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Assault Heaven

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30 Oct 2010, 07:01 #1

I haven't started the mission yet, but I just spent a very enjoyable hour configuring what, I hope, will prove to be the ultimate Assault Mech Company.

With nothing to go on yet other than the mission briefing, here's what I put together:

Lance 1 - The Dire Wolf Lance (4 total)
These fearsome mechs were chosen because they are the ultimate assault mechs. Their only drawback is their slow speed, so I primarily optimized them for long range attacks
-Dire Wolf Widowmaker - I am taking this configuration mainly due to its advanced Clan sensors, and will have it piloted by none other than this forum's namesake. This is the only mech in the lance that is optimized for short range attacks. Two Clan ER PPCs allow it to still be downright deadly at long range.
-DireWf_Xeno - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot Xenomorph, carrying an impressive 3 Clan ER PPCs, 3 Clan LRM5 Racks, and a mix of Clan Heavy, Pulse and ER lasers for it's short and medium range weapons.
-DireWf_Rooster - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot Rooster. Like Xenomorph's variant, there are 3 Clan ER PPCs and 3 Clan LRM5 missile racks, in addition to a respectable mix of short and medium range weaponry.
-DireWf_Wicked - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot Wicked. This variant carries deadly long range weapons, including a Clan ER PPC, 2 Clan LRM5 missile racks, and the impressive Clan LRM20 missile rack. It's medium range weapons are where it really shines, carrying a pair of devastating Clan Large Heavy Lasers, a Clan Large Pulse Laser and a Clan ER Laser. A pair of short range Clan Heavy Lasers ensure that this variant is a menace at any range.

Lance 2 - The Turkina Lance (4 total)
These powerful mechs were chosen because of their deadly firepower combined with movement speeds that are superior to those of the Dire Wolf. They sacrifice a bit of armor and firepower in order to get to the battle quicker. I have configured them with significant medium range weaponry, along with plenty of short range weapons
-Turkina_PayBck - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot Payback. This variant is a medium range death dispenser, with a Clan Ultra AC, Clan Large Heavy Laser, and Clan ER Laser. As it closes in it makes good use of a pair of long range Clan ER PPCs. At short range its Clan Heavy Laser and a pair of Clan Pulse Laser ensure significant firepower while in close quarters.
-Turkina_Claymore - Configured to match the skills of Elite pilot Claymore (I'm working him up to Ace, so he gets to come along). Configured to be deadly at all ranges, but downright disastrous at medium range, boasting a complement of 7 Clan ER Lasers and a Clan MRM10 missile rack.
-Turkina_Gunner - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot Gunner. This variant closes in on its prey with a Clan ER PPC, follows up with its Clan Large Heavy Laser, Clan ER Pulse Laser and Clan ER Laser, and finishes the conversation with its Clan Heavy Laser and the awe-inspiring Clan Heavy Ultra AC. Look out!
-Turkina_Death - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot DeathFX. This variant boasts the Clan ER PPC for long range attacks, a mix of Clan Heavy, Pulse and ER lasers for medium range attacks, and finally, unleashes a short range barrage with its 4 Clan pulse lasers accompanied by 3 Clan Streak SRM2 packs.

Lance 3 - The Executioner Lance (4 total)
These versatile mech were chosen because they are the perfect blend of firepower and speed. In an escort mission, having fast mechs is always a good thing. These mechs carry primarily long and short range weaponry.
-Exec_Steel - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot Steel. A short range brawler with a Clan Heavy AC, 2 Clan Pulse Lasers and 2 Clan Streak SRM2 Packs. A Clan Large Pulse Laser is included for medium range, and for long range a Clan ER PPC is installed.
-Exec_Volaris - Configured to match the extremely broad skills of Ace pilot Volaris. At short range a Clan Heavy Laser and Clan Streak SRM2 pack pack a wallop. A Clan Heavy Large Laser ensures heavy firepower at medium range, but the real fun occurs at long range. Mixing a Clan Gauss Rifle, a Clan ER PPC, and a Rotary AC2, Volaris hits hard and fast, and has a blast while doing so.
-Exec_Ghost - Configured for the skills of Ace Pilot Ghost. This time she relinquishes sensor duties to Wolfman, and provides a fire support role for the company. A Clan Gauss Rifle, Clan ER PPC and a couple of Clan LRM5 Racks lay siege from a distance. When the fighting gets into closer quarters, she brings to bear her Clan Large Pulse Laser, Clan Heavy Laser, and Clan Flamer Array.
-Exec_Psycho - Configured to match the skills of Ace pilot Psycho. A sniper mech build if ever there was one. 4 Clan ER PPCs punish the enemy relentlessly from long range. A Clan ER Laser and Clan Pulse Laser for shorter ranges are token additions. This one is all about killing from a distance.

I'm not sure what salvage opportunities there will be yet, but waiting in the wings will be:
-Meat - an Ace level pilot
-Nail - an Ace level pilot
-Nuke - an Ace level pilot
-Venom - an Ace level pilot

That's right. 15 Aces and one VERY good elite pilot. Can this crew protect the Theodor Oil Reserves? By god, let's sure hope so!

I don't think I've ever had such an impressive drop weight and selection of mech in any MC2 mission, ever! I'll kick this one off after a good night's sleep.

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30 Oct 2010, 19:11 #2

Another very enjoyable mission. I think that perhaps I'm getting a little too good at developing my strategies for this game, because somehow I always seemed to have my mechs exactly where they were needed.

I started by dividing my forces. All Dire Wolves and a couple of Turkinas (force 1) went south to scout the drop ships, while the rest of my Mechs (force 2) headed east to clear a path for the fuel trucks.

Force 1 managed to locate 20 Jenner IICs without pilots, and took out 18 of them with minimal resistance (I think it was a couple of Hellbringers that came in to attack). After taking out some 22 mechs or so, the first Overlord went down (not the command ship). I sent this force to repair while force 2 engaged the mechs along the eastern road. I salvaged Meat into a recently de-piloted enemy Kodiak. After the battle I sent this force to repair in the small base in the north east of the map. Note: there was a resource building in this base that had apparently already been captured).

I sent my freshly repaired force 1 south again and took out the command dropship and a Gargoyle with little problem. I salvaged Nuke into the Gargoyle. Around this time the fuel trucks started moving out, and I started receiving resistance from scattered Jenner IIC mechs, but with force 2 already guarding the road, they weren't able to do any real damage. After taking out the attackers and ensuring that the fuel trucks reached their destination safely, I did final repairs, salvaged Nail into a Hellbringer (why not) and made my final push to eliminate remaining enemy forces, including the final Overlord dropship. Unfortunately I didn't have enough resource points to bring in my final Ace pilot, Venom, but that's okay.

I got paid well for this one, and I salvaged every remaining (i.e. not utterly destroyed) mech during after mission salvage for an even greater profit by restoring and reselling them.

Yep, this was a good mix to protect the Theodor Oil Reserves, alright!