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1. Character Name:Sammael Angelus
2. Wand Arm:Right
3. Wand:Pine with phoenix feather core
4. Rate your character's skill in each type of magic on a scale of 1 to 10 (assume 10 is 'genius'):
  • Charms: 5
  • Shield Charms: 7
  • Defensive Spells (covers counter curses and healing spells): 6
  • Conjuration: 6
  • Transfiguration: 5
  • Untransfiguration: 5
  • Animate to Inanimate: 6
  • Inanimate to Animate: 6
  • Jinxes: 4
  • Hexes: 5
  • Curses: 8
Hogwarts Time
Link to Profile:http://wizardingrealm.net/index.php?showtopic=19384
5. House:Gryffindor
6. Year/Age:Year six, 17 years old
7. Best Class(es): DADA
8. Worst Class(es): History
9. Can they use the Patronus Charm? Corporeal or Non-corporeal? If corporeal, what is the form?: Patronus in the shape of Suzaku (kind of a japanese phoenix-like thingy, known by other names in china, korea and vietnam. Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermilion_Bird )
10. Choose five descriptive phrases or adjectives that BEST describe your character:
  • Tall, clever, loner, fast, unafraid.</li>
11. Dreams, goals, and aspirations?:
  • Knowledge, power, freedoom.</li>
12. Work ethic?: Do what you wish.
13. O.W.L. subjects and grades (skip if your character hasn’t taken them yet):
  • Have not taken O.W.L. due to him being a transfer student.
OOC and IC Short Answers

  • From a huge old pureblood family. He has moved around a lot and gone to many different schools, where he as the new guy have been involved in a lot of fights. Have gone to Hogwarts once before but did not enter the duelling club.</li>
Describe your character’s dueling style:
  • Agressive style which rather counters with a new curse than using a shield.</li>
Why do you want to be in the dueling club?: Answer IC
"I wish to become even better in the art of duelling."
What do you hope to learn or gain in the dueling club?:Answer IC
"Everything I can."
Your friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) transfer student/currently resident pyromaniac, that is me.

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