Tight foreskin questions . Please read!

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Hey guys . I’m 28 years. Never really pulled back my skin when peeing all my life so I tend to have a messy mess when peeing since the pee would have to seep through the fore skin and yea ... anyways I’m married , have always masturbated by just pulling the skin up and down (not over the glands) and never had a problem up until now. We want to start trying for a baby but I’m super tight and can only pull back the skin just right under the pee hole. Whenever I’ve had sex I just put the condom over the skin and never had issues but I’m nervous about doing it without one now. I can’t pull it past the pee hole because the top of the head has a thin piece of skin attached to the foreskin and limits it from going down further. Started stretching about. 3 weeks ago and I put the steroid cream on that my doc gave me but I’m just annoyed with the thin piece of skin that stops it from going back more. What should I do . Thanks