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Showtime NBA on NBC

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dabaddguy and I are checking into modding this gem and was hoping to get some interest in hacking it as well.
I will get some screens up soon having computer issues at the moment but it is easily modifiable hoping to hack stats and maybe change teams for some people already on the game.Just hiresing the in game textures makes a load of difference.
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Bird this is the game in question but we can't mod the dreamcast because we can't run it the emulator, we can run the n64 version, so we have to go with that one, just a quick over view, we're modding the created ballers and rewriting some of the rosters and we need to be able to change ingame guys height, weight and atttrbutes for the ingame guys...maybe with a gameshark code, theirs already max stats and infinite point codes, so can there be a code to change the things in question, and to get some camera codes to change anf control ingame camera, also there's a demo mode, is it posible to made a cpu vs cpu code, like the restart code in the season of No Mercy, the demo in game is about 30 seconds, can you make that time longer and where we could pic teams to watch in cpu vs cpu mode?? Maybe in the manner how you tricked the game into letting us restart in season mode? We were Just wondering of the possibilities, thanks man, peace.

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Gameshark codes credit

81114532 0001 Play With ABA Ball
811144F2 0001 No Player Arrows
811144EE 0001 No Goal Tending
811144DA 0001 No Fouls In 2-Player Game
811144FA 0001 Little Players Mode With Big Heads
881A1E76 00?? GS Button For Seconds Modifier
881A1E75 00?? GS Button For Minutes Modifier
811A1E86 ???? Team 1 Score Modifier
811A1EA2 ???? Team 2 Score Modifier

8110AB32 00?? Court Modifier

Replace XX with:

01 Street Court
02 Island Court
04 Midway Court
05 NBC Court

8111452E 00?? Big Head Modifier
8111450E 00?? Show Hot Spots Modifier

Replace ?? with:

01 P1
02 P2
04 P3
08 P4
0F All Of The Above

8119D2B4 0006 P1 Infinite Turbo
8119D2B6 4000

8119D308 0006 P2 Infinite Turbo
8119D30A 4000

8119D35C 0006 P3 Infinite Turbo
8119D35E 4000

8119D3B0 0006 P4 Infinite Turbo
8119D3B2 4000

891A1EE4 0000 GS Button Gives The Ball (00-03)
891A1EE6 00??

811ADEB6 001D P1 Character Modifier
811ADEBA 00??

811ADF1A 001D P2 Character Modifier
811ACF1E 00??

811ADF7E 001D P3 Character Modifier
811ADF82 00??

811ADFE2 001D P4 Character Modifier
811ADFEE 00??

Replace ?? with:

00 Hornet Mascot
01 Chicago Bulls
02 Indiana Pacers
03 Minnesota Timberwolves
04 Toronto Raptors
05 Houston Rockets
06 Atlanta Hawks
08 New Jersey Nets
07 Phoenix Suns
09 Denver Nuggets
0A Seattle Sonics
0B Utah Jazz
0C Small Alien
0D Large Alien
0E Nikko The Devil Dog
0F Lia The Female Player
10 Kerri The Female Player
11 Retro Rob
12 Old Man
13 Clown
14 Pumpkin
15 White Horse
16 Wizard
1B Referee
1C Lia-Alternate Uniform
1D Kerri In Alternate Uniform
1E Jennifer Hedrick-Alternate Uniform
1F Pinto Horse
22 Mark Turmell
23 Rob Gatson
24 Mark Guidarelli
25 Daniel Thompson
26 Jeff Johson
27 Sal DiVita
28 Jennifer Hedrick
29 Eugene Geer
2A Matt Gilmore
2B Tim Bryant
2C Jim Gentile
2D Jon Hey
2E Shawn Liptak
2F Isiah Thomas
30 Tim Kitzrow
31 Tim Moran
32 Willy Morris
33 Chad Edmunds
34 Chris Skrundz
35 Beth Smukowski
36 Dave Grossman
37 Jim Tianis
38 Larry Wotman
39 Mike Lynch
3A Jason Skiles
3B Paulo Garcia
3C Brian LeBaron
3D Alex Gilliam
3E Greg Cutler
3F John Root
41 Paul Martin

Team 1 Score Modifier Codes

801A1E87 00?? 1st Quarter
801A1E8B 00?? 2nd Quarter
801A1E8F 00?? 3rd Quarter
801A1E93 00?? 4th Quarter

Team 2 Score Modifier Codes

801A1EA3 00?? 1st Quarter
801A1EA7 00?? 2nd Quarter
801A1EAB 00?? 3rd Quarter
801A1EAF 00?? 4th Quarter

Character Creation Codes

80165C52 000A Infinite Creation Points
80165C53 0002 Chose All Privileges
80165C41 0014 Max Height
80165C42 0014 Max Weight
80165C43 0014 Max Power
80165C44 0014 Max Speed
80165C45 0014 Max 2 Ptrs
80165C46 0014 Max 3 Ptrs
80165C47 0014 Max Steal
80165C48 0014 Max Block
80165C49 0014 Max Dunks
80165C4A 0014 Max Dribble

50000A01 0000 Max Stats
80165C41 0014

Credit Chad from
In game cheats
Player Passwords Enter one of the Name and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding player:

