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The Moveset Editor

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Here's the moveset editor!

You can easily edit and create move replacements.

[b]NEW[/b] Version 3 has been released:

- You can find a new sheet called 'Convert' that will let you convert a moveset to a different slot. For example, if you have a moveset code that replaces Saturn you can convert it to a code that replaces Malenko.

(v3 - Open Office format)


- You can read and write shortened codes
- Added a few empty slots where it is possible to use them
- Fixed some errors:
-- Some of the stances were written the wrong way causing a missing bit in the move replacement line
-- The ring entry were read always as Normal
-- There was a mistake in reading the Ground Head Facing Down Special

(v2.2b - Open Office format)
(Fixes a problem with the apron taunts and a minor issue with one of the favorite move values)


(v2.2 - Open Office format)

This is the latest Excel version (with the text/names fixed by RyanCE):
(v2.1 - English version of Microsoft Excel)

Thanks to snesmaster and RyanCE for testing/fixing the previous releases.



The new feature from version 3:

This is the readme included:

[quote]WldFb's Moveset Editor v3 for Openoffice

This editor will allow you to easily create and edit move replacements.

I tested the editor with most of the default movesets and others of my own and it seems to work. However, due to the amount of formulas involved it's possible there are mistakes.

Please, report anything wrong you notice at No Mercy Zone:

or at my forum:

---------------VERSION INFO------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- This version adds a new feature. You can find a new sheet called 'Convert' that will let you convert a moveset to a different slot. For example, if you have a moveset code that replaces Saturn you can convert it to a code that replaces Malenko.

- This version was modified with Openoffice 3.1.0
- Most of the Basic code needed to be updated to get it to work.
- I added a little thing: when you press either 'Read' or 'Write' you'll see that the buttons are disabled (the text is grey). That means the program is still calculating. Wait until they're re-enabled before changing anything.

---------------HOW TO USE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When you launch the file, click yes when you're asked to enable the macros (if the macros are disable automatically, it means the macro security is set to the higher levels. Go in Tools\Options\\Security and set it to Medium, that way when you launch the file you'll be prompted and be able to choose instead of just getting the macros disabled).

Create a moveset:
- Go to the edit page and copy and paste one of the default movesets in I1.
Click on Read. Make the changes you need and click on Write and you'll get the new moveset on the right (both full and shortened version)

Edit a moveset:
- Copy your move replacement in I1 and click on Read (if you used a shortened code before and you're editing a new shortened code you might want to select the whole "I" colomun and press Del to avoid some lines from the old moveset remaining on the bottom).
Click on Write when you're done.

Convert a moveset:
- Copy a moveset (full version of the code required) into the Notepad
- Go to the 'Convert' sheet and paste the moveset in the 'B8' cell
- Copy one of the base addresses in the 'E7' cell (for example '81320DE0' if you want the moveset to replace Mankind).
- The new moveset will appear in 'E8'.

(The reason you need to copy the source moveset to the notepad is to avoid messing the formulas in 'B8' if you copy it from the editor instead).

---------------OTHER FEATURES------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- In the second sheet called 'Movelist', you'll find all the move names. You can edit the names to whatever you like (useful for move hacks). Just remember not to use the same name twice in a column or the program will be confused when reading/writing the codes. (If you notice I changed the "Fallaway Slam" to "(Strong) Fallaway Slam" to avoid problems with the weak version of the move selectable in the same slot).
If you change a move, you don't need to rename it in every slot, there is a formula that copies the name automatically from the base slot where it is used. (If you change 'Arm Drag' in the first column, it will change that name in the strong grapples, specials, etc.). If you're not sure which one you're changing, you can check the bar on top. If you see a name displayed, you're editing the base slot, if you see a formula it means that the move gets the name from another cell. Edit that one instead.

Important: When you rename a move save the file and re-open it. It is imporant to get the movelist refreshed so that the program can find the moves correctly.

- When you edit you'll find some 'Empty Slots'. "What the heck are they?"

Well, every move group written in memory is separated by gaps (generally at least 2 or 3 of them). You can use them to add more moves to a slot. Look at this page at Stubbs' Forum.  [url=;action=display;threadid=305];threadid=305[/url]

Every move has '2' as offset. Add '2' to the last move of a slot to get the first empty slot (when avaiable).

