Import Model From an AKI Game to another

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Import Model From an AKI Game to another

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First Before to start the tutorial here are what you need
PJ64 1.7/2.1 or Nemu64
Any hex editor

I. Locate the poly I want to import

1)Before open up my game here are the poly pointers for nearly all AKI games

800A56CCUpper Leg (trunks) (L)
800A5700Upper Leg (knee) (L)
800A5734Foot (L)
800A5768Hand/Wrist (L)
800A579CFingers (L)
800A57D0Forearm (L)
800A5804Upper Arm (L)
800A5838Upper Leg (trunks) (R )
800A586CUpper Leg (knee) (R )
800A58A0Foot (R )
800A58D4Forearm (R )
800A5908Hand/Wrist (R )
800A593CFingers (R )
800A5970Upper Arm (R )
800A5A40Lower Back
800A5A74Upper Back


800A088CUpper Leg (trunks) (L)
800A08C0Upper Leg (knee) (L)
800A08F4Foot (L)
800A0928Hand/Wrist (L)
800A095CFingers (L)
800A0990Forearm (L)
800A09C4Upper Arm (L)
800A09F8Upper Leg (trunks) (R )
800A0A2CUpper Leg (knee) (R )
800A0A60Foot (R )
800A0A94Forearm (R )
800A0AC8Hand/Wrist (R )
800A0AFCFingers (R )
800A0B30Upper Arm (R )
800A0B98Mask Layer


80073EE8 Waist
80073f14 Chest
80073f40 Stomach
80073F6C Neck
80073F98 Face
80073FC4 Lower Leg (L)
80073FF0 Upper Leg (L)
8007401C Foot (L)
80074048 Hand/Wrist (L)
80074074 Fingers (L)
800740A0 Forearm (L)
800740CC Upper Arm (L)
800740F8 Lower Leg (R )
80074124 Upper Leg (R )
80074150 Foot (R )
8007417C Forearm (R )
800741A8 Hand/Wrist (R )
800741D4 Fingers (R )
80074200 Upper Arm (R )
8007422C Head


8009B118 Waist
8009B14C Chest
8009B180 Stomach
8009B1B4 Neck
8009B1E8 Head
8009B21C Upper Leg (trunks) (L)
8009B250 Upper Leg (knee) (L)
8009B284 Foot (L)
8009B2B8 Hand/Wrist (L)
8009B2EC Fingers (L)
8009B320 Forearm (L)
8009B354 Upper Arm (L)
8009B388 Upper Leg (trunks) (R )
8009B3BC Upper Leg (knee) (R )
8009B3F0 Foot (R )
8009B424 Forearm (R )
8009B458 Hand/Wrist (R )
8009B48C Fingers (R )
8009B4C0 Upper Arm (R )
8009B4F4 Face[/spoiler]

So VPW2's Tiger Nose on the uneditted Tiger Mask look interesting , I'm gonna replace NM's Scotty Hat (Head Shape 1 and 2) model with that Tiger Nose

Get in VPW2 were you can have a nice view of the model you want to import to NM

Then the poly should be pointed by this address "800A0B98Mask Layer"
So get at 800a0b98. I got 80230dd0. Go to that address like I does

Like in SK Stylez tutorial go to your Hex Editor and search for the 2 last values on the 1st lines (excluded the last one) so i would search for 00E87D

Keep go until the values you've found looks like in your debugger (check SK's ROM Hacking Poly hack for better informations)

*Note : If you're ROM is Byteswapped, you could quickly unbyteswap it use Hex Editor Neo

If you're not sure about what you've found on your ROM you could edit the values and check in youre game if changes have been made

Open you're filelist now (I'll open VPW2's) and find the most ressembling addys to the one you've found in your Hex Editor

This mean the model start at 482ec6 and stop at 48304c
Then select from 482ec6 to 48304d then copy and paste it as a new document

Now you're done with VPW2 soo you can now load NM

II. Import the model
*Note : If the model you want to import to another AKI game is bigger than the one you want to replace it would look completly screwed up so make sure the model you replace is bigger than the one you want to port

Same as at 1st part go to were you want and look for 800A59D8 (or any other pointer to grap the poly values)

Find the ROM address like in part 1

After search in my filelist the Scotty Hat for head shape 1 and 2 start at 4606A8 and stop at 46092A so its big enough to import the Tiger Nose!

