How i fixed my phimosis

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Hello I had the same problem with a tight foreskin that wouldn't retract past the tip of my penis flaccid. I tried to slowly retract back a little of a time but it would only cause tears that would end of scarring over and making the problem worse. I went to two urologist one gave me circumcision as the only solution. I told him I didn't want to go that route and he told me theres no other way. I tried another and let him know that I would prefer to not get circumcised and he prescribed me a cream. This cream is called Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.5%. It is a steroid cream that thins the skin even skin that is scarred and makes retracting the foreskin feasible. I applied this twice a day retracting back what I could and applying on the inside a small amount. Along with that I would told to purchase hibleclens. It is an antimicrobial cleanser that you can buy at any drugstore cvs, walgreens etc. This is to apply prior to the cream to get rid of any bacteria and fungus that can set in while youre doing the treatment. The bottle says not to apply to the genital area but trust me I used it throughout the treatment and never had a problem. Just make sure after applying you wash it all off or it will cause irritation. After cleaning the area make sure its completely dry and apply a small amount on the inside of foreskin where the tightness is. Within a week the skin will thin and will be more elastic and you will be able to retract a little every few days. Do not force then skin back do it gently or you will damage the it and cause new scarring. The cream will do all the work. I did this for 3 weeks and had great success. I can now retract the skin even when its erect.