81044774 is the 3/4 Neckbreaker. I add 2 to get the first empty slot for the Front Specials.

81044774+2 = 81044776

81044776 0D98 (The first empty slot for the front specials is the Crippler Crossface)

You can use almost any grapples in grapple slots. (Don't mix grapples and strikes or they will glitch).
You can use strikes in other strikes slots, but their reversals will glitch. This can be fixed, though. You need to search for a reversal from another strike which uses the same timing. I will give an example of this at a later time.

- You'll find more moves in some slots (like some of the strong grapples in the weak slots). These are moves that I found to be selectable editing the move replacements directly. They work fine in matches, but just like the empty slots, you can't watch them in SD Mall because they're out of range values. If you go there you'll notice how the game always show the first default move of the slot you edited (like the Bearhug for front strong grapples).


The 2nd and Stolen Specials:
These are the slots from earlier games used for additional finishers. You can use them for multiple specials codes.
(I did it in my first code "3-Way Specials")

Outside Replacement Grapple:
This is the front grapple you do outside the ring that replaces some of the in-ring moves (Rope Clothesline Drop, Oklahoma Slam, etc.). It works like a weak B move, you can select any weak move and some of the strong ones.

The Test of Strength and the Mounted Position hold.
These don't work yet. They are saved in the moveset and loaded in memory when you start the match, but for some reason they don't activate. There must be something else in the move replacement to change, probably in the last lines where the fighting style is located. Hopefully it will be found.

Break Pin/Submission.
The Break Pin strikes are used when you block a pin or a submission. Everyone has the stomp as default, except Shamrock (he has got the Soccer Kick). You can use any strike as Empty Slot, but keep in mind that these are used when you block standing submissions, so an elbow drop wouldn't look very good. But I guess that other type of stomps and low kicks are fine.

Full Entrance Taunt.
This is the in-ring taunt used in WM2000. Useful with the full entrance code. You can select several taunts, including the presentation taunts from VPW2 and some standing taunts (I took the names from the master move mods page).

The Weight Class.
These change whenever you edit the weight. It is strange that the default movesets seem to have wrong values. But if you edit and save them without changing anything, the right ones will be set.
I'm not sure what their purpose is, (they don't seem to affect the way you fight) but they're in there so I decided to include them.

Reversal Set.
You can find here the hidden styles from VPW2. Among the default wrestlers, Shamrock and Rios have the Heavy and Light Special sets, but you couldn't notice that in SD Mall because you would see them as 'heavy' or 'light'.

Run Evasion.
Instead of just yes and no, you can select if you want leap frog, drop to mat, both, none, etc.

Irish Whip.
You can use this to disable the irish whip. You'll do a drop toe hold when you try to whip an opponent and you will block them when they try to whip you. (like in VPW2)

You can select anything from 0 to 15. I wouldn't use the higher values as offense though, as they make you way too strong (unless you want your wrestler to be a superhero, lol)

You can select everything you normally edit in memory.

This is possibly the best one among the new stuff.
When I wrote my Edit Move Replacements Directly guide, I said that when you edit the Recovery there was another part changed that wasn't really needed to determine the right value. Well, I found out that this unknown part is the actual recovery (the 'getting up' speed) and that the one on the previous line was a different ability which I decided to call 'Regeneration'.
Now, if you don't know already when you're in a match there are 2 health values in the player map (we won't consider the parameter values here). These values normally starts at 00FF (if you're using my health mod, some wrestlers will have higher values) and they are located here (P1):

81015AF5A 00FF
81015AF5C 00FF

Now, whenever you're hit they will decrease until the first goes down to 0000 and you'll get pinned. They don't decrease the same way, though. The second one goes down slower, and the first goes down faster but will regenerate through time. Let's suppose you have received some damage:

81015AF5A 00A2
81015AF5C 00D6

Supposing you stand doing nothing, the second value will always remain at '00D6' (it can't regenerate), but the first one will start increasing until it eventually goes to the maximum possible (00D6). For this you have to stand still though, if you taunt, walk or do anything it will stop at his current value until you're standing still again. Now, the regenerate ability I found determine how fast the first value will reach the 2nd one. You can find in the editor several options here. You can even use 'None' and remove the regeneration completely or use the fastest value to make the wrestler regenerate almost instantly. (Even if you stand still for a short moment you can recover most of the health). Since when a wrestler is pinned his second value is generally still high you can definetly last longer if you can regenerate faster.


