Mission Completed

Dark Night Mining

Mission Completed

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29 Oct 2010, 17:07 #1

I enjoyed the very different look and feel of this map. This is the best looking night I've seen in MC2. Man, those elemental battle armor are not to be underestimated. When they join a larger attack group, it's natural to ignore them and focus on bigger fish. Big mistake!!

There was one mission objective that I was a little confused about. I was supposed to search the miners housing area, but what was I looking for there? I only found a few mechs to fight.

I feel a little bad that I forced Chopper to eject from his Men Shen so that I could bring in one of usual pilots for his slot. :blush I didn't feel nearly as bad when I noticed that he didn't even bother to stick with my crew after the mission. :badstuff