Simply recopy paste the VPW2 model you've put in a new document over the No Mercy model's starting adress.

Now check youre game...

BOOOOOOOM the VPW2 model is now in NM! (If i have the normal short 1 thats because i've hair hacked it for avoid to have that blank space in the top of the head)
Of course you can change the NM textures with VPW2 with texture dump method

Also planned how to import texture from an AKI game to another but Im not sure if this is really necessary

Well, that's it for this tuto. I'm gonna find VPW64's poly pointer then post it here. Happy Hacking!

A PHENOMENAL thank to SK Stylez for the ROM hacking poly hack tuto and introduce me Midwaydec and Hex Editor Neo!

Note : You could import model at the end of the ROM using Toki3 method like for animations. I've also planned to update this tutorial to make it even more simple

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Updated Tuto*

Lets get started! Lets say that I want Ultimo Dragon's "horn" on NM.

So the poly I want is at 000A3678 (Mask Layer)

Simply go to 800a3678 while highliting that polys. At 800a3678 I got 1941 (Polys) and at 800A367A I got 19C4 (Textures)

To got the poly's Toki3 do the following

(Poly/texture Value - 1) * 4 + 80358A60
(1941 - 1) * 4 + 80358a60 = 8035EF60

At 8035EF60 you'll get your Poly Toki3. Mine is 00330C34. And 330D12 at 8035EF64 (The end address of your poly)

ROM Address = Toki3 + 152DF0
ROM Address = 330C34 + 152DF0 = 483A24
ROM Address = 330D12 + 152DF0 = 483B02

So Ultimo Dragon's "horn" poly ROM address would start at 483A24 and end at 483B02.

Select from 483A24 to 483B01.

The No Mercy ROM end at 1FA6B70. If you go there and you're using the default NM Rom you'll see a lot of FFFF values.

Paste your VPW2 polys there.

So now you got the poly on your game but you now want to use it.

NM Toki3 = ROM Address - 1BD1B0
1FA6B70 - 1BD1B0 = 1DE99C0

01DE99C0 would be the Toki3 value. Now lets says that you want to replace an hat model.

Im currently highliting Head Shape 3, Short Hair shape with Scotty Hat and go to 800A9F58 - Hat

At 800A9F58 I got 14EB

NM Toki3 = Poly Value * 4 + 8033DA5C
14EB * 4 + 8033DA5C = 80342E08

So you're code should looks like something like this :

81342E08 01DE
81342E0A 99C0

Check your game.

Checkmate! The poly have been succesfully imported!

Note for the Revenges address they are pointer to the wrestler head polys, The 1st 2 bits would be the Neck, the others 2 would be the Face,and the other 2 would be the Head. The following bits are the textures values which have the same order as polys. To import face from Revenge it seem a bit complicate cause they are in palette format, and not like NM, VPW2 or WM2K face format.

Of courses here are the steps for the Toki3 and ROM address for NM, VPW2, WM2K and Revenge
[spoiler=Credit Wldfb]
NM Toki3 = Poly/Texture Value * 4 + 8033DA5C
NM Rom Address = Toki3 + 1BD1B0

VPW2 Toki3 = (Poly/Texture Value - 1) * 4 + 80358A60
VPW2 Rom Address = Toki3 + 152DF0

WM2K Toki3 = (Poly/Texture Value - 1) * 4 + 80358A20
WM2K Rom Address = Toki3 + 144AA0

Revenge Toki3 = (Poly/Texture Value - 1) * 4 + 803B7C00
Revenge Rom Address = Toki3 + DAC50[/spoiler]

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Well I've founded a much easier and faster ways to catch ROM polys/textures and add them at the end of any AKI ROM (credit SK Stylez) using thoses addys :

800A9EB8 - Waist
800A9EC0 - Stomach
800A9EC8 - Chest
800A9EE0 - Upper Left Leg
800A9EE8 - Lower Left Leg
800A9ED8 - Head
800A9Ef0 - Left Foot
800A9Ef8 - Left Hand
800A9f00 - Left Fingers
800A9f08 - Left Forearm
800A9f10 - Upper Left Arm
800A9f18 - Upper Right Leg
800A9f20 - Lower Right Leg
800A9f28 - Right Foot
800A9f30 - Right Hand
800A9f38 - Right Fingers
800A9f40 - Right Forearm
800A9f48 - Right Upper Arm
800A9F50 - Face
800A9F58 - Hat
800A9F60 - Right Waist
800A9F68 - Lower Back
800A9F70 - Upper Back
800A9F80 - Pant Extra Part

