Better/Longer Submissions

New moves created either by splicing animations or by using Irn and Master Move Mods (includes tutorials and resources about move hacks)

Better/Longer Submissions

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08 Sep 2015, 18:30 #1

This is an update of the original longer submissions code.

The code would only allow submissions to be broken via the r button, a rope break, or a tap out. However, if you used it outside of the ring your submission hold and pins would last an infinite amount of time. This corrects that.

D115af32 0001
D115AEC6 0049
8115AF64 0004
D115b28a 0001
D115B21E 0049
8115B2BC 0004
D115b5e2 0001
D115B576 0049
8115B614 0004
D115b93a 0001
D115B8CE 0049
8115B96C 0004

Now you may have the code on and not have to worry about your match breaking because of submissions/pins happening outside the ring. They will break normally.