing] hobby projects and still use them in games. It will also allow me to get a bit of a start on finally putting together my Adeptus Arbites force that I've been planning and collecting kits for over the past few years, as it will give me a good way to play some of the units as I build. To that end, I plan to begin building more units from Codex: Inquisition and other sources (including possibly Space Marines or Imperial Guard units to "Count As" other forces like the Arbites or Penal Legions, etc).

First up on this new start is an Eversor Assassin, but not just any old stock model - that wouldn't be nearly as [Warning No Swearing]. Nope, I decided I wanted my Eversor converted from plastic. Oh, and female. (Why should guys be the only ones turned into unstoppable, drugged-up killing machines?) :)

Here is a parts list:

Harlequin head & skull mask
Dark Eldar Wych legs, torso & arms (including the needly pistol portion of the "Executioner Pistol")
Chaos Cultist leader claw (left hand "Neuro-Gauntlet")
Space Marine Scout Bolt Pistol (the top of the "Executioner Pistol")
2nd Edition plastic Space Marine Bolt Pistol (the magazine for the "Executioner Pistol")
Tempestus Scions comm-link backpack (cut down a bit at the top
Catachan sheathed sword

I still plan to do a bit more work on her. At the least I am going to do some greenstuff and/or plasticard work to better integrate the bolt pistol and needle pistol into a single weapon. I am thinking of also adding some plastic rod or bits under the big lamp on her backpack to better match the "sentinel array" on the original Eversor model (i.e. the bit that looks like it can raise and lower, and pivot).

I may also try to "tech up" the neuro-gauntlet a bit as well, and possibly [I Swear Too Much] some Melta Bombs to give her so as to be more WYSIWYG.

A question though - should I leave the various spikes and blades intact, or trim them down a bit to make her more sleek and less Dark Eldar-y?

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11 Apr 2015, 02:30 #10

Nip the blades leave the spikes. Imperial agents wearing spiked body gloves are described in the Eisenhorn novels. If Dan Abnett says so it is good enough for me.

This is a stellar conversion just with the build. The GS work you mention will really tie it together.
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12 Apr 2015, 02:00 #11

Thanks. At this point I am leaning toward leaving all the little spikes and stuff, but removing the big blade sticking out of her knee and the long spike through her loincloth.

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21 Apr 2015, 13:59 #12

Back with another update. With no current deadline, I'm really just having [Warning No Swearing] putting together things that strike my fancy at the moment.

Here is my male Callidus Assassin. Yes, I know that "members of the Callidus temple are almost exclusively female", but that key word "almost" is there, which leaves it open for there to be a few males. :) I think I am going to try and do an alternate-gender version of each Assassin. I've already got a very basic start on a head for a Culexus, and she will probably get another Wych body, but I am thinking a Kabalite body might be a better fit for a female Vindicare. Not quite certain yet though.

For the curious, he is made with a Dark Eldar Wych legs and body, Harlequin head and arms (the phase sword arm is a Harlequin's Embrace cut down, with part of a Grey Knights Nemesis Force Sword attached to the end). I plan to so a bit of work to the gun to make it look a bit more like the one carried by the official Callidus model, and I am considering options for giving him poisoned blades along his hip. Any suggestions here are welcome.

The next two shots are of a Sanctioned Psyker and a Plasma Cannon Gun Servitor.

The Psyker uses Cadian Command Squad legs, torso and head, a laspistol arm from a Chimera sprue, and the left arm is from the Empire Militia sprue, with styrene rod and a Grey Knigths icon topped with a Space Marine Icon. He also has some Grey Knights scroll cases hanging from his belt.

The Servitor uses Catachan legs, a Rhino driver Techmarine torso, Space Marine bionic left arm with an antenna from a Landspeeder attached where the hand should be, and a Plasma Cannon from a Sentinel. I forget exactly which Space Marine kit the head is from.

Finally we have a couple of Militarum Tempestus Scions. I am planning to use the legs from the Scions kit to make Adeptus Arbites models (and I already used two pairs to make the Crusaders for this Inquisition force), so I [I Swear Too Much] finding a way to use some of the other bits - especially the tosos - from those kits was a good idea. I don't really want tons of Crusaders, so I thought a squad or two of Scions would be a nice use. (Wait, I'm using a kit to biuld what it is supposed to? What is the world coming to?!) Anyway, the legs are from the High Elf Archer kit from WHFB. I thought they gave a slightly different feel to the Scions, though I had to chop down the pointy toes a bit to make them look less Elvish. I need another box of Scions before I can make the rest of the squad, so it may be a little while.


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16 May 2015, 03:02 #13

It's been a while, but I finally have something new to show. First up is an Arbites Judge in Power Armour carrying a Thunder Maul and Grapplehawk. He is designed so that I can use him as a Judge using my home-brew Codex, as Inquisitor Coteaz in a counts-as list, as a Judge in INQ28, Inquisimunda, etc.

My intention with the chosen bits was to hint at the flowing robes of a modern judge, with a sinister-looking hood adding that bit of grim-dark gothic flare necessary to make it 40K. I chose a thunder hammer that reminded me quite a bit of a gavel, and also happens to have a [I Swear Too Much] very reminiscent of the classic power maul look.