000A35D8 Waist
000A35E0 Chest
000A35E8 Stomach
000A35f0 Neck
000A35f8 Head
000A3600 Upper Leg (trunks) (L)
000A3608 Upper Leg (knee) (L)
000A3610 Foot (L)
000A3618 Hand/Wrist (L)
000A3620 Fingers (L)
000A3628 Forearm (L)
000A3630 Upper Arm (L)
000A3638 Upper Leg (trunks) (R )
000A3640 Upper Leg (knee) (R )
000A3648 Foot (R )
000A3650 Forearm (R )
000A3658 Hand/Wrist (R )
000A3660 Fingers (R )
000A3668 Upper Arm (R )
000A3670 Face
000A3678 Mask Layer

VPW2 Weapons Mods (DoomsdayEWF)

Barbed-Wire/Baseball Bat
80047C0C - Polygon 1 (08F8)
80047C0E - Polygon 2 (08FB)

Baseball Bat
80047C10 - Graphic 1 (08F9)
80047C12 - Graphic 2 (08F9)

Barbed-Wire Baseball Bat
80047C14 - Graphic 1 (08FC)
80047C16 - Graphic 2 (08FC)

80047C18 - Polygon 1 (08FE)
80047C1A - Polygon 2 (0901)
80047C1C - Polygon 3 (0904)
80047C20 - Graphic 1 (08FF)
80047C22 - Graphic 2 (0902)
80047C24 - Graphic 3 (0905)

80047C28 - Polygon 1 (08FE)
80047C2A - Polygon 2 (0901)
80047C2C - Polygon 3 (0904)
80047C30 - Graphic 1 (0907)
80047C32 - Graphic 2 (0909)
80047C34 - Graphic 3 (090B)

81047C38 - Polygon 1 (0912)
81047C3C - Graphic 1 (0910)

Kendo Stick
80047C40 - Polygon 1 (0915)
80047C42 - Polygon 2 (0916)
80047C44 - Graphic 1 (0913)
80047C46 - Graphic 2 (0913)

80047C48 - Polygon (090F)
80047C4C - Graphic (090D)


0009DF98 Waist
0009DFA0 Chest
0009DFA8 Stomach
0009DFB0 Neck
0009DFB8 Head
0009DFC0 Upper Leg (trunks) (L)
0009DFC8 Upper Leg (knee) (L)
0009DFD0 Foot (L)
0009DFD8 Hand/Wrist (L)
0009DFE0 Fingers (L)
0009DFE8 Forearm (L)
0009DFF0 Upper Arm (L)
0009DFF8 Upper Leg (trunks) (R )
0009E000 Upper Leg (knee) (R )
0009E008 Foot (R )
0009E010 Forearm (R )
0009E018 Hand/Wrist (R )
0009E020 Fingers (R )
0009E028 Upper Arm (R )
0009E030 Face

WM2K Weapons Values (JordyAD)

07B8 Head (In Match)
07B9 Head
07BA Kendo Stick 1
07BB Kendo Stick 2
07BC Water Bottle
07BD Broom 1
07BE Broom 2
07BF Goblet
07C0 Guitar 1
07C1 Guitar 2
07C2 Guitar 3
07C3 Cane
07C4 Hocket Stick
07C5 Nightstick
07C6 Briefcase
07C7 ??
07C8 ??