That's it. Have fun with the editor   :)



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I've added a new version of the editor for Open Office.


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While I was working on some movesets, I've found a problem with the Apron Taunts. Some of the values were not listed in the combobox. I've released a new version which fixes this problem. It also corrects a minor issue with one of the favorite move values. You can find the link in the first post (Open Office version)


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It's not possible with this tool. You would require some gameshark codes to hack the games into using strikes only.


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Please, I never make a hack, there are a guide about this, I like to create different moveset of judo Kickboxing, boxing or amateur wrestling

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Hey wldfb, any way to use CAWs with this instead of just the general roster? I just need the part for CAW1.

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I'm using open office and using dabaddguy's goldberg moveset over edge

81322148 0180
8132214A A054
8132214C 0804
8132214E 600E
81322150 0980
81322152 601E
81322154 0818
81322156 0884
81322158 002C
8132215A 00D8
8132215C 1380
8132215E 981E
81322160 0000
81322162 1E01
81322164 00B0
81322166 200F
81322168 00C0
8132216A 6807
8132216C 01E0
8132216E 1600
81322170 0058
81322172 0C0A
81322174 0120
81322176 4812
81322178 03E1
8132217A 7010
8132217C 280C
8132217E 1206
81322180 01A0
81322182 2038
81322184 0E02
81322188 10C1
81322190 2040
81322192 2080
81322198 0010
8132219A 2041
8132219C 40C0
8132219E 2805
813221A0 03C4
813221A2 3C06
813221A4 03C8
813221A6 1101
813221A8 C080
813221AA 8140
813221AC 1009
813221AE 0D00
813221B0 B307
813221B2 30B6
813221B4 1442
813221B6 D033
813221B8 1B43
813221BA 6C6D
813221BC 03C0
813221BE 2080
813221C0 5813
813221C2 0180
813221C4 C030
813221C6 0607
813221CA 2080
813221CC 8204
813221CE 0560
813221D0 10CE
813221D2 05F0
813221D4 8281
813221D6 E80F
813221D8 5018
813221DA 4E05
813221DC 0481
813221DE E80B
813221E0 0483
813221E2 8100
813221E4 E0C1
813221E8 4004
813221EA 0700
813221EC 00C0
813221EE 0038
813221F0 1008
813221F2 0280
813221F4 0000
813221F6 0010
813221F8 0818
813221FA 0030
813221FC 0082
813221FE 001E
81322200 6258
81322202 D360
81322204 6CD1
81322206 50D1
81322208 5111
8132220A 1080
8132220C 048C
8132220E 0600
81322210 3000
81322212 8000
81322214 0000
81322216 0000
81322218 036D
8132221A 8120

My problem is the weapon it says error but that's not the problem I select none but he still comes out with the microphone I have redone the code numerous times and tried other settings but he always has the microphone.Have I made a mistake I am unaware of or is it a bug?
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This is the part that handles the favorite weapon:
81322204 6CD1

'6C' is the correct value:

Random 0
Bat 4
Sledgehammer 8
Nightstick C
Barbed Wire 2x4 10
2x4 14
Kendo 18
Cue 1C
Microphone 20
Head 24
Water 28
Roses 2C
Chair 30
Table 34
Cheese 38
Brief Case 3C
Foam Finger 40
Foam Bull 44
Stop 48
Trash Can 4C
Ring Steps 50
Steve's Can 54
The Rock 58
Belt 5C
Bell 60
Fire Extinguisher 64
Invisible Ladder * 68
Nothing** 6C

I've tried the editor and I don't get any errors. In-match you don't find a weapon most of the time when searching (a few times you'll get a random weapon).


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that's the entrance I get
also in edit moves is where it says error

I've done the replacement over other people including Mae Young and same result has the microphone during entrance.
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