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Brianna Cortez
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  • The journey up the staircases and through the mostly empty hallways to the fifth floor was peaceful and quiet. It gave Brianna time to think about what she wanted to say to her Herbology teacher, Professor Webb about a special project. Lately, she had been so involved with her social life - shockingly - and other homework that she hadn't been spending as much time in the Greenhouses as she would have liked. She missed the nights when she would get lost amongst the greenery and dirt, tending to the sick plants and enjoying the brilliant colours of exotic flowers. There was always something peaceful about being alone in the humidity. As the sun went to sleep and darkness claimed the land, the badger would still be labouring away and highly focused on a project. It didn’t matter that her hair was sticking up all over the place, or that she had dirt stains all down her clothes. Nor did it matter that she got weird looks from some students when she walked back to her dorm after a few hours in the Greenhouse. It all didn’t matter, because in the end, the satisfaction she got from being responsible for the life of a plant and seeing it grow was almost as good as the special hot chocolate from the kitchens.

    Distracted by everything that had been happening in her life, Brianna realised she had not been in the greenhouse in her spare time for quite a while now. She felt saddened by this and vowed that she would remedy the situation. And if anyone complained about it, then she would put them in their place and demand they come along or not at all. Well, ‘anyone’ being her boyfriend, who she was sure wouldn’t want to be in the muck. Regardless, the badger realised that a great way to actually get back into the swing of things was to ask her favourite Professor, Elsie Webb, to give her something to do. It meant that she wouldn’t slack off again or push it to the side, with all the other things piled onto her plate. And since she was considering a life working with plants in some way or another, maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to ask Professor Webb to help her with some of the ways she could pursue this path. When she reached the fifth floor, Brianna easily found Prof’s Webb’s office. She knocked loudly and waited comfortable for her invitation to enter.</li>
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