[spoiler=Revenge Heads (Incomplete)]
00031a08 Sting
00031a0C Sting 2
00031a10 Sting 3
00031a30 Giant
00031a50 Lex Luger
00031a70 DDP
00031a90 Rick Steiner
00031ab0 Roddy Piper
00031ae8 Bret Hart
00031aeC Bret Hart 2
00031b0c Chris Benoit
00031b2C Goldberg
00031b4C Booker T
00031b6C Disco Inferno
00031b8C Fit Finlay
00031bAC Meng
00031bCC Barbarian
00031bEC Larry Zbysko
00031C0C Stevie Ray
00031C2C British Bulldog
00031C4C Yuji Nagata
00031C6C Jim Neidhart
00031C8C Alex Wright
00031CDC Hollywood Hogan
00031CE0 Hollywood Hogan 2
00031CE4 Hollywood Hogan 3
00031D64 Randy Savage
00031D68 Randy Savage 2
00031D6C Randy Savage 3
00031D70 Randy Savage 4
00031D74 Randy Savage 5
00031D94 Kevin Nash
00031DB4 Scott Hall
00031DD4 Buff Bagwell
00031e24 Scott Steiner
00031e28 Scott Steiner 2
00031e2C Scott Steiner 3
00031EA4 Scott Norton
00031EA8 Scott Norton 2
00031EC8 Scapped nWo Sting?
00031EE8 Brian Adams
00031EF8 Eric Bischoff
00031fe8 Ultimo Dragon
00031feC Ultimo Dragon 2
00031fF0 Ultimo Dragon 3
00031fF4 Ultimo Dragon 4
00031fF8 Ultimo Dragon 5
00031fFC Ultimo Dragon 6
00032000 Ultimo Dragon 7
00032004 Ultimo Dragon 8
00032008 Ultimo Dragon 9
00032018 Eddy Guerrero
00032188 Rey Mysterio Jr.
0003218C Rey Mysterio Jr. 2
00032190 Rey Mysterio Jr. 3
00032194 Rey Mysterio Jr. 4
00032198 Rey Mysterio Jr. 5
0003219C Rey Mysterio Jr. 6
000321A0 Rey Mysterio Jr. 7
000321A4 Rey Mysterio Jr. 8
000321A8 Rey Mysterio Jr. 9
000321AC Rey Mysterio Jr. 10
000321B0 Rey Mysterio Jr. 11
000321B4 Rey Mysterio Jr. 12
000321B8 Rey Mysterio Jr. 13
00032268 Juventud Guerrera
0003226C Juventud Guerrera 2
00032270 Juventud Guerrera 3
00032274 Juventud Guerrera 4
00032278 Juventud Guerrera 5
0003227C Juventud Guerrera 6
00032280 Juventud Guerrera 7
000322A0 Dean Malenko
000322C0 Chavo Guerrero Jr.
00032388 LA Parka
0003238C LA Parka 2
00032390 LA Parka 3
00032394 LA Parka 4
00032398 LA Parka 5
0003239C LA Parka 6
000323A0 LA Parka 7
000323A4 LA Parka 8
00032424 Psychosis
00032428 Psychosis 2
0003242C Psychosis 3
00032430 Psychosis 4
00032434 Psychosis 5
000324ac Mortis
000324b0 Chris Kanyon
000324D0 Raven
000324F0 Saturn
00032510 Kidman
00032530 Riggs
00032550 Van Hammer
00032570 Sick Boy
00032590 Lodi
000325B0 Reese
000325E8 AKI Man
000325EC AKI Man 2
00032584 Shogun
00032588 Shogun 2
0003258C Shogun 3
00032590 Shogun 4
00032594 Shogun 5
00032598 Shogun 6
00032738 Dr. Frank
0003273C Dr. Frank 2
00032740 Dr. Frank 3
00032744 Dr. Frank 4
00032748 Dr. Frank 5
00032768 Jekel
00032788 Maya Inca Boy
000327A8 Hawk Hana
000327c8 Kim Chee
000327e8 Dake Ken
00032808 Brickowski
00032828 Ming Chee
000328C0 Han Zo Mon
000328C4 Han Zo Mon 2
000328C8 Han Zo Mon 3
000328CC Han Zo Mon 4
000328D0 Han Zo Mon 5
000328D4 Han Zo Mon 6
000328F4 Sonny Onoo
00032914 Jimmy Hart
00032934 Rick Rude
00032954 Dusty Rhodes
00032874 Vincent
00032894 Elizabeth
000328A4 Kimberly Page

What does theses addys link you?

Well for NM, VPW2 and WM2K they give you polys addys of the currently highlited wrestler, try to change the highlited wrestler and you'll see.

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Impressive work.
This makes me want to come back to this game sometimes (when I'm not too busy).


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Thank! :D

Just noticed that on the 3 first bit of the ROM polys theres are the poly points numbers which you can edit to get more or less polys.

Tried several time to combine 2 different models to get 2 polys for 1 slot, but failed every attempts :P .

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Its over.