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Blyssenor Wright
Resident Ghostie
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Somewhere Over the Internet Rainbow...
  • Hey all! So... you remember that whole discussion about the possibility of moving to a new host? Well discussion and debate is closed (we gave a deadline of this past Saturday) and response to the move was heavily POSITIVE! Huzzah! I know most of you are already getting situated over there and that's wonderful. That means a good chunk of the work is already done.

    So what does all of this mean? Well... it means we're moving!

    If you HAVE NOT yet registered on the new site, just know that when you get over there, you will have to go through the sorting process again. THIS IS JUST PROTOCOL. We will not be changing your houses or your rank or anything, but YOU MUST POST A SORTING APP BEFORE YOU CAN BE SORTED --- you can just copy your original sorting app/profile from here.

    Staff will help out in any way we can, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! Lots of site-wide stuff will be coming up soon! Prefects have some fantastically AMAZING events planned for you and staff has got some stuff planned for Clash this term, and all of that will be happening on NEW!WURR!

    NEED A LINK??? HERE!!?

WE HAVE MOVED TO JCINK! If you are a prospective or old member and have stumbled back onto this site, it has been turned into a graveyard of sorts. :3 No new registrations are allowed. You can still access all of your information/posts/accounts/etc. You should have no problem there! We suggest you hurry over to the new jcink site and register!