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Mattie Peirce
Wee Student Beastie
Mattie Peirce
Wee Student Beastie
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Name: Mattie Peirce

Age: 15

Bloodline: Pure blood

Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one?: Nope.

Physical Appearance: Let's just start with Mattie's hair. If I could get her to describe it, she would call it a deranged, irritating mess. Ask anyone else and they'll say, how much hair product does she use to get it that hot? Think of a cross between Bellatrix Lestrange and Russell Brand. As for the colour and style, I can't quite determine that considering that Mattie is really quite… flighty. One minute her hair might be a bleached blonde, the next a dip dye purple, it changes so much, but, as a particularly juicy secret for all you out there, her natural colour is a dark brown. Her style changes loads as well, one day she might have a fringe, the next a side cut… She's like a metamorphmagus, but all the magic is completed with her skilled hands. Her eyes are pretty average, a dark brown colour, although she loves to boast that they're black. Believe me, they are brown. Her mouth and lips are also quite soft shapes, and her nose has the habit of looking like a small button on her face. Moving on to her facial contours, in a complete comparison to her features, they are quite sharp and jagged, giving her a partially balanced, yet partially deranged look. Mattie has the average body of any teenager girl, with a slightly more defined hips, and although she denies it (as you can tell by now, Mattie is constantly lying, exaggerating, etc.) she is in fact a slight pear shape. Although, don't mention that to her face, or you may find yourself with a broken nose.
Along her body you might find a couple of scars, although these are left other from her years as a kid when she used to get into all sorts of fights. You'll find out about that later. Mattie has two tattoos, both given to her by a muggle friend who uses other people as 'test subjects'. These happen to be a detailed peacock running down her back, seeped in emerald and blue ink, and an inscription on her hip of, 'In your dreams'. Miss Pierce also has several piercings, although none of them are too weird. She has a couple on her earlobes, a few cartilages and a belly button. No more, no less. Mattie likes her her sense in style. If you really wanted to muggle stereotype it, it would be a cross between hipster and grunge. She always picks exactly what she likes, not what everyone else thinks is 'in' or 'popular', and most of her clothes come from vintage stores, charity shops and the internet. Let's just say she isn't a shopping mall type of gal. Mattie dislikes all of the things above that I told you she exaggerated/lied about, particularly her eyes. Luckily she hasn't tried contact lenses. yet.

Personality: Let's see… She's the kind of girl who can heinously insult someone and still get laughs for doing so. She's the girl who stays out all night, and won't ever stop partying, even till the day she dies. She's the kind of girl who will give you the night of your life, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you are. She's the kind of girl who doesn't give a sh*t what people think of her, or what they say behind her back, but she will do anything in her power to get revenge. But believe me, she isn't perfect. She can give, but she definitely can't take, and believe me, she's ridiculously sensitive. It's taken her a while, but creating the wild, bitchy girl persona has formed a sort of shell between her and the world. You may think you're her friend, you may think you know what she's thinking, or how she's feeling, but believe me, you don't. Her eyes are like locked doors, no emotions slip past them, and she's grown so.. well.. so used to the idea of closing herself off, that now she's too afraid to care, or to love. Laziness, A lack of interest (particularly in lessons), and a whole bag of smirks also come in the package, and most of the time, her manner towards people is fresh and exciting, but this quickly becomes cold and hard as an attachment begins to form, which she quickly severs, and because of this, Mattie doesn't have very many 'real friends', but only the ones who can get her to places. She hates being tied down, in any form or way. In fact her number one fear would be a lack of freedom. Interests include reading, anything to do with hair and photography. She's never seen without a film-using camera swinging on her hip.

