VPW (PS1) textures for use in retexturing VPW64

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VPW (PS1) textures for use in retexturing VPW64

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This post was made on OSR and on the VPW2 Dojo ages ago, but I forgot to post it here.

A long while back, sometime in 2014, I posted a thread iabout someone retexturing VPW64 with the textures from VPW1/WCW vs. the World. Included here is a link to download selected textures, mostly just Player 1 costumes from a few of the wrestlers. They are:

Black Belt (TAKA Michinoku)
Jaguar (Tiger Mask)
Jeff Jarrett
Habanero (Hayabusa)
Hulk Hogan
Major Tom (Terry Funk - both P1 and P2 costumes included!)
Moma (Nobuhiko Takada)
The Turk (Dynamite Kid)
Ric Flair
Shaolin (Jinsei Shinzaki - P2 costume)
Sherlock (Ken Shamrock)
Uraki (Masakatsu Funaki)
Wu Fang (Mitsuharu Misawa - P2 costume)

I may have forgotten a few. Also included are four of the ring canvases and many other random textures, including face textures from other wrestlers I haven't fully ripped.

Here's the link!