Player Mascots Name PIN
Utah Jazz BEAR 1228
Chicago Bulls BENNY 0503
Indiana Pacers BOOMER 0604
Minnesota Timberwolves CRUNCH 0503
Phoenix Suns GORILA 0314
Atlanta Hawks HAWK 0322
Charlotte Hornets HORNET 1105
Hornets HORNET 1105
Toronto Raptors RAPTOR 1020
Denver Nuggets ROCKY 0201
Seattle Sonics SASQUA 7785
New Jersey Nets SLY 6765
Houston Rockets TURBO 1111

Create-A-Player Characters Name PIN
Large Alien BIGGY 0958
Clown CRISPY 2084
White Horse HORSE 1966
Pumpkin JACKO 1031
Kerri the Female Player KERRI 0220
Kerri in Alternate Uniform KERRI 1111
Lia the Female Player LIA 0712
Lia in Alternate Uniform LIA 1111
Nikko the Devil Dog NIKKO 6666
Old Man OLDMAN 2001
Pinto Horse PINTO 1966
Retro Rob RETRO 1970
Small Alien SMALLS 0856
Referee THEREF 7777
Wizard THEWIZ 1136

Staff Members Name PIN
Beth Smukowski BETHAN 1111
Chris Skrundz CMSVID 0000
Dan Thompson DANIEL 0604
Dave Grossman DAVE 1104
Jim Tianis DIMI 0619
Eugene Geer E GEER 1105
Andy Eloff ELOFF 2181
Rob Gatson GATSON 1111
Jim Gentile GENTIL 1228
Brian LeBaron GRINCH 0222
Mark Guidarelli GUIDO 6765
Jeff Johson JAPPLE 6660
Jason Skiles JASON 3141
Jennifer Hedrick JENIFR 3333
Jennifer Hedrick JENIFR 1111
Jon Hey JONHEY 8823
Alex Gilliam LEX 0014
Mike Lynch LYNCH 3333
Matt Gilmore MATT G 1006
Paulo Garcia PAULO 0517
John Root ROOT 6000
Sal DiVita SAL 0201
Paul Martin STENTR 0269
Larry Wotman STRAT 2112
Tim Moran TIMCRP 6666
Tim Bryant TIMMYB 3314
Mark Turmell TURMEL 0322

Miscellaneous Players Name PIN
Shawn Liptak LIPTAK 0114
Isiah Thomas THOMAS 1111
Tim Kitzrow TIMK 7785
Willy Morris WIL 0101
Greg Cutler CUTLER 1111
Chad Edmunds CHAD 0628

Match-Up Screen Codes
Press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass at the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen to enable the corresponding codes. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After pressing the buttons, press the D-Pad in the indicated direction to enable the code.

eg: to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Shoot (x2), Pass (x3), Left.

Effect Code
ABA Ball 2-3-2-Left
Alternate Uniform 4-3-0 Right
Away Uniform 4-2-0 Right
Big Head Mode 2-0-0 Right
Blizzard On* 1-3-1 Left
Fog On* 1-2-3 Up
Home Uniform 4-1-0 Right
Midway Uniform 4-0-1 Right
Night Fog On* 1-2-3 Left
No Hotspots** 2-0-1 Up
No Replays 3-3-1 Left
No Tip Off 4-4-4 Up
Rain On* 1-4-1 Left
Show Hotspot 1-0-0 Down
Show Shot % 0-0-1 Down
Snow On* 1-2-1 Left
Swamp Fog On* 1-2-3 Right
Team Uniform** 4-0-0 Right
Thick Fog On* 1-2-3 Down
Tournament Mode*** 1-1-1 Down

* Only on Outdoor Courts
** Both Teams must Agree
*** No Power-Ups

Bonus Courts
After selecting players at the "Choose Team" screen, hold any of the following buttons combinations immediately:

Bonus Court Code
Island Court Right + Turbo
Midway Court Up + Shoot + Pass
NBC Court Down + Shoot + Pass
Street Court Left + Turbo
Team 1 (Left) Up + Turbo
Team 2 (Right) Down + Turbo

Alternate Costumes
Press Up or Down when creating a custom player for alternate costumes.

Place any Player on a Team
Enter the initials and PIN entry screen. Enter the first three letters of the team the player is normally on as initials, then enter his jersey number as a PIN. Ie: to get Scottie Pippen, enter HOU as initials and 33 as a PIN.

Trade players
Select the "Enter Initials" icon on the startup screen and select "yes" to enter initials. Enter the first three letters of your desired player's team as a name, and your player's jersey number for a pin. For example if you wanted Vince Carter to team up with Kobe Bryant, you would simply enter TOR as a name, and 15 (followed by two spaces) as a pin number. Now you select the Lakers as your team and Bryant as your teammate, and Carter will be playing with L.A.

Note: This is NOT a permanent trade. Your player will be back to his regular team the next time you turn on your Nintendo 64.
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First Preview Atlanta Hawks own Kevin Willis credit dabaddguy

They got lazy with the 64 version numbers and names are missing from jerseys the team uses the same jersey for everyone but the dreamcast has numbers and names on the jerseys I have an idea to add numbers/names but can only be for two guys on the team.

Also wanna mention these look 100 times better in game the preview pic does little justice to the mods.
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Heyyo man there look GREAT!!! :o

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Preview #2
Boston's Legend
Larry Bird
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New Bird added name and number.
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