Phimosis Device, hand made for you, actually works!

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Two years ago i was an undiagnosed type 2 diabetic. I suffered a severe fungal infection in my foreskin and was left unable to retract it to even clean myself. I had all the sleepless nights worrying about seeing a doctor and the distinct possibility that i would have to be curcomcised, the fear was ever present and wore me down.

I couldnt face either. My sex life disappeared and each day things seemed to get worse. I decided to try stretching, waste of time, who has the opportunity to spend time pulling their foreskin with their fingers. Its obvious that skin stretches due to sustained gentle pressure applied over hours and days and 20 mins a day isnt going to help.

Tried the neoprene rings, rubbish, didnt stay in and difficult to fit. Plus very very expensive. Tried some wierd device from a BDSM site, didnt work and hurt like hell. Even went to the DIY store to find something designed to clamp things open, not shut, no joy.

Anyway me being me set about sorting things out and i made a device from brass rods and polyurethane which has completely eliminated my phimosis.

I wear it for hours on end, it is very lightweight, stays put and is comfortable to wear.

I have pictures if requested. Its not a professional product but its not far off in quality and actually works as it was made by a sufferer of severe adult phimosis.

I can make one for you, just need paying for my time, materials and postage.


I repeat, this isnt a commercial product and im not doing this as a business, i just had such an upsetting time sorting out my problem i would like to help others to do the same.