His Grapplehawk is an undead vulture from one of the Tomb Kings kits. I plan to paint the bone areas in a metallic color to make it look more mechanical. I may also do a bit of green stuff work or add some bits to [Warning No Swearing] sell the effect.

Next up we have the start of the Judge's personal staff - hand picked agents that act as advisors and aids to the Judge in carrying out his duties. On the left we have a Medicae, who is currently an unmodified Sister Hospitalier from the Sisters of Battle line. I am considering leaving her as-is and assuming she has been seconded to the Judge as a favor from the local convent.

In the middle, we have of course the classic Cyber-Mastiff model from the Necromunda Enforcers range. I am definitely going to leave this model as-is because it is such a classic model and truly part of the Arbites look and feel.

Finally on the right we have an Arbites Barrister, who the Judge can use to speak for him or lend additional weight to his speeches and pronouncements, as well as to help him scour datafiles and ancient texts for precepts and precedents he can use to prosecute his cases. The original model is (I believe) an old Talisman Wizard model. He carries a large scroll that he appears to be reading from (obviously a long list of charges!), and hanging from the back of his belt is a large archaic mace which I figure is as much a badge of office for him as it is a weapon. I have shaved the insignia from his hat brim, and I am considering trying to sculpt a small Imperial Eagle or maybe even an Arbites Winged Fist up there. Beyond that I don't think I will do much, as I think his current look seems very ceremonial, which I like.


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26 May 2015, 19:20 #14

Got a little more work done on the Judge and his Staff. I have added a Bailiff with a Shock Maul and Bolt Pistol (made from a Valkyrie door gunner, a Corvus Hammer from the Ravenwing Command Squad kit) and a bolt pistol arm and shoulder pad from the Chimera sprue. I think the head is from a Sentinel pilot, but don't remember for sure.

I've also added a laud-hailer servo-skull to the Barrister, made from the censer-bearing servo-skull that comes with the Tempestus Scions kit. I cut off the censer and replaced it with a trio of aquila from one of the Scion banner-toppers, and added a laud-hailer from the comm-unit backpack in the Scion kit. Overall I am really pleased with how this servo-skull turned out. I have added a bit of detail to the Barrister's hat as well, but I'm not satisfied with it yet, so expect more work here.

The Judge has also had a small bionic eye added to his Grapplehawk - though I think it still needs a bit more work.


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29 May 2015, 18:43 #15

Finally getting a bit of paint on the Judge's retinue. All models are now primed and ready. The Cyber-mastiff is mostly complete - needs just a bit of detailing and his base painted. These guys are for a contest over on YakTribe, so I expect to have all five done sometime tomorrow, as the deadline is Sunday and I'lll be busy then.


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29 May 2015, 21:23 #16

Nice work man. I like the Rhino. especially the Inquisiion symbols are a nice touch and I can't believe I didn't think of something simmilar before -.-
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31 May 2015, 02:50 #17

Thank you. I really enjoyed working on the Rhino/Razorback. All those little details are [Warning No Swearing] to add. The symbols were very easy - especially the little one since it is just a slice off a styrene "I" beam I got at a local model railroad supply shop.

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31 May 2015, 22:07 #18

Ambience 327 @ May 30 2015, 07:50 PM wrote: ...especially the little one since it is just a slice off a styrene "I" beam I got at a local model railroad supply shop.
That is [Warning No Swearing] brilliant. I've got a bunch sitting here for a project and that never once crossed my mind.
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31 May 2015, 22:19 #19

Thanks. Inspiration struck when I was working on detailing the Rhino/Razorback and the Interrogator. It just made so much sense.

The Judge and his Personal Staff are complete! I based them with the Agrellan Earth technical paint, and I really like the way it looks. You can't really see it well in the photo however, as it washes out among all the other browns. Hopefully I can get a better pic of the effect eventually.

From left to right:

Bailiff w/ Power Maul & Bolt Pistol
Medicae (Sister Hospitalier seconded from a local Sororitas Convent)
Judge w/ Thunder Maul and Grapplehawk (can Count As Coteaz when not using my home-brew rules)
Barrister w/ Laud-Hailer Servo-Skull

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17 Jan 2017, 09:31 #20

Comments and Criticism.

First off, I LOVE your conversions. You have a great eye for creating reallllly cool looking figures. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Gonna steal some ideas from you.

I've been racking my head how to do death cult assassins and you've hit them right on the nail.

Fantastic work.

Criticisms: Not a fan of your stormtroopers using the scout bodies. They just look too scouty. I used regular IG torsos to make them look different ( the scions breastplates look great on so many other bodies, as you have shown...crusaders etc).

Servitor....again, not a fan of the marine torso. Looks too much like a marine. I have some old chaos marauder torsos I will use.

Lastly, some painting advice. Thin your paints. I'm seeing paint lines on the rhino/back. And straighten up some of the symbols.

If I had to give a grade to your stuff, I'd go A--. The -- is strictly for the painting. Improve that, and maybe less obvious marine stuff and you go to an A+!

Again, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Keep up the great work!