Character Background: Mattie was born in East London, on the 5th of April in a some crummy unknown hospital. Her mum's name is Saff, short for Saffron, and she's a squib, who has no occupation, and her father's name is Nathaniel, and he's a pure blood, and he works in the ministry of magic. I know, I know, you're probably thinking, 'How did Mattie end up with a notorious pure blood father, ad a unknown squib of a mother?' Well, let's just say that they where committed to a marriage, or betrothal. Before they where freakin' born. It looked like it was going to be great, two pure blood families joining forces, but it all went wrong when my mother was found to be a squib. Of course, no one could back out of the marriage (Unbreakable vow and what not…) so as soon as my father left school they married. Mattie was born ten months later, and could practice magic, so she was therefore a pure blood. But, something that was made known to Mattie within the first few months where she could understand things, was that her father hated her. With a passion. Not only was she a girl, but a rowdy, un-graceful one at that. She was considered the complete opposite of what a respectable pure blood girl should be like. This was also the reason she was named Mattie (short for Matthew) because before she was even born, her father believed she would be a boy, and made sure her name was Matthew. She knew that her father and mother tried for a boy many a time, but unfortunately no other children where born. Because of this, it seemed that Mattie was destined to live a lonely childhood.
From then on Mattie lived in the East of London, as Nathaniel had given her mother and her a 'special' house to live in. They never stayed or went near his own house. Mattie grew up with a lack of real friends, because of her obvious abnormalities, but at the age of eight and a half, she found something that would not only give her friends, but also an excuse to stay away from her mother, who now needed to take many medicines, because of a psychological illness that had taken over her. In the gang there where good times bad times, and some of the worst fights ever. Mattie gained many scars from these, but she considers them to be battle trophies and shows them with pride. Because Mattie has hung around with muggles do much, she never really understood the whole 'Pure bloods must hate muggles' idea, so arriving at hogwarts was a shock for her, but she decided to go against the flow, but in a quiet way. She never talked of it out loud, and she would never get herself into any stupid fights over it.
Her father would visit, occasionally, but these visits would be stiff and formal, and would usually end with mother having to be taken to bed. Father never talked to them in public, or around other people, but when he did talk to Mattie, each word would be filled with hate. But as of late, He's been preaching to word of the past to Mattie. He speaks of revenge, anger and violence, and she fears that he isn't what they think he is. Because of all these different views, Mattie isn't completely sure about what's right or wrong, and she hopes that she can find out before she hurts anyone around her.
(AT LEAST five COMPLETE sentences, but more is recommended.)

Special Request (available at Novice**): Marauder's map.

Desired House: Slytherin (note: we sort based on your character's personality, not based on desired house. although it will factor into our decision your character may not end up in the house you put down here)

Roleplay Sample: It was the perfect shot. Mattie leaned forward slightly, adjusting one of the small buttons on her film camera, her eye pressed to the small viewing hole, taking in everything about the picture. Her finger lay on the shutter button, and she began to push it down, elated over finding another elaborate image of hogwarts' grounds. It was about to be completed in five… four… three… two…
'Hey Mat!' her concentration hovered, then completely crumbled. Whoever that was, I'm gonna smash their face in. She quickly turned around to see the undeniably proud smirk of Everett Mavis, or 'Rett' as he preferred to be called.
'Way to ruin a great photo Mavis! You better not be wasting my time.' Mattie shouted the anger and annoyance clear in her voice. Rett slumped down on the stone floor next to Mattie, his slytherin tie pulled up into a short, fat shape that made him look like an idiot.
'Just came to say, Hello!' He was obviously trying to get to her, and believe me, it was working.
'For Gods sake, go find that sissy girlfriend of yours to annoy, I'm busy.' She shoved the arm that was now encircling her waist off, turning to face away from him.
'Aww come on Mattie, don't be like that... I only came to annoy you because Marie's irritating me enough already!' She smirked at this. Marie was your typical pure blood, always condescending and acting like she had a stick stuck up her... well, you know what I mean.
'Are you ready for the room of requirement tonight?' Mattie asked.
'You mean the usual thing you organise, where everyone in the year goes, even if they weren't invited, get heavenly pissed and all the teachers find out about it, and how you where the main leader, and you somehow don't get expelled? Yep. I'm in.' He said in a knowing tone.
'Puh-lease. This time, I swear on my life, no one will find out. I cast a whole bunch of spells on that room, and anyone who blabs will find that some vital body parts will quickly go missing...' Mattie said mischievously.
'Great. Can't wait to see you there chicky. Remember to wear clothes this time!' Rett called over his shoulder as he sauntered away.
She let out a sigh of relief, letting he cocky persona fade away as she relaxed. She aged pretending to be someone who she wasn't, but ever since she started it, she just couldn't stop. It was the only way forward.
(300+ words, written in third person of the character you are registering)

OOC Name: Nash

How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? I was looking for a good harry potter role-play, but one that isn't completely full to the brim with other players. I searched it up, and here I am.

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Schuyler Sutherland
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